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Issue #24 - Pathway To Success
Volume 2, Issue #24, 1st December 2002

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'Pathway To Success'
Volume 2, Issue #24, 1st December 2002
Publisher Irena Whitfield

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I believe you're having a happy and wonderful Thanksgiving.

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    Irena Whitfield,

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    December 12 to December 21, Fig Tree, the Sensibility
    Very strong, a bit self-willed, independent, do not allow contradiction or arguments, love life, their family, children and animals, a bit of butterfly, good sense of humour, like idleness and laziness, of practical talent and intelligence.

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    'Pathway To Success' is published every other Sunday. Next Issue is supposed on 15th December 2002.

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    Today's Feature Article

    10 Tips for E-mail Etiquette

    by Tim North

    E-mail is frequently written quickly and often poorly. The tips that follow should help you to write e-mail that will be well received every time.

    1. Pay attention to punctuation, spelling, grammar and capitals.

    how ofen do yoo receeve e-mail ritten like this!!!!!

    Many e-mail messages contain poor spelling and grammar, incorrect use of capital letters and/or poor punctuation. Such messages look amateurish and inevitably produce a poor impression of the sender.

    2. Read the previous tip again.

    Seriously, I can't overstate just how important it is to write well. The standard of contemporary writing is quite poor -- both on the Internet and in general use. It's easy to find errors in most written sources. Stand out from the crowd. Write well.

    3. Your subject line should be descriptive.

    Many people get dozens (or even hundreds) of e-mail messages per day, and with so much of it being spam (i.e. unsolicited sales messages), your message may be deleted unread if the subject line makes it look unimportant or spamish.

    Another reason to make your subject clear is to help the recipient find it later. Many people archive months -- or even years -- worth of e-mail. A clear subject line will make your message easier to find.

    4. Use short paragraphs and leave lines between them.

    On-screen text is harder to read than printed text due to its lower resolution. You can make things easier for your readers by using short, clearly separated paragraphs.

    You'll notice that all of the paragraphs in this article are fairly short (typically, four or five lines) and are separated by blank lines for clarity. You might also care to indent the text on the first line of each paragraph.

    5. Tidy up all those ">" characters.

    When replying to a message (or forwarding it), most e-mail programs put a ">" character in front of each line of the original text, like so:

    > This is the text of the original
    > message that you are replying to.

    Your reply goes here.

    This happens each time the message is replied to (or forwarded). The result is that some messages end up with many ">" characters at the start of each line. This causes the line length to increase, and the text can wrap awkwardly and become difficult to read. For example:

    > > > > This is the text of the
    > > > > message that you are
    replying to.
    > > > >

    If you receive a message like this, don't just forward it on. Do everyone a favour and spend a few minutes tidying it up.

    6. Don't send unsolicited attachments.

    That three megabyte movie file may be the funniest thing you've seen for a long time, but don't automatically send it to everyone to know. Ask them first if they want to receive it. Many folks still receive their e-mail via modem, and at three or four kilobytes per second, your three megabyte file is going to lock up their Internet connection for quarter of an hour or so. Be polite and ask first.

    7. Ensure that your PC is protected against viruses.

    Unless you take suitable precautions (like regularly downloading the latest definition file for your antivirus software), you run the risk of your machine becoming virus infected. Far worse, you run the risk of unknowingly sending virus-infected e-mail messages to everyone in your address book. This is not a way to win friends.

    8. Don't type in ALL CAPITALS

    There are two reasons for this. First, text in all capitals is harder to read. Second, typing in all capitals is considered a faux pas by most Internet users, and doing so may see your message ignored.

    9. Thou shalt not spam!

    It doesn't matter how good a deal you've got. It doesn't matter that you're just going to do it once. It doesn't matter that everyone else is doing it. That doesn't make it right for _you_ to do it. Don't send spam.

    10. Wait a while before sending your message.

    Proofreading your own work is a risky business. I'm a writer and proofreader by profession, but mistakes still manage to slip through in my own writing. The best strategy I know of is to put my writing aside for a while then look at it afresh. It's amazing what will often just leap out at you.

    So if you have the time, wait an hour -- or even just ten minutes -- before you press the "send" button. This will let you read your message again and, hopefully, spot any typos or other weaknesses before it goes out.

    Armed with these ten tips, your e-mail should be well received every time. Good luck!

    writes about how to You'll find over 200 tips like this in Tim North's much applauded e-book BETTER WRITING SKILLS. It's just $19.95 and comes with a 90-day, money-back guarantee. Download a sample chapter here:

    Today's Motivational Reading

    Inspirational Lines
    from 'You Were Born Rich' by Bob Proctor

    Money Is Important

    One of the most prevalent misconceptions concerning money, relates to its importance. For example, how many times have you heard people say in conversation, "Money isn't everything." or "Money isn't important." or "I don't care about money." Well, the people who say these things might not care about money, but I'll bet their car dealer cares about it; their grocer does; and so does the person who holds their mortgage. In truth, there can be no denial of the fact that money is important to any person living in a civilized society. Therefore, to argue that it is not as important as this or that, is absurd. For nothing can take the place of money in the arena in which it is used!

    Money Is A Servant

    Now that I have affirmed the importance of money, let me backtrack to add this one word of caution- always remember, money is a servant; you are the master. Be very careful not to reverse that equation, because many people of high intelligence have already done so, to their great detriment. Unfortunately, many of these poor souls loved money and used people, which violated one of the most basic laws governing true financial success. You should always love people and use money, rather than the reverse!

    Another myth many people like to accept about money is that it only comes as a result of "luck" or "good fortune." For instance, whenever people gather to talk about someone they know who has been financially successful, there is always someone among them who will say, "Harry was just lucky," or "Harry was just in the right place at the right time." But I want to assure you in no uncertain terms, that although "luck" obviously plays some part in financial success, it is never sufficient in and of itself. Money is an effect and it must always be earned. Believe me, there are no free rides in this life and the only people who are making money the easy way either work in the mint or are on their way to jail, if they have not already arrived there. Therefore, always bear in mind that while "good fortune" is a factor in financial success, it must always be coupled with effort and hard work!

    Excerpts from a life-changing Book 'You Were Born Rich' by Bob Proctor.

    Subscribers' Corner:

    Passion for Success

    by David Batchelor

    The seven letters of the word PASSION represent the initials of seven essential principles of management:

    * PROFIT: Maximise sales and minimise expenses; instead of pursuing profit, let profit follow you. A person who can manage a great business is a person who can bring profit to the customer. Profit is not to be chased. By continuously maximising your revenue and minimising your expenses, you must let profit naturally follow your effort. In other words, profit is the result of your continuous endeavour.

    *AMBITION: Nurture your ambition continuously until it penetrates into your subconscious mind. To succeed, we must have a desire so strong that it reaches and permeates our subconscious minds. A mere dream of what you want is not adequate. Instead, cultivate a desire so strong and a vision so clear that they become a part of your subconscious mind. Such true ambitions should have specific and noble goals, causes, and ideals

    * SINCERITY: Think about the other party in all your business transactions; aim for a win-win situation. Make your client happy. There can be no long-term business success in which only one party benefits and the others suffer. A successful entrepreneur must create harmony through sincerity and a deeply held love of other human beings. Sincerity binds the listener/reader to the speaker/writer.

    * STRENGTH: True strength is courage; never act in a cowardly manner. It takes courage to do the right thing. Self-sacrifice is the price every leader should be willing to pay. Us leaders must be courageous and righteous. We must not merely preach work ethics and the rules of the workplace - we are called to set a living moral example for every person.

    Always remember: The team is a mirror that reflects its leader!

    * INNOVATION: Use your individual creativity to create 'cani', constant and never-ending improvement. Unless we actively challenge ourselves in new fields, the future will be bleak for business and society in general.

    I tell people that we have to be somewhat fanatical in order to accomplish anything really worthwhile. Your passion must be all-consuming. Passion is the energy of a person who knowingly attempts to overcome a seemingly insurmountable barrier. Fiery zeal, tremendous will-power, determination, and tenacity are all sources of energy for breaking through a barrier. This energy is the necessary factor in overcoming any challenge, and been a bit fanatical is the state in which you are filled with this tremendous energy.

    * OPTIMISM: Always maintain a positive, cheerful disposition; have a pure mind that is filled with hopes and dreams. Conceive optimistically; plan pessimistically; and execute optimistically.

    Realize that being an entrepreneur requires relentless determination, effort, and a willingness to face countless risks Do not allow challenges to make you negative, pessimistic, or cynical in your views.

    Remind yourself daily that a cheerful disposition invites success. It is difficult for any nihilist, cynic, or pessimist to become successful in a positive endeavour.

    A clear vision produces tremendous confidence, fortifies your will to work hard, motivates others, and leads them to success.

    * NEVER GIVE UP: Success lies in a person's willingness to make relentless, step-by-step efforts, even on mundane tasks. This may sound simplistic, but the person who continues working more earnestly than anyone else will always achieve success.

    Aim at a goal that is so far away it makes you wonder whether your "daily steps" make any difference at all - but let those steps accumulate!

    Remember that even the greatest accomplishments are nothing more than the accumulation of small, seemingly trivial tasks. There is no valid shortcuts to long-term success.

    Keep one firm conviction in your heart at all times: You have not failed until you stop trying.

    In closing please do not consider this article a sermon by a preacher. Rather, I hope that you will ponder upon the principles I have shared and consider using them to develop your own life and business into something even more wonderful than they now are.

    David Batchelor has written numerous articles focusing on Tips, Strategies, Tools and how-to's for creating the Ultimate Home Based Business. To Subscribe to his e-zine please go to:

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