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Issue #19- Pathway To Success
Volume 2, Issue #19, 22nd September 2002

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'Pathway To Success'
Volume 2, Issue #19, 22nd September 2002
Publisher Irena Whitfield

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September 13 to September 22, Lime Tree, the Doubt
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September 23, Olive Tree, the Wisdom
People under this influence love sun, warmth and kind feelings, are reasonable, balanced, avoid aggression and violence, are tolerant, cheerful, calm, have well-developed sense of justice, are sensitive, emphatic, free of jealousy, love to read and the company of sophisticated people.

September 24 to October 3, Hazelnut Tree, the Extraordinary
Charming, undemanding, very understanding, know how to make an impression, active fighters for social cause, popular, moody and capricious lovers, honest and tolerant partners, precise sense of judgement.

October 4 to October 13, Rowan, the Sensitivity
People full of charm, cheerful, gifted, without egoism, like to draw attention, love life, motion, unrest and even complications, are both dependent and independent, good taste, artistic, passionate, emotional, good company, do not forgive.

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Today's Feature Article

Creating Your Own Internet Marketing Success Story

Part One: Running Your Online Business Seriously
by Marty Foley

Many would-be successful Netpreneurs are dabbling, instead of taking their online business efforts seriously. Such dabbling is manifested in various ways.

For example, some are on an endless quest for free services. Now don't get me wrong; using free services is fine, up to a point. I do so at times myself.

But take domain names, for example. A person can sign up for free web sites offered all over the Internet. They may reason "Why pay for a web site if I can get one (or dozens) for free?"

Granted, free web sites may serve useful purposes at times, such as in funneling traffic to another site. Such reasoning is "penny wise and pound foolish," however, if it hinders or prevents a person from investing in a serious web presence that includes their own domain name.

It's been proven time and again that getting your own domain name is a smart move for those with a web presence. The cost is miniscule compared to the added credibility, name recognition and other benefits that one can bring.

Many who are trying to establish a credible web presence through free sites readily admit that it would be wise to get their own domain name, but they tend to put if off until tomorrow. For some, tomorrow never arrives.

The situation is similar when it comes to accepting credit cards with a merchant account. Sure, there are initial setup expenses, but most find that sales dramatically increase when they accept payment by major credit card.

In tandem with accepting credit cards, offering customers the option to place credit card orders online through a secure server is also a great asset to a large percentage of successful online entrepreneurs. I can personally attest to this, since the vast majority of my sales are through secure online credit card transactions.

What if we simply can't afford to invest in certain aspects of our online business? We can set up a budget and start setting money aside for such investments. Most of us can also find ways to cut back on frivolous spending. Once we start to generate revenue, it's a good idea to plow a good percentage of it back into the business, when possible.

I'm not saying that those who only use free sites aren't serious about online business, but a good percentage of their prospects will perceive that to be the case. Such perceptions might as well be reality, since the result can be the same: lost business.

Nor am I saying that spending more money on your business will automatically bring success, but the following viewpoint might help keep things in perspective: If something increases your profits more than it costs, it could be considered a wise investment that pays for itself, rather than an expense.

Taking business seriously also means being reliable, doing our best to do what we say we're going to do, when we say we're going to do it (although, admittedly, no business is perfect).

It also means replying to questions that prospects ask about our products and services in a prompt fashion, preferably answering emails within 24 hours, if possible.

There are lots of other little ways that Netpreneurs like us can show that we're serious about our online business, day in and day out. Dabbling is fine - for dabblers. But once we decide to take the bull by the horns and get serious about our online business, we're a step closer to earning some serious profits.

Marty Foley reveals proven strategies for making a living in you own home based online business. To get Part 2, Join us for FREE. Click here!

Today's Motivational Reading

Discipline And Its Threats On the Net

by Irena Whitfield

Observing the activities of many people on the Net, I have a feeling that they all have one common feature, and it is a lack of discipline. It is mostly spammers but not only - new people starting on the Net as well.

There is a couple of obvious reasons:

  • for some people it is difficult to adopt and maintain discipline without colleagues, a team or at least a manager

  • some people do not even know or realise that discipline is necessary to achieve success on the Net.

  • Different forms of discipline are necessary for any behaviour in a society, and when we talk about success - and not only on the Net - discipline is vital.

    Many people do not have enough information on what to do on the Net and how, they just catch isolated pieces of information, do not differentiate between the right and wrong, complete and incomplete pieces, and just do something. For instance spammers: they just heard that email is a very powerful means of marketing, so they send out emails.

    Unlike the offline world, on the Net a person is taken out of his environment of supportive colleagues and everything he does is up to him only. He is isolated with the information he gets, the way he processes it, the conclusions he makes, the opinions he forms, the strategy he adopts, the responsibility is his, and consequently the success and the failure.

    However, the demand on discipline is much higher on the Net. All of the above requires a very responsible and mature person. Many people are used to work in a team where everyone gets only a piece of responsibility if any at all, mostly only limited decision-making rights and a limited share in success or failure.

    In many cases, especially if such a person comes to the Net from employment, does not realise much or anything about the overall conception of a successful company, especially the ´from 9-5´concept is very dangerous for success, and he is suddenly overwhelmed by the enormous amount of information, countless opportunities, tens and hundreds of so called gurus offering and promising all the blue skies and rosy gardens without doing anything.

    It is so attractive and it must be true, so many people say it !!!

    However, the Internet success needs a highly disciplined person, fully aware of all the dangers, misconcepts, demands, it needs a new, completely different way of thinking, especially if you come from employment, you have to live for your success, not from 9-5, all your time. It may sound horrendous but your own family could easily become the worst disruptive element on your way.

    You have to develop your exact overall conception, plan and strategy, full details and stick to it. It consists of seemingly unimportant items like your working hours. For instance, many ´gurus´ say that the charm of your Internet business is in your own working hours, no one forcing you to work, working 2-5 hours a day and similar nonsense.

    Or your friends and family: one day they invite you to a party, you do not have to get up in the morning, no one forces you to work, you can skip your work for tomorrow. Or your family thinks there has been quite enough of your playing on the Net, and you should do something useful around the house.

    These are just tiny but very dangerous and very disruptive elements, and you have to be very disciplined to fight it. Because you have to fight it - within you for your new person and with your beloved ones for your space. Once you believe in your success, you have to achieve it because you rob you and your family of your presence, of the time together, of money you could make elsewhere or of help. And there are more.

    So, it is in the name of all of it and your success that you are strict to yourself. The first thing you should do is to set firm daily working hours, offline and online, and stick to it. And not only. For each day, prepare a set of tasks, and every day before you finish, check whether and how you completed the set of tasks for the day and set a new one for the coming day.

    Never say: just once, nothing happens if I skip once. Of course, it happens, all the bad happens: you will see that nothing really happens for once, and you will say it again, once is never, twice is a habit - and this is exactly the way to lose all your discipline, responsibility and all your dreams.

    Similar it is with the countless attractive opportunities. Most of them are not opportunities at all, just clever tricks to get you involved, to rob you either of your money or time, to make you build someone else´s success. Be careful and all the time think about your own goal, your dreams you want to achieve and live it all.

    In the scope of this article I cannot mention all the dangers nor all the necessary steps to fight them. Just one more to close this: and it is the moments that you come to think that all the Internet is a big scam and hype and you want give up. Do not give up!

    Do not give up: first, you can never say how near or how far you are from your success and second, you are responsible to yourself, to your family for all you have spent up to now - money, time, efforts. Money is always involved, even if you do not pay anything, you paid for your computer, the energies, the Internet access, you paid in the form of your time, devotion, hours of your life that no one can give back to you, and the list goes on.

    You have to consider all these aspects before you start, once you set on the path, there is no way back - unless you can live with the word FAILURE till the end of your days. Everyone and everything will remind you: you in the first place, your family in the second ... shall I go on?

    No, I have an answer for you: DISCIPLINE

    Irena Whitfield
    is the Internet Business Consultant for 3rd Millennium helping people to achieve their goals on the Net. Get the '7 Stars of Online Success' and Succeed! Start Now.

    Subscribers' Corner:

    Protect Your Profits - Are you a Victim?

    by Jim Pidcock

    Affiliate programs are one of the most popular and profitable methods of earning a living on the internet today. For those who are new to the 'net, affiliate programs are simply when you agree to promote and sell someone else's product or service in return for a commission (either a flat fee or percentage of the sale). When you sign up for an affiliate program, you receive some sort of link or code that uniquely identifies you. That code or link is what you use to send your website's visitors or your newsletter's subscribers to the website of the product you want to sell. When your customer clicks on that link and makes a purchase, you then get credit for the sale and earn your commission. That's the way it's suppose to work and does work most of the time.

    What's been happening more and more is that people like yourself are loosing out on their commissions. The biggest reason people don't receive their rightful commission is that they are stolen right out from underneath them.

    Many experts agree that up to 30% or more of affiliate commissions are being stolen. The single largest reason is that the unscrupulous perpetrator switches their affiliate ID for the original ID. Most affiliate programs are so easy to join that once you've sent someone to a product's website and they like the product, all they need to do is join the affiliate program and switch the link to their's and re-visit the product's website with their new link.

    For example, ClickBank is a popular payment processing company because of the features and service they provide. ClickBank also provides vendors with an affiliate program. The affiliate program is a good service but is also one of the easiest for those to be cheated because you just need to sign up once and you can represent thousands of products.

    Another popular payment processing company is PayPal. PayPal offers the option of sending your customer to a download page after a successful payment. This is a great feature if you want to automate the purchasing process so that you can do business 24 hours per day without your intervention. The problem is that your download page is easily detected and, if you're not careful, PayPal can be cut out of the process and the thief can go right to your download page without paying! PayPal does provide a method to help protect your download page from those who don't pay but that takes programming and a cooperative web hosting company.

    Just like an anti-theft system on your car, nothing is 100% effective. If someone is determined and technical enough to 'break in' then chances are good that they will eventually get in. Fortunately, there are tools available for webmasters and affiliate marketers to help protect your profits. Just like the car with an anti-theft system that gets passed over for an easier victim, if your website or affiliate link is harder to 'break into' and they are more likely to not be tempted to steal your profits.

    Here are a few things to keep in mind when looking for a tool to help you protect your profits:

  • Versatility - Does it help protect your website and your affiliate links?

  • Easy to use - Does the software build your new affiliate link for you or do you have to do it? How good are the instructions? Are there examples or instructional videos included to help you get started?

  • What's their claim? - If they claim to solve all problems then they're too good to be true.

  • Affiliate Program - If they have an affiliate program is it two tiers? If so, at least if your affiliate code gets cracked, then you will receive at least some commission for your efforts.

  • Remember, no resource is 100% effective in securing your website and profits. With the right tool though, you can be better protected and earn more and that's what being in business is all about. Don't be a victim of 'information superhighway' robbery.

    Jim Pidcock is a successful affiliate marketer and the creator of CodeCloaker, the web's newest and most complete resource for protecting your online profits. For more information on how to protect your website and your profits,

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