Get Rid of Malware!

As the Internet and its users develop into a more and more sophisticated medium, the hackers and their threats become more and more dangerous.

Most PC users already protect themselves with antivirus software and a firewall. Unfortunately, that is no longer enough. Today there are many other dangers waiting for you on the Internet...

Afraid of losing your credit card data, your passwords, redirecting to a hacker instead of your bank....?

These and many other dangers are what a-squared Personal can protect you against. The program has a "background guard" that is always active. It identifies trojan horse programs, blocks email worms, prevents dialer programs from running up expensive bills and protects you against spyware programs that steal your personal data, redirects you to a hacker's site...

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Get Rid of Malware!

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  • a-squared Personal 1.6
    Fight back against Malware!

    Protection that cuts in before the damage is done

    The a-squared Personal background guard is smart. It identifies and blocks all potentially-dangerous programs before they can do any damage. The new and unique Malware Intrusion Detection System (Malware-IDS) triggers an alarm as soon as a program does something potentially dangerous. And it does this for any program, even unknown programs that seem otherwise completely harmless!

    The perfect addition to your antivirus and firewall

    a-squared reliably protects against:
    Trojan Horses
    Including keyloggers and backdoors, which open up your PC to attackers control or use your PC to send spam emails. Once a trojan is installed, someone can take full control of your computer. Most trojans are delivered via email and just previewing the email can activate the trojan. a-squared currently detects around 94,000 trojans.
    Worm-Viruses are the most wide spread hazard on the internet. Worms arrive as emails with harmful attachments. If you open an attachment the worm will then copy and send itself to as many other computers as possible, damaging yours and your friend's systems. a-squared detects worms on your PC and removes them before they can do any damage.
    Dialers are small programs which reconfigure your dial-up number to a premium rate number. If you use a dial-up modem to connect to your isp you are at risk. Premium rate numbers can cost you hundreds in just a few days! a-squared detects and blocks dialers immediately when they try to dial.
    Your personal data and your habits are a goldmine for some advertising companies who seek to infiltrate your computer. Often you are not aware that a spyware program has been downloaded. This software can collect personal information about you and your internet habits, change your home page and even stop you going to some websites! a-squared removes Spyware programs from your computer.

    Baking Biscuits - A Closer Look at Cookies: As well as being delicious biscuits, "Cookies" are an aspect of the computer world that is known to many people. However, very few people actually know exactly what the term means and how it functions. This is reason enough for us to examine this important and interesting topic in more detail and to explain a technological feature that forms an essential part of the Internet as we know it today. A Cookie is a Cookie is a Cookie Short and sharp: a cookie is a small snippet of information sent from a web server to a user's browser, which then stores it. On subsequent access to the same web server this server can then read back this information snippet and use it to "recognize" the user. Cookies are most often used to allow users on particular websites (e.g. forums) to remain permanently logged in, thus avoiding the constant irritating entry of username and password. However, anyone who purchases a flannel shirt in an online shop should not be surprised when they see them. More information on this topic is in the article
    A Closer Look at Cookies - click here to read it!.

    Key Benefits

        Clean your PC from Malware
        Scan your harddisks and clean all infections with the a-squared Personal Malware-Scanner to get back the full performance of your PC.

        New Malware-IDS protection technology
        The background guard prevents harmful program running on your PC. It blocks Malware with the unique behavior analysis technology before it can become active.

        Manage and analyze all autoruns, tasks and ports
        Not only for professionals: Analyze your system with HiJackFree to detect and remove all kinds of Malware manually.

        Daily updates for best protection
        Stay up to date with the automatic update facility which downloads available updates very quickly and comfortable.

        Exceptionally simple to use
        Whether you are a computer expert or a novice, you will quickly learn how to use a-squared Personal. No need to be a technical to get rid of Malware.

    Save 40% today!

    For a limited period of time all Pathway To Success Ezine Subscribers will be able to buy a-squared Personal for only $39.97 and save 40% off the list price.

    Your price: $39.97    

    IMPORTANT: This offer is only valid for a limited period of time!

    100% Money Back Guarantee Included!
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    Remove Spyware, Protect Your OC Privacy!

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