Business Card vs Business Performance

Make One Change To Your Business Card And You'll Have A Free Silent Salesman Working 24 Hours A Day To Get More Business For You

Take a look at the following examples and guess which card works better.

The following is a business card that has a compelling image and message. If you get this business card, you won't forget whom you get it from. The emotion associated with this business card is so strong that the product sells itself. This is a super effective business card.

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Turn your business card into a Silent Salesman for your business.

It should effectively advertise your business, product or services for you. In other words, let your business card speak for you! Let it help promote your business!! Let it create an instant impact on those who receive it!

People always put more trust into printed communication than verbal communication. Printed communication spells authority and professionalism. It also allows your prospects to have a glimpse of how you deliver your products and services.

Which one would you remember better:

Get Feng Shui Business Cards

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From the 'Feng Shui Business Card eBook', you will learn how to redesign your business card to:

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  • 5. Develop more unique products and services

  • 6. Gain loyalty from your employees

  • 7. Improve your company's cash flow

  • 8. Strengthen your company and business reputation

  • 9. Gain better business stability

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