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Insider Tips 3, Volume 4
A Handbook of Every Successful Netpreneur

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Dear Home Business Owner,Irena Whitfield - Internet Business Consultant

The year 2005 is here and the new Volume of Insider Tips as well. It is the fourth time you get this special eBook 'Insider Tips' into your hands: this eBook contains articles submitted and authored by the Subscribers to Pathway To Success Ezine plus motivational reading published within the year 2004. The first Part ie 2001 Insider Tips became a big success in a very short time after it was published. The success was multiplied with the Volumes which followed in 2002 and 2003.

I believe you will find this Volume the same helpful bringing you top resources, tips and information not available elsewhere and helping your online home business become more profitable.

You can give this eBook free to your visitors, subscribers and clients as a Bonus but you mustn't sell it.

Pathway To Success Ezine is in its 5th year, and over the time it has become a true Companion to its loyal Subscribers, over 120,000 now and growing daily.

Pathway to Success is NOT just another Ezine nor a publication bombarding you with offers, solos, ads or rubbish stuff.

In 'Pathway To Success', Subscribers receive only top information, reliable and proven high-quality webmaster resources and tools, never anything just to make a couple of dollars at their expense. However, to make full use of the resources, get fast ahead of today's severe competition and have a home business and profits grow, it's necessary to read, apply, follow and act on the information received.

The information is not temporary, it's of lasting value for your online home business. You can have a look at the Table of Contents below.

This Volume is exceptional because it contains all 26 Special Free Reading Bonuses published through the year 2004.

Enjoy and have a profitable time.


Irena Whitfield
Your Publisher
Irena Whitfield

Table of Contents

Chapter #1
  • Article #1
    More Harm Than Good by Bob Osgoodby
  • Motivational Reading #1
    I am a Winner... by William Arthur Ward
  • Free Reading Bonus #1
    Accept Your Abundance!
    Why You are Supposed to be Wealthy

    by Randy Gage - Claim the Prosperity that is your Birthright!
  • Chapter #2

  • Article #2
    15 Commandments Of Creating A Wealth Pulling Niche by Roy Primm
  • Motivational Reading #2
    10 Netiquette New Year's Resolutions by Judith Kallos
  • Free Reading Bonus #2
    Wearable parables
    by Hal Ackermann - excellent and wise reading for inspiration and motivation. Why You are Supposed to be Wealthy
  • Chapter #3

  • Article #3
    Are you positioned for the next big thing? by Tyler Pratt
  • Motivational Reading #3
    Setting Priorities by Brian Tracy
  • Free Reading Bonus #3
    The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel
    Popular 'classic' self-help book of the 1920's, motivating many of today's self-help 'gurus'. This is the book that Bill Gates is reputed to have read at College on his march to success.
  • Chapter #4

  • Article #4
    12 Sure-Fire Steps To Improve Your Retail Sales by Bob Nelson
  • Motivational Reading #4
    Love, Wealth, Or Success? by Anshu K.
  • Free Reading Bonus #4
    The Seven Cornerstones For Creating Change
    by Mitch Meyerson of
  • Chapter #5

  • Article #5
    7 Steps To Web Sites That Sell By Charlie Cook
  • Motivational Reading #5
    How to use your "Higher Mind" to Create Wealth, Abundance and Joy by David Cameron
  • Free Reading Bonus #5
    Copywriter's Dirty Little Secret
    by Keith Price: The World's Top Paid, Most Successful Copywriters Have a Dirty Little Secret you need to boost your sales.
  • Chapter #6

  • Article #6
    Is a Home Business Right for You? By Stone Evans
  • Motivational Reading #6
    The Angel Inside by Chris Widener
  • Free Reading Bonus #6
    50 Tips to Maximize Email Marketing Success
  • Chapter #7

  • Article #7
    Who are you mixing it with? By Julie Plenty
  • Motivational Reading #7
    Want to be more successful? Develop an attitude of service by Chuck Frey
  • Free Reading Bonus #7
    Starter Kit Haven
    Mr. Tips: 54 useful tips
  • Chapter #8

  • Article #8
    Too Much Choice Can Kill Your Business - How To Stay Focused On Profits by Jason Jantzi
  • Motivational Reading #8
    The power of silence by Higher Awareness
  • Free Reading Bonus #8
    500 Top Marketing Headline
  • Chapter #9

  • Article #9
    4 Simple Fresh Approaches To Triple Profits! by S. Kumar
  • Motivational Reading #9
    Three Keys to Personal Power by Brian Tracy
  • Free Reading Bonus #9
    5,000 Hypnotic Words & Phrases
    That Sell Like CRAZY! by Larry Dotson
  • Chapter #10

  • Article #10
    How Laws of this Universe can Skyrocket your Sales... by Yeo Feng
  • Motivational Reading #10
    The Prosperity Game: Play Your Way to Prosperity
    Free 21-day Prosperity eCourse by Prosperity Partnership
  • Free Reading Bonus #10
    A huge and unique resource of 100% freeware and 0% spyware
    or adware or in anyway shape or form ad supported software. The ebook is updated on 9th of every month:
  • Chapter #11

  • Article #11
    Where To Place Classified Ads To Build Your Business by Robert Boduch
  • Motivational Reading #11
    How to Double Your Income in the Next 35 Days by John R. Barker
  • Free Reading Bonus #11
    How to be an overnight sensation with POWER DIRECT MARKETING
    by Ray Jutkins: over 300 pages of pure marketing gold and free
  • Chapter #12

  • Article #12
    Do You Have a Plan? by Dirk Wagner
  • Motivational Reading #12
    Ten Secrets for Success and Inner Peace by Dr Wayne Dyer
  • Free Reading Bonus #12
    Automatically create Auction Ads that really hit potential bidders between the eyes without ANY programming!
  • Chapter #13

  • Article #13
    The Importance of Content By Scott F. Geld
  • Motivational Reading #13
    The Power of a Focused Mind By Matt Furey
  • Free Reading Bonus #13
    101 Golden Keys to Success and Fulfilment in Life
    Your Personal Guide to Succeeding at Anything.
  • Chapter #14

  • Article #14
    "Would You Rather Be Rich or Famous? This is Not a Trick Question" by Mark Joyner
  • Motivational Reading #14
    Your Win List by Michael Angier
  • Free Reading Bonus #14
    101 Golden Keys to Success and Fulfilment in Life
    The 10 Rules of Online Customer Respect
  • Chapter #15

  • Article #15
    Why Some People Will NEVER Succeed, No Matter How Hard They Try.... And How YOU Can Avoid The Same Mistakes! by Lee Benson
  • Motivational Reading #15
    10 Questions: Do You Have What It Takes? by John Assaraf
  • Free Reading Bonus #15
    Linking Matters
    The basic principle is: "Create good content, link to great content and great content will link to you" An effective linking strategy can move your site up from the minor leagues to the premier division. Read more in Linking Matters: How To Create An Effective Linking Strategy To Promote Your Web Site by Ken McGaffin and Archie Binnie. The Package contains: Linking Matters Report and Linking Matters Work Book
  • Chapter #16

  • Article #16
    The Top 10 Reasons You Should Only Sell High Quality Products by Paul Barrs
  • Motivational Reading #16
    5 Secrets of Successful Copywriting by David Garfinkel
  • Free Reading Bonus #16
    21 Power Principles to Maximize Your Business Success
    by Jay Abraham. You will also learn Jay's List of 10 Deadly Sins And How Avoiding Them Can Make Your Business Almost Divinely Profitable
  • Chapter #17

  • Article #17
    What Will Your Cash Balance Be Six Months from Now? by Philip Campbell
  • Motivational Reading #17
    Do What You Love ... and Get Paid For It! One Web Site With Everything You Need To Do What You Love And Get Paid To Do It. Simple. by Felix Ibay & Irena Whitfield
  • Free Reading Bonus #17
    Today Is Your Day To Win
    Unique eBook by Mike Brescia
  • Chapter #18

  • Article #18
    Dare to Be Different by Denise Hall
  • Motivational Reading #18
    The Secret To Achieving Your Financial Goals by John Assaraf
  • Free Reading Bonus #18
    77 Ways To Skyrocket Your Website Conversion Rate
    the Ultimate Checklist to Boost any website Into a Well-Oiled Conversion Machine by Ray L. Edwards
  • Chapter #19

  • Article #19
    Want Better Copy? Go On A QUEST! by Michel Fortin
  • Motivational Reading #19
    The Quickest Road to Success by Jason Gracia
  • Free Reading Bonus #19
    75 Secrets of Masters
    - the best of salescopies of all times.
  • Chapter #20

  • Article #20
    How to Use Barter to Increase Revenue & Generate Good Will by Gary Huynh
  • Motivational Reading #20
    What Do I Have To Do To Quit Being A Quitter? by Mike Brescia
  • Free Reading Bonus #20
    701 Tips on e-Learning
    produced by the Masie Center - excellent stuff.
  • Chapter #21

  • Article #21
    Email, Instant Messaging, Blogs, RSS, Forums and Listservs: What's Next? by Sharon Housley
  • Motivational Reading #21
    Obstacles are the stepping stones of success by Harvey Mackay
  • Free Reading Bonus #21
    10 Steps to Killer Web Copy
    by Louis Allport interviewing Alex Mandossian: exclusive marketing interview where Alex reveals his 10 step proven formula for writing killer web copy.
  • Chapter #22

  • Article #22
    Turbulence Or A Smooth Ride? You Decide. by Pat Graham-Block
  • Motivational Reading #22
    Outsourcing By Bob Osgoodby
  • Free Reading Bonus #22
    7 psychological Secrets
    by Yanik Silver
  • Chapter #23

  • Article #23
    I Make Money Online. You Can Too by Tom Worsley
  • Motivational Reading #23
    Hilton's Helpers
    Sales (And Marketing) Tip:
    "Don't Send Christmas Cards This Year..." by Hilton Johnson
  • Free Reading Bonus #23
    365 Motivational quotes
    great reading, great inspiration for every day in the year. PLUS you can get it customized and give it away freely
  • Chapter #24

  • Article #24
    Are You Beating Up On Yourself About Debt? by Mario Castagno
  • Motivational Reading #24
    Thanksgiving Dinner as a Customer Care Model? You Bet!
    Three Ways to Apply Meal Planning Know-How to Your Customer Care Efforts by JoAnna Brandi
  • Free Reading Bonus #24
    the Beatles Radio
    Get a free membership on the Beatles Radio - time-limited offer
  • Chapter #25

  • Article #25
    Prepare Well Before Buying Your Digital Camera by Todd Nelson
  • Motivational Reading #25
    The Secret To Success Is Preparation by Rene Godefroy
  • Free Reading Bonus #25
    Your 21-Day Free Read
    a special offer from Dr. Michael Norwood. You can get 3 books below free for 21 days to read. If you don't want to own them, you can return them and you will pay nothing.

  • 1. The 9 Insights Of The Wealthy Soul

  • Handsomely bound 255 page book with gold foil embossed cover.
  • Your copy will be autographed by the author.
  • You will also receive:
  • 2 essential companion books:

  • 2. The Making Of The Wealthy Soul
  • 3. The Vision Of The Wealthy Soul
  • Chapter #26

  • Article #26
    The Perfect Gift by Clarissa 'kiki' Frampton
  • Motivational Reading #26
    Scientific Proof of the Power of Belief by Dr Jill Ammon-Wexler
  • Free Reading Bonus #26
    Train Your Brain
    by Judith Tramayne-Barth
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