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Issue #18 - Pathway To Success
Volume 6, Issue #18, 27th Aug 2006

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Volume 6, Issue #18, 27th Aug 2006
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    Today's Feature Article

    Copywriting With Google's Dynamic Keyword Insertion Tool
    Karon Thackston Karon Thackston

    Automation is an odd creature. It usually seems, at first glance, that automating a process can make things easier, simpler and faster. But oftentimes, once an automated process is in place, trouble spots pop up. This is sometimes the case when looking at the copywriting aspect of Google's dynamic keyword insertion tool.

    In case you're unfamiliar with dynamic keyword insertion (DKI), it's a feature of Google's AdWords program. It is often used for large campaigns in order to automatically insert the keyword into the headline of an ad. Truly, it's a lifesaver for many pay- per-click (PPC) ad managers who have to stay on top of thousands of ads every day. It's all done with a simple syntax command: { keyword:_______}.

    From a timesaving standpoint, this is a wonder tool that has rescued PPC managers from the mind-numbing chore of typing the same keywords over and over. From an economic point-of-view, DKI *can* (not always) perform well enough to make it a viable option for largër campaigns. But what happens with regard to copywriting and eye tracking?

    See It and Clíck It

    The human eye is normally drawn to things that are unusual. Things that look out of place or different get noticed far more than things that blend in. For instance, on a page full of black text and black & white photographs, a small red square in the bottom corner will get focused on almost immediately. Why? Because it is completely different than everything else around it.

    This same principle applies when considering your copywriting strategy for AdWords. When using DKI, you'll want to keep your eye on the results pages. Why? We've all heard that using the keyphrase in the headline pulls better. It does. Most of the time. There is an exception, however. This exception is what you'll be watching.

    In fact, a study done last year by Enquiro, Did-It and Eyetools tracked users' interactions with the Google search results page. It found that surfers normally reviewed the page in an F formation. They would scan vertically down the left side of the page and then over to the right (where paid ads are) *IF* something caught their attention. That's the point we'll explore in this article.

    In order to get clicks, you first have to get seen. If your ad looks and reads like all the rest, you've completely lost your originality advantage.

    See For Yoursëlf

    Copywriting using DKI is a balancing act. You have to consider several factors, including the character count of your longest keyphrase, your ability to add text to the keyword-rich headline and how the ad looks on the page.

    Take a look at some examples below. Remember that AdWords results show differently at various points throughout the day (and in relation to individual account parameters), so you may not see exactly what I saw when doing this research. I'm sure it will be close enough for you to get the idea.

    Go to Google and type in the phrase "cruise vacation center" (without using the quote marks). See how all the ads look different? They don't all have the same words bolded. They don't all use the same copy. The bold words stand out because they are different. In this case, your eye will usually go first to the ads with bolded words in the headline.

    You see ads offering a 6-night cruise for $xx.xx and other ads promoting X% off on a cruise vacation, etc. There is diversity and that's a good thing.

    Now, what if you type in "home improvement"? (Again, without the quotes.) If your results page looks like mine, practically every ad has the exact same headline: home improvement. Not only do most of the ads look the same, the headlines read the same. Your eye doesn't know where to go because everything seems identical. But wait! About four or five ads down, something catches your eye. It's an ad that has no bold in the headline. That stands out because it's different! As you scroll further down the page, more ads with no bold in the headlines pop out at you. In this case, because everyone else has opted for the DKI feature, their headlines are all very similar, making them less noticeable. But the ones who wrote custom headlines won out, thanks to diversity.

    Tips for Writing With DKI

    If you want or need to write using the DKI option, consider these tips:

  • 1. Use a descriptive word along with your keyphrase. Instead of just inserting the phrase "airline tickets," place the word "discount" or "cheap" before your keyphrase to help it stand out.

  • 2. For keyphrases that will take the entire 25-character limit, consider using one word of the keyphrase in the headline, instead of the entire phrase. Rather than "home improvement", try inserting just "home" or "improvement" along with other text you write yourself.

  • 3. Keep it applicable. Your headline still has to convey a strong message about what the customer can expect at your site.

  • 4. Test & Track! Everything in advertising is subject to change. Smart marketers always test and track to get the best results.

    With a little forethought, you can develop a combination of DKI and custom-written AdWords ads that drive qualified visitors to your site.

    Copy not getting results? Learn to write SEO and online copywriting that impresses the engines and your visitors. Be sure to also chëck out Karon's report How To Increase Keyword Saturation (Without Destroying the Flow of Your Copy).

    Today's Motivational Reading

    19 Ways to Attract Higher Paying Clients
    Catherine Franz Catherine Franz

    Some people have little difficulty attracting and maintaining clients who have higher discretionary funds to spend for solutions. Others can't get to first base. If you are one of those and want clients that can pay more and you currently aren't attracting them, here is a list of 10 barriers that might be interfering.

    Higher paying clients are easier to work with, appreciate your work more, pay quicker and are more profitable.

    Whenever I am asked by a independent profession how to get a client to pay more money, the first answer tends to be "you can't". It is very difficult to raise your rates with your existing clients. You generally need to find new, higher-paying clients.

    1. Equal stature. People usually take the time to listen to people who are just as important as they are. Are you on their listening level? Dress the way they do, even if you deal with them only over the phone. Speak in their language. Show the same type of authority and posture. Avoid jargon and words they aren't familiar with, yet use ones that they are. Talk across or equal not down or up. Take control of the relationship. This may seem too aggressive, however, this is the way you raise yourself to their equal.

    2. Thoroughly know their challenges and what solutions your service/product provides. If you can't relate to their "world" then they will not let you in. They are proud of their "world" because they made it so.

    3. Be friendly with all those that surround them. Administrative secretary, receptionist, any of their gatekeepers. Yes, they will report about you on your behavior.

    4. The higher the ladder you go, the more likely they will be a visionary. This means they are more concerned about the future and will talk and think in those terms. Visionaries are not price sensitive so don't even place that on your radar screen with them. Know what their visions are, support those visions in any way you can. If you have a product or service that can make their business better, you will have a sale. Remember though, it's their perspective of "better" and not yours.

    5. The higher you go, the more they expect in great service and additional services outside the scope of what you provide to everyone else.

    6. ALWAYS keep your promises before and after the sale and they will keep the relationship. Break it once, yes, usually just once and you're history.

    7. Don't brown nose. They smell it a mile away. They will either quickly turn you away or play you for entertainment and then toss you away. Once you get this label you can almost hang it up in their circle unless you fess up to your inappropriate behavior.

    8. They don't have the word "mistake" in their vocabulary. Everything to them is a "learning lesson" and is connected to a price tag. If you are even harboring some person beliefs of making mistakes, they will sense this as fear. And since fear has a special energy/vibration they have keen senses for it.

    9. Their first response to your proposal will always be "how can they do it in house themselves." Expect to be able to demonstrate the specialness and if you can particular show how it can be completed in-house, the more brownie points you earn. The higher your expertise or specialties the less chance they can "create it in-house." This is because higher paying clients tend to gravitate to specialists.

    10. The higher the clientele, the better their leveraging skills are. If they can figure out how to leverage it better and cheaper, you will lose. This isn't always true, most times if they have too much on their plate already and don't want to spend their focus time away AND they like you, you can get the sale.

    11. "No" is a test. Don't take anything for granted. Flexibility and diversity are important in riding out the storm.

    12. Find clients to whom your work is not only valuable, but essential to their goals.

    13. Know your worth and stand by it.

    14. Remove the "underearner" mindset behind.

    15. Make it easy for them to work with you. Remove any hoops or extra steps that take up their time.

    16. Decide in advance what you're going to do if they don't accept your higher fee.

    17. Presentation level needs to be on their level or perceived to be there.

    18. Rely more on referrals for this market.

    19. Be confident and know you can attract them. Feel and allow the possibility without question -- 100%. Remove any doubt.

    Catherine Franz, is a certified life and business coach specializing in marketing and writing, Internet and infoproduct development. For other articles written by Catherine. For a list of ezines available, please click here:

    Today's Subscriber Article

    The Insider's Guide To Underground Advertising
    Sandra Neely

    Just a couple of months ago, I decided I would try to figure out what this whole MySpace thing was about. I was hearing the name "MySpace" more and more on television, the radio, and virtually everywhere.

    I began to realize that I needed to check into MySpace and explore the unique opportunities that MySpace offers. I wanted to know a few things. First, I wanted to know who was using MySpace? What were people doing with MySpace and how could it benefit someone like me, a webmaster and business owner?

    I assumed that MySpace was being utilized as sort of a teen dating type of place where teens got together, chatted, met other teens, and things like that. All of the advertising of MySpace had seemed to me to have been directed at young audiences. I created a profile and was on my way to researching this latest phenomeona.

    At first, it seemed my initial assumption was correct. There were indeed a lot of teens utilizing MySpace. After awhile I noticed that the users of MySpace weren't all teenagers. There were a number of independent label bands there to promote their music, business owners, webmasters, artists, web designers, and young entrepreneurs to name just a few. They were promoting themselves, their businesses, their talents, and anything else they could.

    MySpace offered the unique opportunity for anyone to create a simple webpage, build membership by adding mass amounts of friends, get spidered quickly, and advertise through the use of bulletin postings to their friend base. I was blown away by the possibilities. I then wondered, how many of the other "beautiful people" profiles were actually beautiful people, and how many were actually creating these profiles for another purpose.

    Used in the right way, MySpace can be a very useful tool in advertising of any kind. You can quickly get a profile up and running with only an email address needed. It helps if you use a picture of some type in your profile. Some choose to use a revealing picture or just a great looking "spokesmodel" for their profile. Having a picture on your profile will greatly increase your ability to add friends.

    Another way to improve your ability to add friends is a great looking profile. This is just a matter of finding or creating a great layout, generating the html code and pasting the code in the "about me" section of your profile. There are many MySpace resource sites out there which make this process super-easy.

    The one I suggest is A lot of the MySpace resource sites are covered with pop up ads and flashy advertising. offers some great ready-made MySpace layouts, generators, codes, videos, led scrolling signs and a lot more. They're the largest MySpace resource site I've found and it seems as though they keep rolling out new features all the time.

    After you "pimp your profile" as they call it, now it's time to gather friends. You can achieve this any number of ways. If you want to target "friends" in a particular area or demographic, simply utilize the search feature on MySpace and enter the criteria that you're looking for. Then you simply visit their profile and click on Add Friend. An email will be sent to that person and they will either accept you as their "friend" or deny you. Chances are if you have a picture and a nice looking profile, most people will add you because they too like to collect friends.

    Another way to increase your friends on your profile is to become a featured profile on a high traffic MySpace related site. Again, offers featured profiles on their front page and a profile train which you can join for free. Usually a featured profile will get you more friend adds than simply joining a friend train but every little bit helps.

    After you accumulate a fair amount of friends you can do a few more things to promote your website, band, talent, or business. After you become someone's "friend" you are able to post comments on their pages. Most will even allow you to include live links in your comment on their page. It's helpful if you include some type of personal message about that person or their profile above the link. You can also send a message or an email directly to any person on MySpace, however I find this method to be the least effective for advertising/promotion. It's a good way, however, to network with other people with the same interests as yourself.

    One last, and very effective way to promote or advertise is through the use of bulletin posts. Bulletin posts are messages/ advertisements that are sent out to everyone on your friends list. They are not considered spam because these people have agreed to be your friend and accept everything that goes along with that. Allowing bulletin posts and comments go along with being a "friend". You'll need to think of a catchy title for your bulletin post in order to increase the likelihood of it actually being read. It's a good idea to view other people's postings to get an idea of what kinds of things get your attention. Beware however that if you bulletin too often or use the same title every time, you may be deleted from some people's friends lists thereby undoing some of the hardwork that you did.

    MySpace, it seems, is around to stay. It is a great way to promote yourself, your business, your cause, your dog, or whatever it is that you want to get out there. Don't overlook this easy tool in your quest for advertising and promotion. Big name companies, celebrities, models, actors and lots of others have recognized what an important tool MySpace can be, you should too.

    Sandra Neely is a writer, business owner and frequent contributor to many websites. She invites everyone to keep an open mind when exploring sites like Friendstorm there are numerous opportunities in underground marketing.

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