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Insider Tips 4, Volume 5
A Handbook of Every Successful Netpreneur

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Dear Reader,Irena Whitfield - Internet Business Consultant

It is the fifth time you get this special eBook 'Insider Tips' into your hands: this eBook contains articles submitted and authored by the Subscribers to Pathway To Success Ezine plus Motivational reading published within the year 2005. The first Part ie 2001 Insider Tips became a big success in a very short time after it was published. The success was multiplied with the Volumes which followed in 2002, 2003 and 2004.

I can tell you that this year's Volume is the same helpful as the previous Volumes and brings you top resources, tips and information not available elsewhere and can effectively help your online home business become more profitable.

This Volume also contains 26 special high-quality reading Bonuses which you can download absolutely free.

You can give this eBook free to your visitors, subscribers and clients as a Bonus but you mustn't sell it.

Pathway To Success Ezine is in its 6th year, and over the time it has become a true Companion to its loyal Subscribers, over 138,500 now and growing daily.

Pathway to Success is NOT just another Ezine nor a publication bombarding you with offers, solos, ads or rubbish stuff.

In 'Pathway To Success', Subscribers receive only top information, reliable and proven high-quality webmaster resources and tools, never anything just to make a couple of dollars at their expense. However, to make full use of the resources, get fast ahead of today's severe competition and have a home business and profits grow, it's necessary to read, apply, follow and act on the information received.

The information is not temporary, it's of lasting value for your online home business.

If you are not publishing an Ezine, you should consider it but there are secrets about publishing a successful ezine because not everyone trying this succeeds and so many ezines fail. This year I compiled all the Interviews I have done recently about publishing Pathway To Succcess, updated the information and you can get it free below.

77 Questions and Answers to Ezine Success 77 Questions and Answers to Ezine Success:

This Special Handbook by Irena Whitfield is the Ultimate Ezine Publishing Manual You Should Definitely Have if You Want to Succeed in Ezine. Pathway To Success Ezine has grown from 25,000 into over 138,000 Subscribers in less than a year! Want to know how? Learn it here!
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Wishing you all the best.


Irena Whitfield
Your Publisher
Irena Whitfield
Insider Tips for Your Business

Table of Contents


Chapter #1

  • Article #1
    Let the Fireworks Roar! by Frank Hodgekiss
  • Motivational Reading #1
    How to change the world while travelling by Dave Boufford
  • Free Reading Bonus #1
    The 21 Habits of Multi-Millionaires: the Secrets of Wealth Beginner's Guide to Financial Freedom
  • Chapter #2

  • Article #2
    Whatever You Do... Don't Save Any Money! by Leo J. Quinn
  • Motivational Reading #2
    Online retail holiday spending rises 29% year-over-year by comScore reports
  • Free Reading Bonus #2
    The Secret to Winning Every Single Time… In Everything You Do by Jim Edwards
  • Chapter #3

  • Article #3
    How to Find a Legal Eagle by Trevor Hartfield
  • Motivational Reading #3
    OVERCOME OVERWHELM: 10 Ways to Slow Down and Win
    by Laurie Weiss, Ph.D.
  • Free Reading Bonus #3
    Auction-O-Matic: Special software helping you write great auction ads
  • Chapter #4

  • Article #4
    Find the Perfect Valentine with the Stroke of the Pen by Bart Baggett
  • Motivational Reading #4
    7 Gifts that Multiply Happiness by Steve Brunkhorst
  • Free Reading Bonus #4
    93 Most Visited Forums
  • Chapter #5

  • Article #5
    The Only 5 Things You Can Sell by Palyn Peterson
  • Motivational Reading #5
    Over 1,300 six-page letters were mailed out to America’s greatest achievers requesting them to share their wisdom with other dreamers. Over 170 individual responses were returnned back to Jim Bickford over a two year period.
  • Free Reading Bonus #5
    Google Profit Tools: Discover all the tools and resources needed to help you profit
  • Chapter #6

  • Article #6
    Marketing - Small Business Basics by Sharon Vondita
  • Motivational Reading #6
    The New Sales Paradigm - Value Creation by Jill Konrath
  • Free Reading Bonus #6
    Insider Tips 3, Volume 4: Subscribers' Articles, Motivational Reading and Free Reading Bonuses published in Pathway To Success Ezine in 2004
  • Chapter #7

  • Article #7
    The Wonders of Compound Interest by Rosella Aranda
  • Motivational Reading #7
    Are You in Touch With Your Inner "M"?
  • Free Reading Bonus #7
    Become published and profitable with your eBook avoiding these 14 biggest e-book design mistakes by Roger C. Parker
  • Chapter #8

  • Article #8
    The 10 Cash Flow Rules You Can't Afford to Ignore by Philip Campbell
  • Motivational Reading #8
    Fears: A Detour on the Road to Success by Boris Vene
  • Free Reading Bonus #8
    Learn how to live 100 years! the 400-years' old classic on health and longevity by Luigi Cornaro
  • Chapter #9

  • Article #9
    More Sales With Less Selling by Charlie Cook
  • Motivational Reading #9
    Top Five Journal Exercises by Lael Johnson
  • Free Reading Bonus #9
    Beyond the Road to Gold! How I went from wealth to Millionaire without winning the lottery by David Ledoux
  • Chapter #10

  • Article #10
    7 Must Know Tips I Wish I Had Known 3 Years Ago About Online Marketing by Laurie Meade
  • Motivational Reading #10
    The Game of Tennis... as a "FUTURE MEMORY" by Dr Jill Ammon-Wexler
  • Free Reading Bonus #10
    Drop Your Goals And Manage Your Life! by Michel Fortin. Another of Michel's great books definitely worth reading
  • Chapter #11

  • Article #11
    Is Nature a Marketing Guru? by Sean D'Souza
  • Motivational Reading #11
    The Key to Getting What You Want by Marcia Wieder
  • Free Reading Bonus #11
    Six Ways Your Creativity Can Turbocharge Your Copywriting by Michele Pariza Wacek to make your site sell more
  • Chapter #12

  • Article #12
    Marketing Success Defined by Mark Levit
  • Motivational Reading #12
    Twenty Dollars by Inspiration Peak
  • Free Reading Bonus #12
    You Are the Light! a four-minute inspirational movie
    by Mary Robinson Reynolds
  • Chapter #13

  • Article #13
    Top Ten Reason To Market Your Business Online
    by Tina Valiedi
  • Motivational Reading #13
    How To Ask Questions That Make You Money
    by Michael Cheney
  • Free Reading Bonus #13
    Get Ezine Profits by Monique Harris
  • Chapter #14

  • Article #14
    "I am an AUTHOR" - Is this the next big fad?
    by Martin Lemieux
  • Motivational Reading #14
    Training - Why Bother? by Dr. Michel Classe
  • Free Reading Bonus #14
    Know Your Top Three Goals For 2005? Take the free 5 Minute Quiz and download your Free Goals Report!
  • Chapter #15

  • Article #15
    10 Ways to Instantly Promote your Blog for Free
    by Chileshe Mwape
  • Motivational Reading #15
    10 Secrets Of The Super-Affiliate Mindset by Anik Singal
  • Free Reading Bonus #15
    A FREE Traffic Guide: 10 Tips to drive massive amounts of traffic to your website
  • Chapter #16

  • Article #16
    Marketing From The Inside Out by John Colanzi
  • Motivational Reading #16
    The Optimist Creed by Christian D. Larson
  • Free Reading Bonus #16
    The Affiliate Masters Course 2005: clearly shows you HOW to create an effective Theme-Based Content Site that WILL generate income
  • Chapter #17

  • Article #17
    Just How Much Responsibility Should We Take? by Michael Angier
  • Motivational Reading #17
    Who do you BELIEVE you are? by Dr Jill Ammon-Wexler
  • Free Reading Bonus #17
    Free 12-Lesson Power Prosperity Course
  • Chapter #18

  • Article #18
    The Copyright Debate and RSS by Sharon Housley
  • Motivational Reading #18
    Persistence by Bob Proctor
  • Free Reading Bonus #18
    Achieve Greater Success with an Ownership Mindset
    by Jack Perry
  • Chapter #19

  • Article #19
    The 6 P's of Personal Marketing by Robert Moment
  • Motivational Reading #19
    How To Be Happy In Spite Of Your Problems by Rene Godefroy
  • Free Reading Bonus #19
    Goals Magic System: You can Design the Life of your DREAMS and live the life of your Design! by
  • Chapter #20

  • Article #20
    Getting Your Website Traffic Into Context
    by Robert Hartness
  • Motivational Reading #20
    Time by Wallace D. Wattles
  • Free Reading Bonus #20
    An interview with Linda Blew Carlson, the Mind Reader
  • Chapter #21

  • Article #21
    Why is Affiliate Marketing Popular with Home Based Business Entrepreneurs? by Kanaga Siva
  • Motivational Reading #21
    Put your Mind & Body on "Autopilot" and reach your goals... automatically! by Dan Robey
  • Free Reading Bonus #21
    To Cash in with Content: 3 reports by David Meerman Scott
  • Chapter #22

  • Article #22
    Controlling Your Company's Cash Flow by Ken Bidgood
  • Motivational Reading #22
    Don't Be Satisfied... Do more! by Donald J. Trump
  • Free Reading Bonus #22
    The Manifesting Mindset: Strategies for Deliberate Attraction and Conscious Living by Barry Goss
  • Chapter #23

  • Article #23
    The Top Seven Strategies for Website Success
    by Philippa Gamse
  • Motivational Reading #23
    Why Stress Causes Aging…What You Can Do to Stop It!
    by Dr Jill Ammon-Wexler
  • Free Reading Bonus #23
    Ezine Machine: An Astonishing New Software Package
  • Chapter #24

  • Article #24
    7 Ways to Drive Laser-Targeted Traffic by Jason James
  • Motivational Reading #24
    Are You Doing Business With Monopoly Money?
    by Kalinda Rose Stevenson, Ph.D.
  • Free Reading Bonus #24
    Top 10 eBay Secrets for Successful Selling by Jason James
  • Chapter #25

  • Article #25
    Reasons Why Multiple Stream of Income Will Make You More Successful by Guy Mendelson
  • Motivational Reading #25
    When Nothing Goes According to Plan by Sarah Pond
  • Free Reading Bonus #25
    16 Secrets to Creating A Super Successful Life From the Inside Out by Dimitri Mastrocola
  • Chapter #26

  • Article #26
    How to Get a Knock Out Website! by Daegan Smith
  • Motivational Reading #26
    8 Tips to an Easy Holiday Shopping Experience
    by Patricia Twitchell
  • Free Reading Bonus #26
    Robo Riches Calculator by Bob Williams and Brian Garvin
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