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Home Based Business Watch

Dear Home Based Business Owner,

The aim of this page is to watch top tools, free and low cost, to make your work as a webmaster and entrepreneur effective and your home based business profitable within an acceptable time-span.

This page is NOT a sales letter! It is a plain recommendation of what is honest and what works on the Internet. If you follow my advice or not is up to you. If you don't it's your bad luck, not mine, if you do, you win.

If you're wondering why I publish these recommendations free while others charge hundreds and thousands for much less, I can tell you that this Watch is a special free service for my Pathway To Success Ezine Subscribers:

From time to time I received a feedback saying that I publish plain formal recommendations and very rarely add my personal, insider comments. To make up for this I decided to start this Watch.

Pathway To Success Ezine is a free business epublication published since 2000 to over 138,000 in 98 countries every other Sunday and helping the readers to succeed in their online home business by providing them with top quality resources and tools, hot marketing tips and opportunities, articles, advertising, Web Lions' Library, Subscriber Corner, Bonuses and much more... You can check Pathway To Success Ezine Portal and subscribe here:
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The criteria for the inclusion of the individual tools is my personal evaluation, testing and usage. If you hesitate whether you can trust me because you don't know me yet, you can learn more about me, my ebooks and projects at:

I can guarantee you that I don't fall for false promises or hype nor magical profit calculations, can tell a brilliant sales copy from a brilliant product which rarely go together and can spot a good profit opportunity at the first sight.

I myself profit from the opportunities, have my personal long-term great experience with most of the services and use most of the tools I recommend here on a daily basis.

Some of the tools fall in more than category and I put them where you can benefit from these the most.

  • Top 3 Home Based Business Opportunities
    Basically, you can build a business from almost every opportunity you may come across. The reason why I mention these as better than the ones you have already is that these give you the whole business into your hands and you can simply start to promote, market it and profit from it. In fact, these are 'franchises' except you don't pay for them. This IS that easy. BUT still it needs your work as everything else.

    • Cogni World: the leading source for communications services available via the Internet, offering customers multiple choices, low rates and highest quality, all over the world. You can become your own customer, purchase products and services you have to buy anyway and get paid. Click here to learn more

    • Perma World: Permaworld is an international, not-for-profit environmental and humanitarian aid support organization (since 2001) administered by a dedicated management team on behalf of all members and their customers worldwide. We believe in a sustainable future based on: caring for the earth ... caring for people sharing resources. You can become a fundraiser and get paid. Also, you can become your own customer, purchase products and services you have to buy anyway and get paid. Click here to learn more

    • SFI: One of the oldest companies on the Net, offering all range of products and services. You can become your own customer, purchase products and services you have to buy anyway and get paid. Click here to learn more

      If you wish to create a real-world product or provide a real-world service, I recommend the ones below:

    • Handwriting analysis: this is one of the skills very fashionable nowadays. I'm sure you will enjoy the practice and the excellent income! Click here to learn more

    • Make cash with your camera: another popular, easy and fun, and very profitable business if you know how which you can learn here. Click here to learn more

  • Top 3 Profit Opportunities
    You can easily build a full-featured income from these.

    • Freelance Work Exchange: You can really change your life for $2.95 by getting instant access to a lucrative freelance career. Click here to start

    • $173.90 NET Profit Per Sale: What does $173.90 NET Profit Per Sale out of each $197.00 sale mean to you? Your chance to clean up on high commissions! Make sure you get down to the site and pick up your copy or a dealer pack, as these are the best prices I've ever seen anywhere. And while you're down there, make sure you signup as a Mission Billion no-cost affiliate. They have a two tier program that pays a full 50% on two levels. Be sure to find out more at our website! Click here to learn more

    • Get Paid to... Go shopping; Eat at restaurants; Go to the movies; Go to an amusement park; Play golf; Take a cruise; Shop online; Again, very popular, very attractive and profitable on top. Click here to learn more

      If you wish to master online trading, I recommend

    • Forex trading: The absolute No 1 BUT do NOT believe that you can make huge profits at once and/or long-term without professional training and experience but it's definitely worth every effort. You can get 3 must-have basic books from the Web Lions' Power Books below:
      Click here to learn more

  • Top 3 Auction Resources:
    These are the absolutely best resources and manuals related to a profitable auction business

    • Auction Tips: Take the first step toward owning your own profitable eBay business with our 4-lesson "Quick Start" eCourse. You'll get a new lesson of our FREE course every few days for the next ten days, delivered directly to your e-mail inbox! Sign up today for our FREE Auction Tips "Quick-Start" eCourse (a $147 value!). Click here!

    • #1 Auction Resources: Learn A Simple, Step-By-Step 'System' For Making Quick and Easy Money Selling On eBay™! And subscribe to the "Make Money on eBay™" Newsletter and Get These FREE Gifts:

      • FREE eBook - Top 10 eBay Secrets for Successful Selling (By: Jason James)

      • REVEALED! Top 5 eBay™ Power Seller™ Wholesale Product Sources!

      • WEEKLY NEWS: Every week we will send you a NEW freshly written article and a 'Make Money on eBay' News Update!

      Click here to start your auction business!  Subscribe here!

    • #1 Auction Resource Business: Make money by becoming an affiliate and reselling auction resources: get paid 50% commissions, receive lots of valuable resources, tips, secrets, eBooks, exclusive articles, and more! Click here to start now! It's free!

  • Top 3 Affiliate Programs:
    There are millions of affiliate programs on the Net and it was not easy to pick up only 3 but you can easily build a full-featured business with these.

  • Top 3 eBooks/Books
    The 3 books below are the basics for everyone seeking success in life and profit in business.

  • Top 3 Software
    The basic software for webmasters and home based business owners.

    • Think Right Now: subliminal audio software - No 1 in the market. I tried almost all of them but this one IS the software you will definitely use regularly and be satisfied with the results.
      Click here to learn more

    • Xenu: Xenu's Link Sleuth checks Web sites for broken links. Link verification is done on "normal" links, images, frames, plug-ins, backgrounds, local image maps, style sheets, scripts and java applets. It displays a continously updated list of URLs which you can sort by different criteria. A report can be produced at any time. Definitely the best in the market. System requirement: Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP. You can download here: Click here to download.

    • XSite Software: This software is a webmaster's dream in reality. I just don't have enough words to describe properly what all I myself and millions of other webmasters could have been spared if we'd had this software when we started.
      Click here to learn more

  • Top 3 Traffic Resources
    There are thousands of good and great short-term traffic generators but long-term the three below are the absolutely best:PLUS free automatic and targeted. I myself use all of the three since I started and never ever had any problem with automatic and targeted traffic.

    • Google maps: quite new but superb! You will get the full manual and all the questions answered here. Click here to learn more

    • Yahoo maps: the same: very new, superb. Click here to learn more
      Yahoo Groups: a very easy way to distribute your ezine. If you make it public, people don't even have to subscribe and many more people actually read your ezine here.
      Click here to learn more

    • Amazon Marketplace/Amazon List Easy to set up and maintain and it is an excellent credibility builder. Click here to learn more

  • Top 3 Learning Resources
    The main problem on the Net, especially when someone starts, is to learn how to recognize which document, product or material is the right, credible and professional source and which is just lies and hype. Everyone claims his book, course, report... is the best and only to have to succeed. The situation is complicated by the fact that you can really learn from almost everyone because everyone's experience is unique and you take something from it that can actually help you. BUT a completely different point is to make a couple of thousands of dollars and a completely different point is secure and live the lifestyle you imagine long-term, to be able to survive insecure times. And, this determines the source from which you should learn. You definitely can't learn from someone without a reliable entrepreneurial background. So, you should be able to tell what you can learn from whom and treat the information accordingly. Below I pick up the three basic sources for the three main fields from which you can learn consistently:

    • Ken Evoy's 5-Pillar Club One of the oldest, largest and if you study all the basic available, you will be very well prepared for everything on the Net and can develop your own unique business. Click here to learn more

    • Build Your Brain Power for Personal Excellence by Dr Jill Ammon-Wexler. I consider this source the best on the Net. You definitely need to develop your mental powers if you want to really succeed in anything you wish. Click here to learn more

    • Money Center: To make money, even better big money is great BUT it's the same important to know how to leverage your income, how to manage your money right, to invest it right to create true wealth, to develop the lifestyle you imagine, and what is even more important to multiply your money instead of spending it unwisely and lose it all. In Money Center you will learn this and even much more. Click here to get there.

  • Top 3 Marketing tools
    Very powerful, easy and reliable sources of free automatic and targeted traffic:

    • Your Own Browser Toolbar: As soon as your visitors, clients, subscribers install your toolbar, you can communicate with them fast, easily and directly. You can download mine to see how it works. Click here to download.

      Note: Download the above file, unzip and install. When you open a new browser window, the toolbar should be there. If not, please go to 'View', 'Toolbars' and you will see 'theCassiopeia's' - click on it and the toolbar will display. Whenever there's a new item, an icon will blink. Click on it and it will take you straight to the information. You can build your own toolbar here.
      Click here to learn more

    • RSS: I am one the first users of RSS, have only the best experience and can highly recommend it. I registered my RSS Feed which is Pathway To Success Ezine Portal News all over the Net and it works almost automatically. Only I need to PING the main services every time I update my feed. BUT: do NOT misuse it! You will learn everything you need (and even much more) in this special book 'Unleash the Marketing & Publishing Power of RSS' by Rok Hrastnik.
      Click here to learn more

      Download, Install and Receive the Latest Pathway To Success News You can get the full RSS Reader bringing you all the news from Pathway To Success Ezine Portal. Click the image on the right to download.

    • Free eBooks So much has been written about free ebooks that I don't think I need to add more. You can download one as a special Bonus for you for signing up to Pathway To Success Ezine: '77 Questions & Answers to Ezine Success'
      Click here!


    • Fengshui Cards Very easy, very special and powerful! Check for yourself see the difference. Click here to learn more

  • Top 3 Hosting Companies
    Quality webhosting providing you with all the services you need for your business is crucial for your long-term growth, success and prosperity. Too many hosting companies behave like amateurs. I have the worst experience and that's why I recommend the three below.

    • Blue Hosting: I've moved my sites to this hosting company and can only say: it's superb. And, for a very affordable price. Check it for yourself. Click here to learn more

    • Web Lion's Super Hosting: this hosting renders great hosting for very acceptable prices. It's the hosting I resell for my audience. Click here to learn more

    • Portland: an English company, providing great services especially for beginners, even free reliable hosting without advertising. Click here to learn more

  • Top 3 Shopping Resources
    Excellent shopping places!

  • Top 7 Must-Have Books
    The books below are basic readings for the main fields of online home based business and successful finance management.

    • Master Copy Writers by Jeff Paul. You should definitely learn the copywriting basics and a brilliant way to do it is to get this manual. Click here to learn more

    • Superaffiliate Handbook by James Martell. This handbook is for sure one of the best. Except for that it brings comparison between the situation some 5-6 years ago and now which is very valuable because most of the material you can get now is quite obsolete and you can't even find out why. Click here to learn more

    • Marketing Bible by Michael Cheney. This is exactly what it says: Marketing Bible PLUS you will get excellent courses. Click here to learn more

    • Rich Dad Robert Kiyosaki. Absolutely great source for development of financial thinking, lacking in most people and so necessary when starting a business.
      Click here to learn more

    • Traffic Poll: Attractive and truly brilliant stuff. Please accept this special gift for just visiting this page: Volume 1 of Christian Powers' brilliant traffic course sold for $197: How to expand your global reach while doubling cashflow without spending a fortune on website promotion!
      Click here to download it free for a limited time!

    • The Irrestible Offer by Mark Joyner. Just new. Definitely worth reading.
      Click here to learn more

    • Money for Life: by Steven Smith Excellent series on Budgeting Success and Financial Fitness in Just 12 Weeks. Click here to check it.

  • Top 7 Free eBook Downloads
    These are the 7 ebooks most downloaded from the hundreds I provide within my site. To get all of them, please subscribe to Pathway To Success Ezine. :-)

    • Success Tips & Tricks: One of my most popular ebooks containing loads of various tools, articles, tips and more... Click here to download

    • 77 Questions & Answers to Ezine Success: Collection of questions I have received about Pathway To Success Ezine. In the Answers I reveal most of what I used and use and which made Pathway the success it is. Click here to learn more

    • Golden Book of Success: This is much more popuplar than I ever thought it would ever be. I compiled it as a manual and guide to SFI which is the first program I met on the Net and first to pay me. Click here to download

    • Money, money, money, money,...: by John Milton Fogg. Brilliant reading on money, business and marketing. Click here to download

    • 1000 Brilliant Achievement Quotes: Advice from the World’s Wisest by David DeFord.
      Click here to download

    • Windfall Report by Jay Abraham. Excellent as everything Jay does. It will definitely pay you if you find the time and study his work and apply at least some of what he recommends.
      Click here to download

    • The Richest Man In Babylon: Classic reading. Click here to get it!

  • Top 7 Free Tool Downloads
    These are the 7 tools and software most downloaded from the hundreds I provide within my site. To get all of them, please subscribe to Pathway To Success Ezine. :-)

    • ShortKeys: a utility that allows you to set up replacement text or paragraphs for any given number of user defined keystrokes. ShortKeys monitors the keyboard activity and anytime a user defined keystroke combination is typed in, it will be replaced with the replacement text. Click here to download.

    • Pathway To Success Custom RSS Reader: special RSS Reader you can install and receive Pathway To Success, Subscriber Corner, Special Information and Feeds PLUS anything you yourself find and wish to add. Click here to download.

    • 2xExplorer: 2xExplorer is a free, lightweight Norton Commander type (dual-pane) file manager for Win9x/NT4/2000/Me/XP, fully shell-integrated. Easy navigation and loads of tools make it a good replacement for Windows Explorer, for the advanced user and the novice alike. MAIN FEATURES: * Dual pane layout with extra tree in a dockable pane, * Internal text editor (and RTF/HEX viewer), * Thumbnail preview pane for images, HTML, office documents, * Lightweight folder synchronization, * Advanced FileFind command, * Automatic building of batch files (e.g. for mass renaming), * Loads of keyboard shortcuts, * Integrated ZIP file management (for winXP), * Printing of folder contents and other statistics, * Wildcard-based filters, * Split & merge files, * Create hard links (NTFS), * Copy pathnames and preview images, * Optional single-click activation, and more...
      Click here to download.

    • XFonter: covers all the bases when fonts are concerned. The main functionality of this program is to manage your fonts (install, uninstall, load, unload, compare, preview). X-Fonter supports all font types (TrueType, OpenType, Postscript Type 1, Raster, Vector). You can create banners, images, headlines incl special effects, all fully customizable.
      Click here to download.

    • win32pad: an excellent replacement=enhancement of Notepad.
      Click here to download. Note: I would like to recommend you even a better tool Professional Notepad: it has many more features and it's like a real editor.
      Click here to download.

    • TXT Collector: Free Text File Merging Tool: TXT Collector grabs all .txt files from the directory of your choice and combines them into a new (larger) text file.
      Click here to download.

    • iViewer: one of the best and most powerful image viewer and editor on the Net.
      Click here to download.

A little closing note: I believe that the above resources will help you start a new business if you're just about starting and develop and enhance your exisitng business if you're a home based business owner already.

If you want to start receiving hot information the minute it's out, getting hot Free and low cost Webmaster Tools and superb Bonuses, you can subscribe to Pathway To Success Ezine. You can also subscribe to the automatic watch on the right to get notified when something new is added to this page.

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In case you would like to share a good experience, have an idea or a great resources, you can contact me directly: http://www.thecassiopeia.com/WebLions/Pathway/Feedback.html

Irena Whitfield Wishing you all the best.

Irena Whitfield
The Internet Business Consultant You Need IF You Want to Succeed Online!
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P.S.: IF you start using any of the above resources, you will see an immense growth in your income and I can tell you from my own experience that my income always doubles, triples... when I give part of it (I regulary pay 10%) to a charity. So, I would like to kindly ask you to the same below (And please let me know what happened:-)): Click here!

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