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Issues 2003 - Pathway To Success
Volume 3, Issues #1-28, 2003

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'Pathway To Success'
Volume 3, Issues #1-28, 2003
Publisher Irena Whitfield

All of us have bad luck and good luck. The man who persists through the bad luck -- who keeps right on going -- is the man who is there when the good luck comes -- and is ready to receive it. Robert Collier

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Issue #28, 31st December 2003

Feature Article

New Year's Resolutions
Irena Whitfield

2003 is almost gone and we are standing on the doorstep of the new year - 2004. Many people start with New Year's resolutions and most think that it's something everyone should do - decide on a resolution for the new year on 31st December and forget it on 1st January. And yet others think they should start a completely new life.

If you expect my piece of advice on any of the above I am going to ... Read more

Issue #27, 21st December 2003

Feature Article

Why Am I Afraid to Sell?
Elena Fawkner

Relationship marketing. It's the backbone of a successful online business. Fail to forge online relationships and your business will suffer. Simple enough concept, right? But what does "relationship marketing" really mean? Simply put, it refers to the principle that, in order to be successful in business, especially online since it's such an anonymous medium, you need to establish a relationship of trust with your site visitors and ezine readers before you can expect them to do business with you. It requires a commitment to ... Read More

Motivational Reading

Top 5 Tips For An Enjoyable Christmas
Wendy Hearn

Christmas is a time when we want to experience love, joy and peace, but for many people it's an extremely difficult and stressful time. On the one hand, you look forward to enjoying Christmas and on the other hand, you dread what it's really going to be like.

However, Christmas can be enjoyable ... Read more

Subscribers' Corner

3 Under-Used Traffic Generators!
Larry Dotson

1) Viral Communities

Create your own chat room. Allow other related web sites that don't have a chat room to link to yours. They'll get use of a free chat room and you'll ... Read more

Issue #26, 7th December 2003

Feature Article

10 Important Marketing Tips
Bob Leduc

Each of the following Ten Marketing Tips is based on a highly effective - but often overlooked marketing tactic. How many are you using? How many have you overlooked? ... Read More

Motivational Reading

Stress, Fear & Creating a Career/Life You Can Love
Hershey Wier, MBA

There is great ongoing interest in the subject of stress. In my work helping people create new career and life paths, stress is the very first issue we embark upon in many cases. It is a huge problem that is overlooked by too many workplaces, as well as individuals.

The World Health Organization has deemed job stress ... Read more

Subscribers' Corner

How To Save Your Money From a Marketing 'Guru' Loser - Part 1
Patric Chan

Iíll bet you can't tell me who the Ďrealí Internet marketing gurus are nowadays. There are many so called successful Internet marketing gurus that are actually 'losers'.

Let me share a short true story with you.

Throughout my experience ... Read more

Issue #25, 23rd November 2003

Feature Article

Email Your Brain To Tomorrow
Judith Tramayne-Barth

What is the first thing you do each morning? No, smart aleck, I mean AFTER you hit your computer's on button. I'll bet you connect to the Internet and check your email. If you don't, you have way too much self discipline and maybe you should consider therapy. For those of you who HAVE to have your morning fix -- reading email while you sip your java, tea or mineral spring water -- this little hint is going to make your day. Or, to be more exact, make your night. ... Read More

Motivational Reading

Your 12 Point Plan for Personal Success
Stephan Iscoe

No one becomes successful by accident. Success requires making a plan and sticking to it. It is simple, but does require commitment; it is not hard to do, but does require hard work. The good news is that once you begin, the results start coming almost instantly. The miracle of successful living is that the smallest step towards success attracts more success! Here is a very brief outline of the key points that will help you achieve the highest levels of success. ... Read more

Subscribers' Corner

Gourmet Taste With a Mickey Mouse Wallet?
Bill Vannot

It certainly isn't cheap. Run of the mill Steak Dinners aren't cheap, either.

Fine dining is something we associate with people who like to travel in style. They really can appreciate the difference between a dinner in a 5 Star Hotel and a neighborhood diner.

It isn't unusual to pay a day's wages ... Read more

Issue #24, 9th November 2003

Feature Article

12 Steps to Creating an Ezine
Les Goss

Now that youíve decided to create your own ezine, whatís the best way to begin? Here are 12 steps that have proven useful to many people just starting out. #1 Create a list of topics These can come from many sources. Here are a few ideas to get you started. ... Read More

Motivational Reading

The Secret to a Successful Life
Ruben Gonzalez, Three Time Olympian

The whole secret to a successful life is to find out what it is your destiny to do, and then do it. - Henry Ford

But how do you find out what your destiny or purpose in life is? Read on...

Iím going to share a sad fact with you: ... Read more

Subscribers' Corner

The Old Secret of Turning Buyers into Customers
Valerian Dinca

If you want to increase your sales revenue from your site, you must start by increasing your number of visitors. There is no secret here, every businessman knows that. The big problem comes when you want to turn visitors into buyers. This is the real performance, this is the way you make money.

If you are looking around for a hint, ... Read more

Issue #23, 26th October 2003

Feature Article

The Top Seven Mistakes eBook Authors Make
Jim Edwards and David Garfinkel

eBooks are the hottest thing going on the Web right now!

Authors with the entrepreneurial instinct are making anywhere from a few hundred to tens of thousands of dollars per month - that's right, per month - by selling ebooks online.

Why are some authors doing so much better than others? ... Read More

Motivational Reading

An Average Person
Brian Tracy

A tremendous god-given talent? Inherited wealth? A decade of postgraduate education? Connections with the top people in your field?

Fortunately for most of us, what it takes is something very simple and accessible: ... Read more

Subscribers' Corner

Have You Ever Been to Nantucket?
Pamela Geiss

I don't know if you remember the television show "Wings" or not. It was a cute comedy show whose reruns are now being shown on the Nick at Nite Network about two brothers who ran a small plane service on the island of Nantucket.

Anyway, the other night ... Read more

Issue #22, 12th October 2003

Feature Article

Your Online Business Has Been up & Running for Two Months & Still Isn't Turning a Profit ~ What Could Be Wrong?
Alice Seba

Many people decide to start a home-based business in times of economic need. This is not likely the best time to plunge into the world of entrepreneurship. ... Read More

Motivational Reading

3 Positive Steps for Destroying Fear, Building Confidence & Big Profits!
Doug West

Many would-be entrepreneurs never get ahead with their biz plans or ideas because of the big Fear Factor! They'd really like to make some project click, but too many negative thoughts and ideas hold them back. They worry about ... Read more

Subscribers' Corner

Are You the Next Oprah Or Bill Gates?
A 10-Minute Self-Test

Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler

Could you be the next Oprah, Bill Gates -- or the next huge internet success story? Take this 10-minute self- test to discover if youíre a natural CEO, or have John F. Kennedy, Bill Gates, or Oprah-type leadership skills. ... Read more

Special Issue #3, 5th October 2003

Feature Article

5 Basic Tips How To Handle Competition to Your Advantage
Irena Whitfield

Today's business environment is tough and highly competitive. The customer becomes more sophisticated, wants more for their hard-earned money and companies getting more and more sophisticated struggle for more sales using all available means.

It's getting more difficult to succeed without ... Read More

Issue #20, 21st September 2003

Feature Article

The Power of Psychological Triggers...
How to Trigger a Successful Sale Through the Power of Psychological Triggers

Joseph Sugarman

A desire to buy something often involves a subconscious decision. In fact, I claim that 95% of buying decisions are indeed subconscious.

Knowing the subconscious reasons why people buy, and using this information in a fair and constructive way, will trigger greater sales response -- often far beyond what you could imagine. ... Read More

Motivational Reading

The first principle of success...
Robert Collier

The first principle of success is desire -- knowing what you want. Desire is the planting of your seed. ... Read more

Subscribers' Corner

Choices And Attitudes
Ken Darby

Jerry is the manager of a restaurant in America. He is always in a good mood and always has something positive to say. When someone would ask him how he was doing, he would always reply, "If I were any better, I would be twins!" ... Read more

Issue #19, 7th September 2003

Feature Article

5 Powerful Article Writing Tips
Terri Seymour

Writing articles is one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful methods of building your reputation and your online business. Not only do you get unlimited exposure, but it is free as well!

If your article is well-written, you will probably get listed on numerous websites as well as in several ezines. This will establish you ... Read More

Motivational Reading

by Og Mandino

  • If I feel depressed I will sing.

  • If I feel sad

  • ... Read more

    Subscribers' Corner

    How To Build a ClickThru Marketing Web-Page Guaranteed To Pull In Tons of Folks
    by David Hallum

    The biggest mistake and the reason most people fail at clickthru marketing is that they just pop in their affiliate link and start sending folks to their affiliate website.

    This is a very big mistake, the one thing you should keep in mind when using click-thru marketing is that ... Read more

    Issue #18, 24th August 2003

    Feature Article

    The Seven Secrets of Extremely Prosperous People
    Robert G. Allen

    Letís talk about the seven secrets of extremely prosperous people. I call them secrets not because very few of us are aware of them, but because very few of us practice them. The secrets are, in reality, skills.... essential money skills that all wealthy people practice. I believe that if you learn these skills, wealth can also flow into your life. ... multiple streams of increasing prosperity. That'd be nice, wouldn't it? ... Read More

    Motivational Reading

    Personal Quiz
    by Jeffrey Gitomer

    Wanna know the secret? Before you can build wealth, first build a wealth of knowledge.

    Rate yourself INDIVIDUALLY (10 being the best) for each of these questions: ... Read more

    Subscribers' Corner

    Choosing a Winning Business Idea
    by Jennifer Tripp

    You've probably heard it a hundred times by now - if you want to make alot of money with an online business you have to offer your own product or service. Well, make that a hundred and one times...

    It's true. Although affiliate programs are a great way to add additional streams of income, the best money maker is still a unique product or service that you control. That way you earn all of the money instead of only 10% - 40%.

    Here are six tips to help you ... Read more

    Issue #17, 10th August 2003

    Feature Article

    13 Best Marketing Tips for Small Businesses
    Jeffrey Dobkin

    I've been involved in marketing and direct marketing since my God! Am I that old already? Anyhow, over the years I've been asked to give tips on marketing along with my specific advice. Here's a short list of some of my best tips.

    1. The most valuable tool in marketing at the lowest cost is a letter. In fact, the most valuable tool in marketing at any cost is a letter. Write one business-getting letter every day. ... Read More

    Motivational Reading

    >> The 8 Myths About Creating Wealth
    by Nikola Grubisa

    You have probably read or heard about various myths (these are the truths that are valid only for certain cases, but not in general) surrounding wealth and wealthy people, all of which hinder your quest for financial independence. Here are the most common and most destructive:

    Myth No. 1: How much you earn depends on how hard you work

    If this were true, then ... Read more

    Subscribers' Corner

    Prepare... And Then Expect The Unexpected!
    by Charles Lalonde

    I realize this title may fly in the face of the philosophies of some Internet business consultants and coaches. However, after years of developing many in-depth personal and business plans for others, this truth has been clearly established.

    Let me explain with an incredible real-life example that I was able to watch unfold. In the early 1970s, I was introduced to Henry Smolanski through the Mechanics Illustrated magazine. Henry was the inventor and designer of the flying car ... Read more

    Issue #16, 27th July 2003

    Feature Article

    Reach or Frequency? ... Which Adds More $$ to Your Bottom Line? How would you spend $10,000?
    by Kris Mills

    Let us say that you have been given a budget of $10,000 (not including creative costs) to sell a new $800 product or service via direct mail to a relatively cold list. You know that once a new client comes on board they will usually spend another $2,000 with you over the next 2 years.

    You have a list of 10,000 names and for the purposes of this exercise, lets say that your campaign costs work out to be around $1 each including postage.

    How would you spend that $10,000? ... Read More

    Motivational Reading

    Energy of life
    by Ralph Marston

    It is in all that you see and hear, all that you touch and taste. Can you feel the profound and unparalleled energy of life as it fills your every moment? It comes to you not at your bidding, nor does it cease to come when you ignore it. It simply comes, rich and lush and ready to be lived as much as you will. ... Read more

    Subscribers' Corner

    The Importance of Budgeting
    Tag: Got a great product people should know about? How will they ever know if you have not properly budgeted for its successful promotion?

    by Kenny Love

    Until recently, I served the Music industry as a record promoter and media publicist. After having begun my own music career as a recording artist and successfully self-marketing my first recording, I realized that there must, literally, be tons of musicians who could utilize my skills. And, I was correct...there were.

    Unfortunately, I also quickly realized that very few of these "tons of artists" had absolutely any clue about business ... Read more

    Issue #15, 13th july 2003

    Feature Article

    Why Your E-Newsletter Doesnít Deliver Like You Hoped
    by Jessica Albon

    You've heard the pitch--marketing newsletters are supposed to attract customers. They're sworn to build customer loyalty. And, the rumor is, they'll help you increase profits. All that...and they are incredibly cheap to produce.

    But what if your newsletter's falling short of its potential? ... Read More

    Motivational Reading

    Thinking Rich
    by Rick Solano

    What a wonderful sounding word. If you think rich, then you will be rich. If you think success, you will become successful. Along with thinking rich you should think power. Your power is your ability to control your mind and body. Your every action should command the attention of the world. Become a person of action instead of reacting to the comments and actions of others.

    Never tell people how ... Read more

    Subscribers' Corner

    Change Is Threatening Your Business
    By Bob Leduc

    You cannot grow a business today by simply repeating what you did successfully in the past ...or even recently.

    Clever competitors and new technology are producing changes that will reduce the effectiveness of your current marketing efforts. These 3 strategies enable you to overcome this threat - and continue to grow your business: ... Read more

    Special Issue #2, 6th July 2003

    Feature Article

    Not Enough Money?
    7 Golden Rules to a Financial Prosperity

    by Irena Whitfield

    Happy Independence Day, Great Weekend Celebrations and Welcome to our 2nd Special Issue this year!

    Most of the recent requests for help have one item in common and it is a complaint about the lack of money.

    I believe that most people haven't got enough money for everything they wish to have - the more you have the bigger your plans, and you have a feeling that you have less and less money.

    Whether you have lots of money or just so-so, you need to economize and take proper care of your money ie your income, expenditures, savings and investments.

    Below I give you 7 Golden Rules to a Financial Prosperity:

    1) Always have several streams of income: never rely on one income from one source only. ... Read More

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