Motivational Marketing

Motivational Marketing by Robert Imbriale Learn How to Effectively Motivate Your Prospects
to Buy Now, Buy More, and Tell Their Friends Too!
by Robert Imbriale

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Dan Kennedy suggests you. . . .. get the book now and apply everything you discover inside to your business.

Dear home business owner,

What if you held the key that makes people respond to your marketing efforts like a pack of hungry wolves?

What if you could make only a small change here or there to your marketing and turn a "dud" into a smash hit over night?

This is the promise my good friend, Robert Imbriale has made in his new book, Motivational Marketing.

Let me explain. You may know Robert as being one the few true veterans of the online marketing world. In fact, he's been credited with the successes of hundreds of small businesses both on and off the Internet over the last 2 decades.

But he's much more than just another one the Internet marketing "gurus" you hear so much about. He's a guy who really has done it all, seen it all in the world of marketing. And his unique exposure to both "hard-core" marketing and human psychology has allowed him to create his own special brand of marketing known as Motivational Marketing.

Dan Kennedy, another of my mentors when I started on the Net and arguably the leader in the world of marketing, has endorsed Motivational Marketing and has written the book's Foreword.

One point he makes in his book is so very true when he states that "nobody buys anything unless they are first motivated to do so."

But just how do you motivate people to buy from you?

Robert tells us to "Tap into their emotional reasons for buying. Reach them on a level where they are so powerfully motivated to buy from you now that logic is cast off into the wind."

He's made hundreds of millions of dollars for his clients using his Motivational Marketing strategies and now for the first time, he's written about every aspect of what he does and how he does it in his book, Motivational Marketing.

Regardless of where you are in your business career, you'll be able to use his Motivational Marketing strategies immediately. And you'll be able to do it, even if you have a marketing budget so small it would make buying lunch look like an extravagance.

I know the quality of information Robert routinely shares with his clients, and it's of the highest caliber. So much so, that Dan Kennedy had this to say about the book:

"When Robert invited me to provide the foreword to Motivational Marketing and I reviewed the manuscript, I hesitated, concerned myself that there wasn't enough new ground broken in its pages to warrant my endorsement - with which I am notoriously stingy. With a second and third reading I found a handful of pages to mark, a handful of passages to highlight, not so much of new things but of things said differently, examples presented brilliantly, insights into individual's buying processes enunciated clearly. Had I purchased this book myself at the bookstore, this is more than enough for me."

The proof is in the results Robert's clients have seen over the last decade are nothing short of incredible:

  • A newbie Internet marketer goes from zero to over a million dollars a year in sales in under 18 months.

  • A boat dealer goes from $850,000/year to more than $9 Million/year in under 2 years

  • A computer training school grows 600% in under 6 months.

And the stories of success go on and on. In the book, you'll discover how you can easily use Motivational Marketing strategies to dramatically boost your Google Ad-sense campaigns, increase your profits from your sales letters, and even boost your closing rates with in-person sales meetings.

And it doesn't end there! You can literally apply Motivational Marketing strategies to every e-mail message you send out, every call you make, every sales letter you use, every postcard, radio ad and even every television spot you run!

Imagine being able to cut your marketing expenses while increasing response and at the end of the day putting more money in your pocket. You can when you hear what Robert has to say in his new book!

And, when you buy your copy of his book TODAY, you'll also get exclusive access to a special audio vault where you'll be able to download 10 never-before-available audio programs - yours to keep forever!

You'll get to hear Robert's best marketing strategies for using paid search engines, newsletters, postcards, radio, television, and every imaginable marketing tool on the Internet!

Go and get his book NOW:

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