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I started this website as a response to tens of questions and requests for help I receive every day. I also wrote a book containing real life short stories, how-to manual to keep your westie healthy and happy for long years, answers to crucial questions and useful resources, advice and tips.

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"The difference between me and hype sellers:
If you don't buy from the hype sellers, they will lose.
If you don't buy from me,
you will lose.
The choice is yours."

Your ideas, feedback and tips are important to me! Tell me how I'm doing. Have questions? Need Answers? Please send it all to me by clicking here. Thank you.

Irena Whitfield, Internet Business Consultant Annoyed by All the Hype Around? Tired? Overwhelmed? Nothing You Are Doing Seems Right? Get My Help. Start Doing YOUR Online Home Business Profitably. YOUR Time Is Now. Hire Me, Internet Business Consultant And Master YOUR Online Success!
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In 2000, I started an online business and developed it into a very profitable online home business. As a successful entrepreneur active in international business, owning several successful companies, and Internet Business Consultant, I help netpreneurs to succeed in their online home business providing them with complete solutions covering Free Consultations, Free & Low Cost Webmaster Resources, individual Business Courses, all the necessary tools free, low-cost and paid incl paid turnkey projects covering Professional Guidance, Business Opportunities, Website Design, Website Tools, Marketing and Promotion, Proof-reading, Site Reviews, SE Optimization and Ranking, e-Publishing Services, Profitable Affiliate Programme, High-quality, High-demand Products and more.

Primarily, with regard to the current overall Internet situation where 99% of the online home business owners make less than $100 per month (!), I focus on helping webmasters increase their online earnings, develop stable income from several income streams, manage their money right, and create real wealth. The solutions are individual based on the analysis of the current situation of the netpreneur and at the price the netpreneur can afford in the given situation.

My aim is to help people to make the most of the Net, to achieve their goals in the Internet Business according to their current situation. Just to revise the facts about 'Pathway To Success' Ezine and '' Site: Pathway now has over 138,500 Subscribers in 98 countries - and growing daily, contains over 3,648 top quality content pages (incl 1,972 private), 18,756 internal and over 29,800 external links, webmaster resource links, containing only top quality items, growing and updated almost every day, and over 8 years resides on the first pages of all the major search engines for over 3500 keyward phrases!

Internet Business Consultants can help you to get rid of your burden imposed by information and work overload, will help you to organize your work, to develop your own working system, to orientate in the current highly competitive environment to move forward to your goals fast.

Of course, I can do all or many of the chores and activities for you as well as teach you how each page you make will rank high. However, it will be much better for you if I do not do everything for you, but teach you how to master whatever you want to do the way you must succeed.

In case you have any question, any problem you need to solve to start or boost your online home business, want to get your site reviewed, your sales copy proofread, need help with building your web site customer and search engine friendly, want to get published, or just need a piece of advice related to your computer, any organizational item, or a review of the programme in which you are involved or plan to, do not hesitate to contact me below.

A little closing note: I never share any information with any third party, never disclose anything you tell me. YOUR privacy and internal matters of YOUR business are sacred for me. Feel free to browse my site, pick up the items you need, subscribe to my free Ezine Pathway To Success and prosper. I can guarantee that if you properly apply what you get here, you will be able to establish a sustainable income pretty fast.

To your success, Irena Whitfield

Irena Whitfield
the Internet Business Consultant you need
if you want to succeed online! Learn more here:

P.S.: If you need my personal help or advice, do not hesitate to contact me. However, I cannot help everyone. I can help only people who are committed to their success, willing to work, to work hard devoting their whole personality to their success, and their desire to succeed is the true and only Master they listen to. I do not promise miracles, no thousands in three days. What I can guarantee, however, is that you will succeed if you are determined to and willing to work, and then I am here to get you where you want to get.

P.S.S.: I often receive a question about domain I picked up. The answer is simple: the Cassiopeia star is the only that never sets down, and I am also always here for my clients, my services focus on my customers.

P.S.S.S: An important point: if you're asking why you should trust me, why you should do what I recommend I can tell you only a little sentence: During my life I have proven I know how to make money consistently long-term, over 20 year I have been a successful entrepreneur. And another important point: creating wealth is not only about making money BUT mainly about managing your finances right, investing wisely, creating the true wealth. You can read and learn more here: recommends... recommends...
About me Learn more about me here if you don't know whether and how I can help or if you want to know whether you can trust me. There are so many people calling themselves experts around the Internet that I would understand if you can't see much reason why you should believe me.

Press Room Here you can get my articles to publish or syndicate on your blog or site, more information on what I do, including interviews, promotion possibilites, press releases, and resources,...

theCassi Recommends... top tools and resources for your online home business. I carefully pick up items to include here, mostly tools or resources I us myself and about which I know can significantly help every online home based business.

Marketing Bonus Net If you're serious about your home business and want quality information, advice and training, this place is for you. You will get valuable matrials for free. However, the most important pont is to take action: in other words, you must apply what you learn. Most people on the Internet complain that it doesn't work for them, which is true: 95% fail! BUT the reason in the majority of cases is that the people simply do nothing. Most of them do NOT even read what they get. So, it's up to you.

ePublishing e-Publishing House is for everyone serious about his online business providing handbooks and quality publishing services for netpreneurs helping everyone to make his business a success. I concentrate on three main fields:
  • handbooks and manuals covering the individual items of Internet activities vital for people thriving to succeed in their online home business including motivational reading
  • publishing works made to order - carefully picked up original material of value by starting netpreneurs
  • you have one of our free ebooks and want to get it customized to make it viral.
  • ** Recommended Items:

  • The Buy Impulse: learn how to get the power of 26 Secret Mind Controlling Tools that will give you: more customers who spend more money more frequently.

  • Alex Mandosian's Secrets: discover how Alex Mandossian makes 5-figure cash profits every month from a web site that runs on auto-pilot ... And how you can too! An exclusive 80-minute interview.
  • Home Business Top Issues

    Home Business Top Issues
    Personal Finance Center Special center for financial education, budgeting, money management, investing, increasing profits, creating wealth and mastering rich lifestyle. Proper money management is much more important for a wealthy life than the ability to make lots of money. If you don't know where your money goes, are not able to master cashflow, create a proper budget, know how to make your money work for you, you're lost no matter how much money you earn. School and family educatiion is not worth much in this regard. Most of the people enter the real life with only poor money habits and no financial education. So, if you wish to create a truly wealthy life, start here now.

    Profit Opportunities for Online Small Business bring home based business owner moneymaking opportunities to earn cash easier and faster. Whether you are new to the Net or a seasoned marketer, make no money or lots of it, you can gain by the Profit Opportunities you will find here. All the Profit Opportunities are tested, proven, simply - they work. And they will work for you too if you make full use of them at the right time - the sooner the better. Come back often, I add new profitable opportunities often.
    Computer Security As the Internet and its users develop into a more and more sophisticated medium, the hackers and their threats become more and more dangerous. Most PC users already protect themselves with antivirus software and a firewall. Unfortunately, that is no longer enough. Today there are many other dangers waiting for you on the Internet... If you are afraid of losing your credit card data, your passwords, redirecting to a hacker instead of your bank..., you should definitely get proper knowledge of what is necessary and how to protect yourself, your computer and your business. Learn more here...

    Shopping Center Visit Mega Department Store: it offers a large assortment of products and services incl gifts, pet needs, telecommunications, wellness, nutrition, business resources, gardening, books, magazines, electrotechnics, diamonds, jewellry and bonuses and vouchers for deep discounts and special deals.

    If you wish to have a special item to remember my westie, Drixi, please visit Drixi's Westie Shop by clicking here. Business TV Channel Business TV Channel

    The Internet has changed the face of business forever, and smart entrepreneurs and small business owners are accessing the latest business advice to change the way they approach marketing. This new business television show, introduces a new kind of business development tool called Social Networking Blitz that is available to business taking the Million Dollar Challenge.

    We can't say too much about the details of how this tool operates, except that it is a new kind of business networking strategy which makes it possible for small and medium sized businesses to build a massive online following, and leverage this following to achieve sales growth and other business development targets. The show explains the philosophy behind this approach.

    You can get top tips for your home based business, managing tour finance, watch shows for free, learn all about hot items on the Net. A new Pathway To Success Issue every 14 days by clicking here.

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