Mamutu: Stop Hackers Now!

Mamutu 1.0 released: Stop Hackers Now!

Emsi Software presents the final version of the latest security software, called Mamutu.

Mamutu concentrates solely on behavior-based Malware monitoring, is a member of the "Behavior Blocker" (HIPS) species and is based on the a-squared Malware-IDS core technology. The security software does not contain a hard drive scanner. All activities in the computer are assessed purely on the basis of their behavior. If a program behaves suspiciously then Mamutu raises an alarm.

What is Mamutu?

  • Monitors live all active programs for dangerous behavior (Behavior Blocking).
  • Recognizes new and unknown Trojans, Worms and Viruses (Zero-Day attacks), without daily updates.
  • Small but very powerful. Saves resources and does not slow the PC down.

Mamutu recognizes and reports the following types of behavior:

  • Backdoor related behavior
  • Spyware related behavior
  • HiJacker related behavior
  • Worm related behavior
  • Dialer related behavior
  • Keylogger related behavior
  • Trojan Downloader related behavior
  • Injection of code into other programs
  • Manipulation of programs (patching)
  • Invisible installations of software
  • Invisible Rootkit processes
  • Installation of services and drivers
  • Creation of Autostart entries
  • Manipulation of the Hosts file
  • Changes of the browser settings
  • Installation of debuggers on the system

Mamutu follows a different strategy to traditional security products: without daily signature updates it is capable of detecting new unknown Trojans, Worms or Viruses, so-called Zero-Day Attacks, based purely on potentially dangerous behavior. Mamutu is an ideal enhancement to normal virus scanners: It provides protection over the period normally required for the creation and distribution of the appropriate signature for each new pest. The program is also small and is economical with system resources. Behavior-based Malware recognition is the only efficient way of dealing with small-scale pest notifications, which are often either ignored or only slowly processed by the larger virus laboratories because they tend to get lost in the sheer volume of work: In industrial espionage, for example, Malware is programmed to specifically target a particular company and may only affect a few hundred computers.

Your advantage:

"The clear advantage of Mamutu is protection against so-called "Zero-Day Attacks", for which normal anti-virus programs do not yet have updates available and which may take a long time to become available", says Christian Mairoll, General Manager of Emsi Software. "If, for example, a security hole in Windows becomes known, Mamutu catches the Worms and Bots taking advantage of this hole during the time required for Signatures to be prepared and distributed".

The standard settings for Mamutu are very sensitive, causing it to signal all dangerous behavior of potential pests. Mamutu ideally assumes good technical knowledge but beginners are not left in the dark: the security tool alarm messages provide extensive explanations of what exactly was found and how you can best react to the threat. You can then allow the program to continue, block it or place it in quarantine as a candidate for later deletion. It is also possible to define the permitted behavior of an application. Possible for beginners: if the intelligent alarm reduction feature is manually activated, then the security tool remains quietly in the background and emits alarms only in the case of major dangers.

All details and the free download of the 30-day trial version of Mamutu are available below.

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