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How A Stupid Mistake Doubled Conversion Rate
by Irena Whitfield

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In this Article I want to tell you about a mistake I made reorganizing my site which doubled the conversion rate of my site as a result.

Every business owner closely watches their conversion rate and continuously searches for ways and strategies to increase this magic number - in other words: manage to turn more and more visitors into buyers.

I am not any exception and most of the steps I take in my business are confronted with the impact these will have on the conversion rate of my site.

When I was designing my site and creating the business plan back in 2000, I planned on having one site on one domain only focusing on one theme and divided into sections focused on related subcategories.

I did as I planned and I was correct. Very fast I achieved #1 ranking on all the major search engines for my main keywords and top ranking for hundreds of related keywords targeted my site, and before long my site developed automated and targeted traffic. My site ranked within top 10,000 sites on the Internet, my Ezine Pathway To Success grew over 130,000 subscribers and my sales followed accordingly.

Everything went smoothly until my marvellous hosting company was sold to solely money-oriented people, with no interest in the necessary technical requirements, and diverting the traffic of their clients to their domain on top. It started to threaten my site and I had to change it for another host.

PLUS, as my site grew beyond manageable size, I started to receive quite a lot of requests for making it easier and faster to navigate from subscribers and clients who were not willing to dig :)

My main service is to comply with the wishes of my audience, so I developed a plan of reorganizing my site into subdomains focusing on the main and most frequented niches incl my Ezine with my main site focused on my main theme ie Internet Business Consultancy and the tools and resources for home based business owners who seek strategies for making their sites profitable.

As with all my ideas: as soon as I adopt a plan, I put it into reality. So, I performed the overhaul of my site pretty fast.

As I was changing my hosting company and was not too accustomed with the rules of my new host, I didn't know that my Ezine is not delivered as it should, which I, in fact, learned later from my subscribers.

The timing couldn't be worse: and that's exactly where the mistake occurred: my site lost the automatic amounts of targeted traffic it used to be receiving because my subscribers didn't receive my ezine regularly, search engines only perceived the reduced size of my main domain site and had yet to index all of my new subdomain sites, so my overall Internet ranking dropped and suddenly I was worse off than on the start.

I was really annoyed! Luckily, I found the cause out quite fast and adopted strategies to again:

  • establish automated targeted traffic by getting my new subdomains indexed and top ranked by search engines: separate Google sitemaps for the new subdomains did the trick within days.

  • deliver my ezine properly by installing several automatic broadcasters: several different systems like dada mail, php...

Even though my traffic nor my overall Internet ranking is yet that good as it used to be, I managed to actually double the conversion rate of my site (which is great!) by leading the right visitors straight to the part of my site containing the information and products they are seeking without making them search my site or leave it.

Plus I have added a couple of audios, special widgets and gadgets making my site more attractive and interactive.

To sum up: this way I easily updated the majority of the pages and my tests show that my site is doing better and better every day.

I don't say that making stupid mistakes like this is always a way to do the right things. What I want to say is that even making mistakes is better than doing nothing and expect miracles.

So, if you feel that your business can perform better (- every business can), do something about it. Check the possibilities, compare with your goals, ACT NOW and check the results!

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