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Issues 2007 - Pathway To Success
Volume 7, Issues #1-26, 2007

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'Pathway To Success'
Volume 7, Issues #1-26, 2007
Publisher Irena Whitfield
Published since 2000 to 138,500 Subscribers in 98 countries

Change can either challenge or threaten us... Your beliefs pave your way to success or block you. Marsha Sinetar

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Issue #26, 30th Dec 2007 Click here!

Feature Article

Great In 208: 8 Tips For A Successful 2008
Kerri Pollard, General Manager of Commission Junction

For many people, a new year provides an opportunity for reflection and a chance to start a fresh page in their lives. The same holds true in business as companies roll over to a new set of goals. How can you take advantage of the brief lull between the holiday frenzy and the upcoming seasonal promotions? For those of you who didn't just answer "Take a vacation," here are 8 practical tips that will help you put your best foot forward in '08. ... Read more

Motivational Reading

Find Happiness By Thinking Find Happiness
Miami Phillips

To find happiness is a goal many of us strive for in our daily lives.

Yoda said "Do. Or do not."

This is one of my favorite quotes of all time. Actually, the quote is "Try not. Do or do not. There is no try."

Whoever wrote these words Yoda uses made a very powerful statement that directly applies to happiness. ... Read more

Subscriber Article

10 Keys That Every Home Based Business Owner Should Implement For Success
Tyrone Lomman

1) Attitude--

One very important factor in running a business is your attitude towards it. You should treat your business like a business.

This is very important whether you work your business full-time, or part-time. A very close friend of mine, who is also a colleague, is a mother of 4 who works her home business around her family. In this case, she has put her family first, and at the same time, still been able to develop her business.She works part-time, but she has a full-time attitude. To put it another way, if you have a lacking attitude, you'll have a lacking income. However, if you have a business attitude, you'll have a business income.

Keeping your attitude in mind while running your business is one of the first steps to ensuring your success. ... Read more

Issue #25, 16th Dec 2007 Click here!

Feature Article

Tough Money Decisions
Irena Whitfield

As soon as you decide to start a business of your own, you should realize that all financial decisions are in your hands and the related consequences as well.

You must become a quality manager in the first place, if you want to succeed and make your business profitable and stable long-term.

A manager refers to a person (or persons in a large company) who is in charge for operating a business and for measuring up to the profitability and liquidity goals. ... Read more

Motivational Reading

Adversity Builds Character
(But I Prefer the View from the Top)

Donald J. Trump

The issue of Inside Trump Tower that you will receive in two weeks will be the 100th issue! As always, it will be packed with good advice - and for that issue, a choice selection of a few popular articles from the past. To start that process today, we are proud to reprint this great article by the Chairman Donald J. Trump that first appeared on the Trump Blog in June 2005. ... Read more

Subscriber Article

4 Simple Last-Minute Tactics to Maximize Holiday Sales!
Derek Gehl

We are now in the heat of holiday shopping and NOW is the perfect opportunity to apply some last-minute holiday marketing tactics to capitalize on the buying frenzy!

Don't procrastinate because time is running out...

As an online business, you only have a few weeks left before sales will drop off and the last minute shoppers turn to traditional retail stores in order to avoid expensive last-minute shipping! ... Read more

Issue #24, 2nd Dec 2007 Click here!

Feature Article

Ten Top Reasons Why Authors Need a Web Site
Judy Cullins

If you have your own web site for your informational products, you will get to keep all of the money after expenses--always a great advantage, and you will be seen as a market leader in your field. Here are 10 reasons you need a web site. ... Read more

Motivational Reading

How To Improve Your Spending Habits
Shawn Wiederin

Impulse spending is a result of you and your family believing you need something or your family having easy access to money. Money that can be easily accessed by using a credit card or via your checking account. These are methods of payment that should be avoided. Impulse spending is also caused by lack of financial planning. People spend too much because they don't make a list (plan for) of items that they need to purchase at a store. ... Read more

Subscriber Article

TOP 5 Reasons WHY Affiliate Marketing Is The Quickest Way To Get Started Online
Cory Threlfall

Looking to start a home based business online for some extra $Cash$ and are looking for ideas on How-To get started as quickly as possible with as little or NO start up costs?

Well... let me share with you my idea on how 'Anyone' can get started online within the next 24 hours without a website or product of their own.

Are you ready? ... Read more

Issue #23, 18th Nov 2007 Click here!

Feature Article

3 Strategies for Promoting Affilate Products with Blogs
Robert Phillips

There are many ways to make money with a blog. One of the most effective, low-cost and low-risk methods is affiliate marketing. Just add your affiliate link to your blog and watch your sales grow along with your blog traffic.

Although you can promote both physical and digital products, the latter typically pay more commissions and are easier to sell. Here are a few ways you can make $500 - $2,000 in sales of affiliate products monthly from your blog. It all depends on how much effort you invest. ... Read more

Motivational Reading

Empowerment Checklist
Jim Cathcart, CSP, CPAE

Here are eight words, which conveniently all start with a "t", to use as a checklist for determining how to empower or motivate someone. Simply identify the person you would like to empower and then ask the eight questions to determine what kind of empowerment would be the most effective. ... Read more

Subscriber Article

Social Bookmarking Sites For Easy Traffic
Jim Sansi

Some of the hottest sites on the 'net these days are the social bookmarking sites... they are without a doubt all the rage. The good news is that these sites can just as easily be used to gain some amounts of immediate traffic to your web sites as well.

In this article we are going to quickly cover the four most popular social bookmarking sites ... Read more

Issue #22, 4th Nov 2007 Click here!

Feature Article

7 Key Marketing Strategies & Marketing Tips to Help Your Business Thrive
Joel Sussman

How do you grab people's attention, arouse their interest, trigger their desire, and motivate them to take action? Answer that four-part question correctly and you've identified the secret to achieving tremendous sales and marketing success in your chosen business or field. To complicate matters, however, the potential answers are as numerous and multi-faceted as the growing number of niche markets, products and services, and marketing trends in our culture. ... Read more

Motivational Reading

Achieving Emotional Control
Kapwom Dingis

There was a time in the good old days when people thought that a person's IQ was what determined how successful in life they would be. Those were the days when the whole idea of IQ and IQ tests were new and we all thought that a person's Intelligence Quotient told us how well they would do in school and in life. ... Read more

Subscriber Article

Top 7 Niches To Invest In For Future Prosperity
Christopher M. Knight

Every business niche has a cycle it goes through, which starts at "Start-up, and goes on through "High Growth", "Maturity", and "Death". Obviously, the best place to invest depends on your comfort factor and investment goals. Because I like to invest in the startup phase of business, which is the highest risk area, the following list are areas that are either in start up/high growth phase, or will be soon ... Read more

Issue #21, 21st Oct 2007 Click here!

Feature Article

10 Cool Ways To Attract People To Your Web Site
Richard DeNoyer

1. Give people a free subscription to your e-zine. Almost everyone is publishing a e-zine nowadays so it's important to give something extra with the free subscription. You could offer a free gift or advertising when people subscribe.

2. Provide your visitors with free content. Your content will be more attractive to your visitors if it's up-to-date or original. You could also offer people the option to reprint the content in their e-zine or web site. ... Read more

Motivational Reading

Mind Your Self-Talk
Irena Whitfield

While your Inner Critic acts as a pre-recorded tape of pessimism, Self-Talk is the internal dialogue that brings positive results.

Along with your Inner Critic, Self-Talk is a constant, running dialogue in your conscious and unconscious mind that can be self-limiting unless you become aware of it and use it to empower you. Negative Self-Talk can come from inside of you or from the outside world and the given circumstances. We are the results of how we see ourselves, how we communicate with ourselves, and how we have been programmed. Be aware of who and what is programming your brain. Surround yourself with people who validate your beliefs and encourage your ideas, so that they can help you reach your positive outcomes. If we allow others to make our decisions for us, we become voluntary slaves. ... Read more

Subscriber Article

3 Smoking Tips for Article Marketing Success
Samuel Spoldir

Everyone wants more website traffic and yet nobody wants to work for it, instead clinging to the belief there is some sort of whiz-bang magic button that is going to bring in traffic with a single push. There is however one simple, easy method that consistently works to drive laser targeted traffic in droves; writing and submitting articles.

The problem with most article marketing is people typically get lured into bad habits when it comes to executing a campaign... Let's break the process down and take a look at the three simple steps that practically guarantee success ... Read more

Issue #20, 7th Oct 2007 Click here!

Feature Article

Affiliate Prescription: How to Prevent Sudden Earnings Collapse
Rosalind Gardner

What would you do if your affiliate earnings suddenly dropped from $50,000 per month to $2,000 per month; or from $2,000 per month to absolutely no income at all?

How would you pay your super-sized mortgage and auto loans?

Never mind trivial items like shelter and transportation, who's going to pay the groceries? Your mother-in-law? Forget it. She always knew you should get a 'real job' and now she's going to lord it all over you.

Don't think that such catastrophes can't or don't happen.

They can and they do. ... Read more

Motivational Reading

Do You Think Motivational Thoughts?
Steve Gillman

What do motivational thoughts do? They help you take action. This isn't about positive thinking or motivating quotes. Those have their place in shaping your attitude and thinking. However, what motivates each of us is unique, so you need to have your own thoughts - those which are most effective at getting you going.

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity - Albert Einstein

This is a decent quote, and it may help you look at the positive side of a situation, but what if it just doesn't get you excited? Then you need to apply a little brainpower to make the idea your own. You have to make it a truly motivational thought for YOU. ... Read more

Subscriber Article

6 Tips for Online Affiliate Marketing
William McRand

So, you are thinking about marketing online, good idea. The easiest and most profitable way to start is Affiliate Programs. If you are willing to put a good bit of easy work into affiliate programs you can make a comfortable living. You will not need a college degree or anything like that. All you need is a willing mind. The main road to success are focused dedication and a lot of enthusiasm.. ... Read more

Issue #19, 23rd Sept 2007 Click here!

Feature Article

Top 10 Excuses Why Marketing Is Not For You
Veronika Noize

As a marketing coach, I've probably heard every excuse in the book why people can't market their businesses. You wouldn't believe some of the whoppers people tell when they're trying to justify their failure to attract clients.

Now don't get me wrong; it's not that failing to attract clients makes one a bad person. Not at all. It's just that when I hear the following excuses I feel compelled to call 'em as I see 'em: Baloney!

If you have the mistaken notion that any of these lame excuses are the reason that your business isn't successful, get a clue. These are just EXCUSES for people who fail, not reasons not to succeed (a subtle, yet important, difference). ... Read more

Motivational Reading

What I Know About People
Dr. John C. Maxwell

One of the things that characterized the leadership of Mary Kay Ash, and contributed greatly to her success, was the fact that she valued the individual worth of people. This concept wasn't just a corporate slogan for the cosmetics company that bears her name; it was the way she lived her life.

This remarkable lady started her company as a way to provide women with an unlimited opportunity for personal and financial success. Why did she have that goal? Because she valued people. To her, everybody was somebody. And in the end, that's what made her a success. Thinking about this philosophy that was so much a part of Mary Kay's life brought to mind a few truths that I have discovered about people over the years. Here are five key principles that will help you understand the people you lead and help you lead them more effectively. ... Read more

Subscriber Article

20 Ad Copywriting Tips For a Better Response
Eva Browne-Paterson

Before putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, and writing ad copy for your next promotion, you should read and consider these helpful copywriting tips. They're designed to give you more insight into your customer's mind and write copy that will generate a better response. ... Read more

Issue #18, 9th Sept 2007 Click here!

Feature Article

Suicide in Cyberspace - Your Outward Links Can Kill Your Rankings
Ben Kemp

Link building strategies have, for most people for a long time, revolved around reciprocal link exchanges. Whilst most people understand that links are important, they generally don't understand why this is so. In a nutshell, a link to your site has traditionally been accepted by Search Engines as a vote for your site. A link from a topic or theme-related site to yours is better than a link from a site having a completely different topic. An important site link to yours carries more weight - for example from The Open Directory, or Yahoo Directory. All pretty straightforward... ... Read more

Motivational Reading

Achieve Success the Easy Way!
Irena Whitfield

Not everyone achieves success: it is just a plain, sad truth of life. There are winners and losers in this world, and even though generally, everyone can become successful, it simply doesn't happen. Why?

Most people want to be in the group of winners but unfortunately many remain where they stand. As you know well, being successful means to stand above the others around you or to know more that the one next to you or simply excel in something. ... Read more

Subscriber Article

Explode Your Business With Viral Marketing!
Justin Blake


This is one virtue a site must possess to lead the race in the ruthless competition in the Internet based business. With so much competition and rivalry going on, every method of marketing must be employed and utilized.

It doesn’t matter if you have a killer product or a fantastically designed website, if people don’t know that you exist, it doesn’t matter, and you are not going to make it big. Worst of all, you business could just get killed. ... Read more

Issue #17, 26th Aug 2007 Click here!

Feature Article

How To Find The Right Info for Success
Irena Whitfield

More and more people seeking online incomes experience problems with losing money on products that do not help them solve their situation. These people feel they buy hype and that the whole Internet is a big scam and they end up frustrated and in an attempt to want others they spread false guides and advice on how to recognize scam and hype.

And in fact, the solution is quite easy.

No one can deny the fact that there are millions of products with thousands of new ones launching every day. Many of them are great and their authors can really help their audience.

And that's where the catch is ... Read more

Motivational Reading

You Are Only 3 Steps Away from Your BIG Dream
Dr.Jill Ammon-Wexler

It's said less than 3 percent of the people in the world come close to achieving their true potential. I personally suspect even that estimate is high.

Why do the other 97 percent settle for so much less?

It is because they do not allow themselves to even imagine what could be possible in their lives let alone pursue it. And if you can't imagine it, you'll never create it.

Here's where it all starts... ... Read more

Subscriber Article

Today's Question For "Ask Mike!": How To Motivate A Downline.
Mike Dillard

Q: Mike, I have no problem with introducing my daily consumable products to people and having repeat product ordering. We have a system in place to make this simple. Everyone loves the products!

Most of those who come on board for the business, no matter how much support I and my upline give, give up! If they're not making a living in 12months... they're over it! I have tried in various ways to encourage them, however, duplicating myself just doesn't happen. Why? ... Read more

Issue #16, 12th Aug 2007 Click here!

Feature Article

Michael Cheney Talks Traffic
Interview With A Traffic Expert

Michael Cheney, one of the most-respected names in Internet marketing, has been online since 1995 and is the man behind the 6-Figure launches of AdSense Videos and 11 Days To List Profits. He has unveiled a new videos product Michael's Traffic Videos" which covers everything to do with traffic and comes with 100,000 instant ad credits and a tailored Fast-Track To Traffic Action Plan.

We managed to grab some time with him recently and quiz him on his favorite topic - traffic.

You'll get a lot out of this interview including a killer 40-page E-book on traffic that Michael has written to help you avoid the Top 20 Traffic Disasters! ... Read more

Motivational Reading

The Right Motivation
Irena Whitfield

Every day more and more new people come to the Net and receive an easy piece of advice: find a niche, develop a passion and make millions.

Even though it looks like a complete nonsense and hype, in its pure nature it is true BUT it's not that simple...

In fact, there is a secret ... Read more

Subscriber Article

How To Instantly Sell 65% More Of Your Products Or Services Adding language translation software to your website can instantly increase sales of your products and services worldwide
Kenny Love

Even though language translation software has been available for several years now, few website owners are using it. Learn more... ... Read more

Issue #15, 29th July 2007 Click here!

Feature Article

5 Easy Landing Page Success Tips
Irena Whitfield

Landing page is also known as a squeeze page or a lead capture page, ie the page your visitor sees the first when they come to your site.

You can build your mailing list by funneling all of your would-be subscribers through the creation of a landing page. The advantage is that you do the work just once, and your traffic driving efforts can be focused onto just one effective method.

The following are tips to create a successful landing page that converts visitors into subscribers on a high percentage. ... Read more

Motivational Reading

How to Have a Great Life
David A. Bush

What does it really take to have a great life? Some say all you need is a positive attitude. Some say you have to say and think the correct way. While others say you have to take the right actions consistently. But who’s right? Let’s find out. ... Read more

Subscriber Article

Writing Web Copy That's Easy to Scan
Dan Wilson

It's easy to hold some romantic notion that someone's going to brew up a mug of coffee, curl up with her laptop on the couch, and browse your web site for a while. Trust me: that never actually happens (except in commercials). If people are visiting your site, they're there for a reason. As much care and love as we might put into crafting captivating copy, the honest truth is that most visitors won't actually read it. In reality, they'll probably scan it for a second or two to see if it's what they're looking for, and move on if it's not. ... Read more

Issue #14, 15th July 2007 Click here!

Feature Article

How To Create A Video Campaign Concept
Jerry Bader

Have you ever had a good idea, maybe a great idea, only to find that someone else already ready did it? Frustrating. You want to be a success and who doesn't? It's why you do what you do, why you put-up with what you put-up with? But it all gets so frustrating.

As much as you'd like to believe otherwise, there just aren't any secret methods, special potions, or motivational DVDs that are going to make you a success in thirty days, but there are things you can do that will help. Sure working hard helps but working smart is even better. So how do you work smart? ... Read more

Motivational Reading

Daily Motivation Secrets that Really Work
Peter Murphy

Everyday life can be frustrating in today's society. It is becoming more and more difficult for people to find happiness in the world we live in today. But it is important to try to stay positive and obtain daily motivation.

One reason is that it spreads onto others around us. If one person in the workplace is happy and upbeat, it is catching to others. If you are a happy positive person with daily motivation, then maybe the person sitting next to you at work will see it and it will give them, too, a lift. ... Read more

Subscriber Article

Advertising Checklist
Michelle Utter

After being online, in the advertising industry for 5 years now, I have seen and worked with thousands of webmasters. I noticed a trend that seems to still be going strong today: The trend of not really knowing how to appropriately market a website. A good marketing campaign requires more than a toss of an ad in the direction of a marketer, then expecting a huge return.

In fact, if you do that, ... Read more

Issue #13, 1st July 2007 Click here!

Feature Article

Top 3 Mistakes To Avoid In Web Presence
Irena Whitfield

Most of the people online seek complicated secrets and strategies to increase the sales from their website and email, completely overlooking simple mistakes which can improve and literally boost the response of their website and email at once.

The following three mistakes are the killers no 1 reliably destroying proper response of any website and business communication ... Read more

Motivational Reading

7 Ways To Boost Your Self-Confidence Quickly And Easily!
Tim Ryan

Here are 7 quick ways to boost your self-confidence levels quickly and easily. You can use them where-ever you are and in whatever situation you may face. Let's get stuck in straight-away, here they are ... Read more

Subscriber Article

Comparing VoIP Providers
Sharon Housley

For those new to VoIP, it stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol and is a telephone service which enables you to use your broadband connection to make phone calls.

There are many telephone service providers offering VoIP, with many new providers entering the market weekly. So, How do you choose the best service provider for you? ... Read more

Issue #12, 17th June 2007 Click here!

Feature Article

How to Build Genuine SEO Skills that Will Impact Your Online Sales
John Alexander

A beautiful website with no traffic or visibility can’t survive in the business world. But a high ranking website that gets tons of traffic, but where no-one is compelled to make a purchase or take action, won’t work for you either. Think visibility PLUS a solid call to action.

In this article, I am going to outline a few options to help you build genuine SEO skills, but first it is important to think about what search engine marketing means. ... Read more

Motivational Reading

How Much Do You Procrastinate?
Michael Angier

We all do it at least some of the time. We put off doing things we need or want to get done.

How much do YOU procrastinate? Do you think you do it a lot or a little?

Here are 7 ideas that will help you to get more of the right things done. ... Read more

Subscriber Article

A Quiz: Test Your Podcasting Knowledge
Sharon Housley

How much do you know about podcasting? Take the podcast quiz and test your knowledge. ... Read more

Issue #11, 3rd June 2007 Click here!

Feature Article

Forex Trading And Home Business
Irena Whitfield

Forex, ie foreign exchange market has become very popular due to its immense size, liquidity, currencies moving in strong trends plus, an easy online access, relatively low starting capital and a big leverage. BUT it's got its pitfalls...

All this is very attractive to many sorts of investors, speculators and also amateur people, especially online success chasers who imagine easy and fast profits. BUT it has its pitfalls and the Internet hype sellers and scammers make the situation even more dangerous.

Forex has enormous profit potential but ... Read more

Motivational Reading

The Secret Law of Attraction
John Perozzi

Well, it’s not really that much of a secret anymore. Many of the cast members of the movie The Secret have been on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Larry King Live, and Ellen. But what is it really?

There are two ways to look at this. One is the way I first learned it and it goes something like this:

We have all heard about goal setting and how it is a great way to get what you want. To do this you have to become crystal clear about what you want, and the more why’s you can attach to your wants, the stronger your desire to accomplish them. This school of thought says that opportunities are all around you at any given time, and you simply don’t see them because ... Read more

Subscriber Article

7 Tips for Product Enhancement to Increase your Sales
Abe Cherian

Everyone needs to know what business they're in and they need to be able to express that purpose in a few sentences.

Using product enhancement towards helping with your current mission statement, should help determine your business as a leading provider. For ex; if you're a plumber, you're not in the business of plumbing. If you're a carpet cleaner, you're not in the business of carpet cleaning. You're in ... Read more

Issue #10, 20 May 2007 Click here!

Feature Article

The top 10 questions you NEED to ask if your site isn't making any sales
Derek Gehl

Imagine: After weeks of hard work, your website is finally live. You've officially been open for business an entire week. And yet you haven't made any sales.

Don't despair -- we've all been there before. In fact, it's one of the most common problems people ask me to solve for them.

Here's something that'll help ease the pain of turning a "dud" site into one that rakes in the profits: Derek Gehl's surefire "My Website Ain't Making Money!" troubleshooting checklist! ... Read more

Motivational Reading

How To Attract Success in Your Life
Rene Godefroy

Do you find yourself butting your head against the wall of success? Are you caught up in a revolving door going around and around? When you look at where you are in life, do you think you should be further ahead?

Not long ago, I reviewed my goals. If you know me, you might realize that I am a dreamer. I have BIG dreams. But there are days when I, too, am frustrated. I feel like I am spinning my wheels of success in one place. ... Read more

Subscriber Article

Choosing Decent Internet Marketers: Why Most Marketing Gurus Waste Your Time And Money!
Chris Taylor

Visit a website looking for some great internet marketing information to help with your online business. Find what you require, purchase the book or cd and then the barrage of emails start. And the emails aren’t the useful type… here’s another tip on internet marketing which will be in the new improved edition coming out in February… or just thought I would send you this great tip which I have run some stats on and been receiving great results.

Instead, you are bombarded with a steady stream of the newest amazing marketing books on the net that will not ... Read more

Issue #9, 6th May 2007 Click here!

Feature Article

Selling Techniques
Michael Campbell

Is fear of selling keeping you from converting your prospects into buyers? Here are my top 10 techniques for squashing fear and transferring your confidence to create happy lifetime customers.

Selling... probably one of the most feared words in the English language, right up there with public speaking. But if you've ever persuaded someone to see things from your point of view, you're already a salesperson. Here's how to nip the fear of selling in the bud. ... Read more

Motivational Reading

Stop Chasing Success And Let Success Find You
Robert Moment

One of the major problems that many business entrepreneurs have is that instead of following their own goals, ambitions and interests to gain success, they choose to chase after success by working to establish themselves in a hot business market that may not be of any interest to them. Learn why this is wrong. ... Read more

Subscriber Article

Make Yourself Stand Out In The World Of Free Information
Ana Ventura

Take a minute to think about your daily encounters with the media: you wake up to your alarm clock that is tuned into a popular radio station, catch a glimpse of the morning news while you brush your teeth, and it only gets worse from there.

The average person is surrounded by thousands of messages each day, and those are only counting the ones they aren't looking for. In a world where logging onto the Internet anytime someone needs a quick answer for anything is the norm, it's hard to deny that free information is everywhere.

So what does this mean for you, for business? ... Read more

Issue #8, 22nd April 2007 Click here!

Feature Article

How A Stupid Mistake Doubled Conversion Rate
Irena Whitfield

In this Article I want to tell you about a mistake I made reorganizing my site which doubled the conversion rate of my site as a result.

Every business owner closely watches their conversion rate and continuously searches for ways and strategies to increase this magic number - in other words: manage to turn more and more visitors into buyers. ... Read more

Motivational Reading

The Ten Commandments Of Success
Charles M. Schwab

Ten easy principles to adopt and change your life for the better at once. ... Read more

Subscriber Article

Personalized Email Marketing: Benefits and Pitfalls
Al Bredenberg

Thinking about personalizing your email marketing messages? That can help to build relationships with your audience, but keep in mind these cautions. ... Read more

Issue #7, 8th April 2007 Click here!

Feature Article

Top 7 Masterful Marketing Tips
Jen DeTracey

Marketing is essential to growing your business. Here are 7 useful marketing tips that will help you get focused.

1. Avoid the “Splatter Approach” to doing business. You can’t be everything to everyone. Narrow your company focus to marketing to a specific type customer or customer group. This will save you both time and money. ... Read more

Motivational Reading

Top 7 Steps To Turn Any Business Situation Around
Gary Bartlett

This is a simple, systemic process for surfacing and resolving the core issue in any challenging situation.

1. List the issues, concerns, obstacles and problems that make the situation challenging. List as many as possible. ... Read more

Subscriber Article

How Would You Like A 90 Percent Sign-up Rate From Advertisements?
Chris & Ted Morgan

How many times have you sent your advertisements and it seemed like no one was listening. Well, there is a way to increase your response rate by augmenting just two aspects of your advertising strategy. There is a way to make your readers signup and stay in your database like adding glue to your messages.

The trick is ... Read more

Issue #6, 25th March 2007 Click here!

Feature Article

20 Things To Remember For Good Web Copy
Jason Lee Miller

Jason Lee Miller is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business and in this Articles he recommends 20 easy tips to create a great web copy. ... Read more

Motivational Reading

Believe You Can and You Will!
Mike Brescia

What could I and should I be absolutely certain about?, isn't that a great question. I talk a lot about momentum and belief in yourself getting on a positive roll. Because if you believe that you can do something, you often miraculously get some other world ability to do it even if you've never done it before. And if you fall down in your attempt, if you believe that the slip up was nothing more than a delay instead of a denial, then you'll get back up and keep going. Sometimes, if the flame grows bright enough, even the very casual observer can notice a change in someone that switches from lack of belief to out and out passion for success. ... Read more

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10 Things You Should Be Monitoring On Your Website
David Leonhardt

Every business needs to know how it is doing. That's the idea behind exit surveys, customer feedback forms, suggestion boxes and other devices. Without feedback from the customer, monitoring inventory, expenses, revenue and other benchmarks, a business can take a quick slide down a slippery slope, without the owner ever seeing it coming – or being able to stop the slide.

Webmasters also have things they should be monitoring on their websites. Most of these can be classified as traffic related or server performance related. Here is my top ten list. ... Read more

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Why the heck is your website not selling more?
It could be your eyes…

Eric Graham, "The Conversion Doctor"

If you’re anything like most online marketers or website owners, you’ve probably tried every tweak, trick and technique you can think of to get your website to sell more.

Maybe you’ve even had a few successes and actually improved your conversion rates a bit.

Yet deep down inside, you’re positive that your site is capable of so much more.  You just know that with the right changes and improvements you could be converting a ton more visitors into buyers.

But the problem is… ... Read more

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How to Make More Money Fast!
Irena Whitfield

The other day I came across a survey asking people about their earnings online. I was shocked to learn that 98% earn as little as $100 a month!

This figure is very alarming if you realize that sales of books and courses amount to millions and billions of dollars.

In other words: ... Read more

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Secret Marketing Strategies Exposed!
Larry Dotson

The following article includes five secret marketing strategies. The most important thing is to study each marketing strategy with an open mind. The more you understand about any strategy, the more useful and beneficial it will be. A careful reading of these strategies could really make a big difference in your profits. ... Read more

Issue #4, 25th Feb 2007 Click here!

Feature Article

For the Busy Entrepreneur : How to Promote Your Company On-Line, Get Noticed, and Not Get Left Behind!
Dr Kevin Nunley

Everywhere you look on the Net, experts are warning you that things have changed. It may have been OK last year to throw up a simple web site supplying readers with some basic info about your company, but that's not nearly enough for today's World Wide Web. The "brochure" web site just doesn't get it anymore.

To be competitive on the Internet-- and by now you're probably feeling that you MUST!-- you've got to carry out an aggressive online promotional campaign. ... Read more

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Billionaire Shares His Success Secret
Nickolove Lovemore

Bill Bartmann is well qualified to talk about what it takes to be successful. He is a billionaire, about the 25th richest man in the world and has earned the accolade of "Entrepreneur of the Year". However, life for Bill Bartmann started out very differently. ... Read more

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Improve Conversion Rates – Effective Content
Halstatt Pires

Your site is fast and getting traffic, but conversion rates are disappointing. You may have problems with the tone of your content. ... Read more

Issue #3, 11th Feb 2007 Click here!

Feature Article

Top Dirty Linking Tricks
Lee Roberts

Part of achieving top search engine positions is through links from other Web pages. These links can come from people who like your site (natural links), reciprocal linking, directory submissions and a few other ways. ... Read more

Motivational Reading

The Advantage of Goals
Irena Whitfield

I know quite a lot of people who consider to-do lists, goal-setting and similar activities a waste of time. It's no wonder that usually it is people who don't achieve much.

I'd say that there's a direct correlation between the two: if you really wish to achieve anything in your life, if you want to succeed in anything you do, you must know what it is you want. ... Read more

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5 Costly Mistakes That People Make In Starting A Home Based Business
Mal Keenan

Starting a home based business is an exhilarating period in one’s life. There are a lot of concepts that stirs in your mind and you will find yourself in a perpetual state of excitement to bring them to reality.

Here are some of the common mistakes the people who are starting a home based business usually make ... Read more

Issue #2, 28th Jan 2007 Click here!

Feature Article

How Much Do You Plan to Earn In 2007?
Irena Whitfield

Did you ask this question and have your answer for this year? I know it looks a bit too traditional to force you into a new year resolution.

But it's an obvious truth that most people don't rush into changes and into action. They look for 'a reason' so long that they never change and continue along their paths leading to nowhere.

I'm sure you want to be different, ... Read more

Motivational Reading

Grow With Goals
Brandon Iurato

Our road to success begins with a fundamental question: Where are we going? Funny thing is, most of us don't really know. Thinking back to where I began, I am reminded of a popular saying: "most people don't plan to fail, they fail to plan". I became a wandering generality and I wasn't even sure how that happened until many years later.

Having a purpose, or knowing your "why" is the starting point of all achievement. ... Read more

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6 Surefire Ways To Squeeze Maximum Sales From Your Website
Jim Edwards

I would venture to say that not a single website in the world has reached its peak of effectiveness or earnings potential.

No matter the circumstances, every site can better its best.
... Read more

Issue #1, 14th January 2007 Click here!

Feature Article

The 400 Richest Americans Secrets Of The Self-Made
Irena Whitfield

I always love to read about the lives and achievements of the top earners. That's why today I offer you this special article about self-made billionaires. Read the answers, find yours and get some motivation for 2007. ... Read more

Motivational Reading

Quick Goal Setting Tips

6 easy steps to show you how effective the procedure can be!
... Read more

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10 Resourceful Things You Can Do With A Product That Doesn't Sell
David Thompson

These tips will teach you how to make the most profits even from the products that don't sell. ... Read more

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