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Issues 2011 - Pathway To Success
Volume 11, Issues #1-26, 2011

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'Pathway To Success'
Volume 11, Issues #1-26, 27th Dec 2011
Publisher Irena Whitfield
Published since 2000 to 138,500 Subscribers in 98 countries

Change can either challenge or threaten us... Your beliefs pave your way to success or block you. Marsha Sinetar

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Issue #26, 28th Dec 2011 Click here!

Feature Article

Is It Possible to Make a Living off a Roulette?
Irena Whitfield

In spite of the general crisis spreading like a plaque, there are many profit-generating opportunities both available and the ones you yourself create.

However, most people are still seeking opportunities to get rich quickly. Hand in hand with this desire, there are more than double the number of people recommending schemes like this.

One of the most frequent is playing roulette.. ... Read more

Issue #25, 11th Dec 2011 Click here!

Feature Article

Taking Charge of Your Life
Theodore Henderson

Your life belongs to you, and you can avoid letting others control it with some careful planning and the courage of your convictions.

Doing what others want you to do with your life robs you the success, fulfillment and happiness you deserve. Stand by what you really want to do and go for it with all your heart and you’ll achieve what you desire. ... Read more

Issue #24, 27th Nov 2011 Click here!

Feature Article

Are You Financially Fragile?
Maureen Campaiola

According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, nearly half of all Americans are considered “financially fragile.” What does that mean? It means they couldn’t come up with $2,000 if they needed to unexpectedly in the next month, or would have to resort to desperate measures to come up with the money. ... Read more

Issue #23, 13th Nov 2011 Click here!

Feature Article

Not Everyone is an Entrepreneur
Marty Zwilling

A lot of people nurture that dream of dumping the corporate world, with all its regimen and frustrations, and venturing out on their own to run the business of their choice. But the entrepreneurial world is also fraught with challenges, so how do you know if it’s for you? ... Read more

Issue #22, 30th Oct 2011 Click here!

Feature Article

Things To Know About Affiliate Marketing
Irena Whitfield

Affiliate marketing programs are a great way to get income from your website, and a great introduction to e-commerce. The more people who drop by your website, the greater your chance of establishing a substantial income.

Affiliate marketing programs are where a company offers to pay you a set amount for either a click through from your website, or a set amount for visitors signing up, or a percentage of a purchase made by your visitors coming from your website. ... Read more

Issue #21, 16th Oct 2011 Click here!

Feature Article

The Art, Science, and Common Sense of Marketing
Anna Maria Virzi

Helping individuals build their personal brands through social media channels requires some art, some science, and a lot of common sense. Just ask the marketing team at Warner Music Group, which works with singer-songwriters like Bruno Mars, who has 3.7 million Twitter followers. ... Read more

Issue #20, 2nd Oct 2011 Click here!

Feature Article

The TOP Five Business Plan Mistakes You Must Avoid

Let's face it, coming up with a solid business plan, and then putting it to paper is not one of the most exhilarating parts of starting your own business. However, if you are to have an inkling of success, it is definitely something that deserves your time and attention.

Avoid making statements that say your business offers a no-risk opportunity, or your business has "no competition. Investors already know that to be false, so don't try to persuade them otherwise.

... Read more

Issue #19, 18th Sept 2011 Click here!

Feature Article

10 Ways Marketing Has Changed Forever
Robin Neifield

I am a marketer by training, trade, and DNA, but I started my career in the pre-Internet days and have often reflected on the large and small ways that my experience and opportunities have been shaped by the advent of the Internet and social media. Many junior and even senior members of our trade craft at this point were digitally born into their professional careers. They can't imagine a professional world without email or websites, social communities, search engines, analytics, and dozens of other critical tools. We old marketing dinosaurs have learned to move quickly and adapt to the new environment, but it really is a different professional world in some profound ways.

... Read more

Issue #18, 4th Sept 2011 Click here!

Feature Article

The Customer Is King
Barbara Gabogrecan

All too often we think ‘we know what is best for our business’ when in fact we do not know if the customer agrees with us or not! The good news is that most business operators are keen to gather new information – but the bad news is that many will never put any of the ideas they read into action! It is not so much that they do not believe what they are reading or hearing – it is more the fact that it is more ‘comfortable’ to continue along the same path as before. They justify this path of non action by saying “it is better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know. ” Just remember – ‘non action means no results!’ ... Read more

Issue #17, 21st Aug 2011 Click here!

Feature Article

How to Buy Silver
Peter Krauth

Forecasting prices for anything can be tricky. And a precious- metal commodity such as silver is no exception.

With gold holding the leash on its "lapdog" - silver - the performance of the so-called "yellow metal" holds the key to silver prices in the New Year.

Here's why: ... Read more

Issue #16, 7th Aug 2011 Click here!

Feature Article

12 Mistakes Affiliates Make
Allan Gardyne

Affiliates struggling to earn $100 a month often find it hard to believe that other people could possibly earn as much as $10,000 or even $100,000 a month in commissions. Believe it. Big commissions do happen. And you can expect to hear about even bigger commissions. Forrester Research predicts that affiliate programs and affiliate networks will produce $280 billion annually in e- commerce sales by 2008. ... Read more

Issue #15, 24th July 2011 Click here!

Feature Article

Making Money with Articles: Where to Find Affiliates
Michelle, SDT

To make money with articles that you place on websites, you will also need a variety of good affiliate links that will help to generate revenue. It is important that you know where to find affiliates and that you choose the best affiliates for you and your niche site. ... Read more

Issue #14, 10th July 2011 Click here!

Feature Article

Gmail Plans New Ways To Help Organize Your Inbox
Josh Wolford

To offer new options for sorting through the clutter

The last major inbox organizational update that Gmail introduced was the Priority Inbox, and it has gone over pretty well with users. Now, Google has announced that they will be rolling out several new inbox styles so that you can choose the organizational method that you like best for all your important email. ... Read more

Issue #13, 26th June 2011 Click here!

Feature Article

How Much Do You Make An Hour?

With a timid voice and idolizing eyes, the little boy greeted his father as he returned from work, "Daddy, how much do you make an hour?" Greatly surprised, but giving his boy a glaring look, the father said: "Look, son, not even your mother knows that. Don't bother me now, I'm tired. " "But Daddy, just tell me please!? How much do you make an hour," the boy insisted. ... Read more

Issue #12, 12th June 2011 Click here!

Feature Article

7 Simple Steps to Transform Article Marketing into Sales
Marnie L. Pehrson, creator of

Article promotion is one of the staples of online marketing. But, I've seen people churn out hundreds of articles and get very little results from their efforts. Why? Because they aren't thinking of their article marketing as part of their overall sales strategy. They think just because they write hundreds of articles and put them on popular directories that they will magically generate sales. ... Read more

Issue #11, 29th May 2011 Click here!

Feature Article

More guidance on building high-quality sites
by Google: Amit Singhal

In recent months we’ve been especially focused on helping people find high-quality sites in Google’s search results. The “Panda” algorithm change has improved rankings for a large number of high-quality websites, so most of you reading have nothing to be concerned about. However, for the sites that may have been affected by Panda we wanted to provide additional guidance on how Google searches for high- quality sites. ... Read more

Issue #10, 15th May 2011 Click here!

Feature Article

Article writing for your blog
John Worth

It all starts with the content. Why? Because in order to make money with a blog you need to have traffic, and quality content is the best traffic generator. Ask 100 bloggers what factors contributed to their success, and I am sure that pretty much all of them will mention the content. In this first chapter we are going to define what is quality content, and list some strategies that you can use to improve the content on your blog. ... Read more

Issue #9, 1st May 2011 Click here!

Feature Article

10 Tips for Social Media Marketing Success
Kate Wilber

If you own a small business then I’m sure you are just like me ~ always looking for innovative ways to get exposure for your business. In today’s economy the small business owner really needs to find cost effective ways to market while still getting a big bang for their buck ~ and social media is a great way to do just that! Marketing on the main social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can be a great cost effective way to get your brands message out there to the masses…but knowing how to do it can sometimes be a challenge. So today I wanted to share with you these 10 tips for social media marketing success: ... Read more

Issue #8, 17th April 2011 Click here!

Feature Article

New Online Advertising Trends You Should Know About

Nowadays the three principle trends that have flooded the Internet are no doubt the social media phenomenon, mobile advertising and real-time search. The following information will hopefully clear any doubts around how these work and how they should be implemented for successful advertising in your business. ... Read more

Issue #7, 3rd April 2011 Click here!

Feature Article

10 Strategies for Getting Results from Joining Professional Associations
Donna Gunter

I'll be the first to admit that I went a little nuts when I moved to Little Rock in 2003 in terms of going all-out to participate in a variety of professional associations. I had some experience with most of the groups that I visited in other places I had lived, or had clients who had positive experiences with certain groups. I was so eager to become involved again in professional associations that instead of really paying attention to the composition of the group as it existed here locally, I made decisions to join groups based on my past experiences and experiences of clients. ... Read more

Issue #6, 20th March 2011 Click here!

Feature Article

The 4 Types of Articles Your Affiliate Marketing Site Should Contain
Eric Sterling

In many ways, affiliate marketing follows an easy formula that can more or less be summarized to:

  • Identify a market in need of a solution;

  • Identify a product that will satisfy that demand;

  • Become an affiliate for that product; and

  • Market away!

  • This is supposed to be easy, because, as the hype often points out, you don’t need your own product, website, or even autoresponder — and there are any number of social media and web 2.0 platforms which you can leverage to essentially advertise for free. ... Read more

    Issue #5, 6th March 2011 Click here!

    Feature Article

    Google Cleans House: The Duplicate Content Effect
    Brad Hauck

    The latest round of changes to Google’s ranking formula will have far reaching effects on the affiliate marketing and internet marketing world.

    As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, Google released formula changes regarding duplicate content and how they handle it. Simply put, you don’t want to directly copy other people’s content any more or Google will give you “suboptimal” rankings. ... Read more

    Issue #4, 20th Feb 2011 Click here!

    Feature Article

    Learn How To Make Money From Passions!
    Millionaire Society

    To make money online many people jump right in before they are properly prepared. You know that to be a rocket scientist, a doctor, a brick layer, a construction worker, an office worker, a teacher there are prerequisites, things you must learn, before you can be successful, you don't just jump right in unprepared. ... Read more

    Issue #3, 6th Feb 2011 Click here!

    Feature Article

    New Google TV Features
    Google team

    We are ready to get crackin’ on 2011. Last year, we launched the first version of Google TV with our partners Sony and Logitech, and this year, we'll continue to make the product even better for you. As we shared last month, we’re constantly iterating on Google TV, adding new features and content, improving the user experience, and fixing bugs. We are in the early stages, and the future is bright. ... Read more

    Issue #2, 23rd Jan 2011 Click here!

    Feature Article

    Survey: Email Marketing & Mobile Devices
    Michael Bloch

    Email on mobile devices has moved out of the realm of ultrageeks and early adopters and is now well and truly mainstream. It’s something that online retailers should bear in mind in terms of their email marketing campaigns.

    According to a survey by Knotice, 20% of marketing e-mails a retailer sends are now viewed on a mobile device. 1 in 5 is not a figure to disregard. ... Read more

    Issue #1, 9th Jan 2011 Click here!

    Feature Article

    How to Stick To Your New Year’s Resolutions
    Bev James

    After the Christmas season of overeating, socialising and general festivities, most of us come to January with a sense of resolve that we are going to make some changes to improve either ourselves, or our environment. By January the First, millions of resolute people make a promise that they will achieve something different, whether it is stopping smoking, going to the gym and getting in shape, quitting a bad habit or taking up a new hobby. ... Read more

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