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The Advantage of Goals
by Irena Whitfield

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I know quite a lot of people who consider to-do lists, goal-setting and similar activities a waste of time. It's no wonder that usually it is people who don't achieve much.

I'd say that there's a direct correlation between the two: if you really wish to achieve anything in your life, if you want to succeed in anything you do, you must know what it is you want.

As far as I can remember I always work for a vision. All my life I have a clear image of what I want. In fact, if you know what you want, your life is much easier and what more, even other people have much easier life with you. You don't change your opinions, you don't change your preferences AND

  • You are able to recognize the thing you want at once.
  • You have no problems with choices.
  • You can lead a very lazy and comfortable life.

When I was about five, we were asked at school to draw a house of our dreams. I created a picture of a house I wished to have. The picture was completely forgotten as if it had never existed.

Then, about 30 years later I was looking for a house to buy. My assistant contacted agents and was searching for the house I wanted. One day we went to see a house one of the real-estate agents we contacted picked up for us. I didn't like it, and as we were leaving the town, we were passing a big garden with a house up in a hill, not properly seen among the trees. The second I knew it was the house I was looking for. My assistant promised to find out the owner and discuss the price. After some negotiations everything was agreed. I went to see it properly and finally bought it.

Yes, you guessed it: it was 'my house'. I realized it later and searched for the picture. After several weeks my Mum found it and it was exactly the house.

Now, tell me whether goals work or not... And, this is not the only story I can tell you.

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