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Permaworld is an international, non-profit environmental and humanitarian aid support organization (since 2001) administered by a dedicated management team on behalf of all members and their customers worldwide. We believe in a sustainable future based on:
caring for the earth ...
caring for people sharing resources.

Sharing and Caring for OUR WORLD
Associates in over 150 Countries
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Any project, which helps conserve life and the planet, needs to be welcomed and supported these days. The more such activities there are, the greater our chances of raising awareness of ordinary people about the urgent crisis building up for our children. The whole world now needs to appreciate that A. we're in trouble with our consumer society, causing harm to our children and the future, in almost every sense and aspect. B. Great new lifestyle and shopping alternatives to the harmful products etc. exist. I know of and use many, including buying tasty organic food whenever possible. These wiser choices care more for our personal health, our quality of life, the population and the planet. One of the best all round initiatives I've seen, which literally anyone can do, is from a Foundation called Permaworld.

Permaworld invites people with internet access to buy some useful services for no more than $10 with their bank card. In return Permaworld will send the whole amount to conservation groups and monthly commission to those members who help spread the word even further. It is an unusually intelligent design which is simple but which could benefit large numbers of people and of course the Earth too and our children's chances. Individuals, volunteers and charities can also make it into a fundraiser for themselves. We can have it as a small home business, which is such a popular way of making money these days. So, apart from helping to clean up the world, it is financially attractive too. No time to read now? Click here for more info

Why 'Permaworld'?

The term 'Permaculture' was coined in 1978 by Mollison & Holmgren in their seminal work 'Permaculture One'. This was the first time that it was stated that it was no good to consider food production, energy needs, climate change, ozone depletion, etc. as separate issues, but that all the threads of environmental concern must be drawn together and considered as a whole programme for a sustainable future . 'Permaculture' came from 'permanent agriculture', 'permanent horticulture', and a little later, 'permanent culture'. By the same process 'Permaworld' was born - a programme for a Permanent World - which is what we want to bring about, for the future of the world and our own small part in it. 'Permanent Culture in a Permanent World' - sounds good !

In the 24 years since its conception, permaculture has demonstrated that it offers a successful approach to designing sustainable systems, and can be utilised in every climatic and cultural zone of the world, including humid tropics, drylands, cold temperate zones and aquasystems. Mankind needs to produce food and energy, but we need to do so in a way that does not deplete the world's natural resources, and its flora and fauna, so that we leave a sustainable planetary ecosystem to those who come after us. We must aim to get much more out of life by using much less. Permaculture is an ecologically sound way of living, which we can use in our houses, our gardens, our communities and our places of work. Permaworld is an organisation of members and customers who support a lifestyle where we co-operate with nature in this way, for the good of the Earth and its people. This is why one of the Earth Care organisations to whom the Foundation has already donated US$ 117.000 has its roots firmly embedded in these principles. Click here for more info.

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Here is what we do:

Assist non-profit organizations with website development, software, and web hosting needs. Charitable donations to earth care organizations. We have contributed over US$130,000.00 to date.
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