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A Few Facts
 and all its associates are based in the USA with the main market there, with our marketing strategies oriented also to other English-speaking countries - UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, China, India - and Germany. However, most of our programmes, business opportunities and services are open worldwide.

I am an Internet Business Consultant helping netpreneurs in all their needs to achieve their goals on the Net ranging from FREE consultations, advice incl providing FREE internet resources, FREE tools to paid consultations incl turnkey projects covering Webspace, Website Design, Webhosting, Website tools, Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Placement.

All my packages both the FREE and the paid ones are worth hundreds and even thousands of dollars. However, most of my consultations are FREE or at the price the netpreneur can afford in the given situation because I realise that most people start on a limited budget.

My aim is to help people to make the most of the Net according to their current situation.

Yet I cannot help everyone. I help only people who are committed to their success, willing to work, to work hard devoting their whole personality to their success, and their desire to succeed is the true and only Master they listen to.

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Current Projects

  • Webmaster Service Mall
    Service Mall offering netpreneurs basic services they need to make their online home business a success: Ezine Advertising, Site Reviews, Professional Web Design, Individual Email Courses, everything designed to make you succeed.

  • Success Reports
    Success Reports bring excerpts from paid books we consider useful, and you can check and see whether it is the one you need before you buy it. This service is a response to our Subscribers' requests for getting more information about the Books on the Internet without any obligation.

  • Profit Opportunities
    Profit Opportunities bring special money making items to earn cash easier and faster or get advantage of unique bargains. Suitable for both newbies and seasoned marketers, whether making money or not.

  • Web Lions' Success Tools
    A New Section for a Successful Online Home Business: here you will find the right tools to make your online home business profitable as fast as possible and your work easy and enjoyable.

  • A FREE Guide to Success in the Internet Business
    A FREE Guide offering YOU a thorough, proven, tested, 100%-working Manual How To Succeed in YOUR Online Business and a Companion providing YOU with numerous, FREE, top opportunities to make money, countless benefits & all the necessary tools YOU need daily on the way to YOUR success.

  • FREE Internet Resources For YOUR Successful Online Business
    YOUR true Companion providing YOU with all the vital Internet Resources necessary for Success on the Net - FREE 6 Mb Email, website tools, search, unique marketing possibilities, learning opportunities, top FREE business opportunities to make money, discount shopping opportunities, community, entertainment, sweepstakes, lotteries, top news, information on the top internet events to keep YOU up-to-date.

  • Web Lions Community - NEW
    Subscribing to Pathway To Success Ezine gives you a unique possibility to join a community of people sharing YOUR interests, thriving to help YOU and providing YOU with every possible assistance, unique business & website tools, an excellent place to advertise YOUR business -

  • Thousands of Webmaster Resources necessary for online business success
  • Library of FREE E-books
  • Top Useful Software
  • 15 Mb Webmail
  • Gif & JPG Crunchers
  • the possibility of making YOUR customized graphics FREE with tens of attractive templates
  • a BizBooster - an absolutely unique marketing tool
  • a Bank Account
  • FREE & Low Cost Resources
  • Hundreds of Web Templates to build YOUR site
  • Top FREE Business Opportunities to make money
  • FREE Help On Business, Marketing, HTML&WAP Web Design Items
  • Search Engine Ranking
  • Countless Benefits&Top FREE Specials AND
  • new items coming every other day.

  • NEW - e-Publishing House
    Since all online businesses need publicity we decided to open an e-Publishing House for everyone to get the publicity his home business requires. Check out our services today. Boost YOUR Business, Make Money. We are here to help.

  • NEW - Affiliate Programme
    Join our FREE Affiliate Programme, get 50% Commissions on every sale your leads generate, get discounts on our products and services. FREE, Easy to set up and absolutely fair tracking.

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Biographical Information

My name is Irena Whitfield-Koudelkova, born and living in Prague, Czech republic. My grandmother on my mother's side was English coming from Devon, England married in Czech republic and my father's family was Czech. Since all my life I live in both the countries, I am fully bilingual.

I studied in England and Czech republic, and graduated in Mechanical Engineering at Czech Technical University in Prague with a degree of "Engineer", a computer system engineer, specialized in automated manufacturing processes controlled by computers.

Most of my years I have been working in international business - for 15 years, travelled all over the world, working in different countries, for 5 years I worked as a foreign exchange trader, doing business on all the foreign exchange markets through three main London market-makers.

On the Internet, I started in 1992 when I and my business partner had been developing computer programmes and needed to test them with various partners in different countries. The Internet, though horrendously slow at that time, was the answer for the programme transfer.

However, involved in online home business exclusively I have been for more than three years, started from the scratch, personally researched, tested, participating in everything published.

Over the years in the business, both offline and online, I gathered so much experience, skills, tricks and routines on top of my technical background that I decided to help netpreneurs to succeed in their business. The foreign exchange trading taught me the discipline necessary for success in every field.

In my life I had a couple of very difficult periods, even tasted what it is like to be without money that I am able to understand people in such situations and am willing to help because I remember and treasure every help I received when I myself was in need.

That's the secret why most of our help is FREE.

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Personal Interests

As to my other interests except business, I have only one and it is not a hobby, it is a passion, a devotion to my garden. I have a big, 100-years-old house and a large, beautiful English park-garden. Experts say that it is one of the most beautiful private gardens in Europe. I'm the happiest gardening there.

I have one more hobby, it's my biggest love and passion and it is my Westie Drix. I've just opened his site, so you can read about him and other Westies by clicking the link:

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Several Photos

Here I would like to show YOU several photos from Prague, my beloved City.

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