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Successful Online Ad Tips!
by A.T.Rendon

Are you placing your ad on the web and not getting any response?

There are three basic things that you must do in order to succeed when placing your ads online:

  • 1. Be Consistent. A one shot ad will simply not work. This is true even when placing ads off-line. If you do not plan on running your ad a minimum of 6 to 12 times, then you should expect that your efforts will fail.

    The more exposure you give your ad, the greater the chance that it will accomplish what you are trying to do, which is to get a positive response. Place your ads consistently.

  • 2. Target Your Ad. Aim your ad at the type of customer you need to attract for your particular market. It is a waste of time and effort to run an ad that gets the attention of someone only to discover that what you have would not be appropriate for that individual.

    Determine what type of person would most likely be interested in your product or service and find those places online where that type of individual would be found.

    An excellent source for prospects can be tapped by placing your ads in one of the many online newsletter or e-zine publications that already cater to that particular target market.

    You can find online publications that cover just about any subject imaginable by doing a little research at one of the many newsletter/e-zine directories that list them for you.

    Access a FREE List of Newsletter and E-zine Directories at:

    Visit the Directories on this FREE list, which are like Search Engines specifically for online publications, and look for your target market under the subject most likely to be of interest to your prospects.

    All total, the Directories on the list probably house over 20,000 different online publications from which you may choose.

  • 3. Work Your Leads. Respond to the initial inquiry for more information. Then make certain to follow-up that lead with another message, usually several days after the first contact.

    Considering making use of a FREE Auto-Responder service that will help you to automate the process of follow-up.

    For a FREE list of FREE Auto-Responder Services send to:

    Keep in constant and continuous contact with your leads but do not become a pest about it. Daily contact without first having some additional contact from your prospect would be too much. Allow them time to review your info.

    However, a once-a-week message may work perfectly to keep your offer fresh in their minds and is exactly what you need to do to close that first sale with your prospect.

    Follow these few tips and it will vastly improve your rate of success to turn cold prospects into new customers.

    A.T.Rendon is an entrepreneur and published writer. Subscribe to FREE Business Classifieds Newsletter & receive FREE online access to our Password Protected "FREE Submit To Over 2.7 MILLION FREE Ad Sites!" Visit us at:

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  • Are You a Subscriber or An Advertiser or Both?
    by Jim Lauraitis

    As a publisher of an e-zine, ever wonder how many subscribers actually read the e-zine and how many are just advertising?

    Let us examine these two closely and in more detail. When you subscribe to an e-zine, is it for the advertising only? Many do, although a small number probably actually read it for its intended purpose. The following is a feedback from a subscriber to an e-zine that paid for a co- op ad.

    "Hello. Please understand that I have no complaints re your ezine. When I placed my ad I was subscribed to a whole slew of ezines, not only yours, and I simply cannot handle the volume of email anymore. You understand that this includes not only ezine issues, but advertising as well - and that's not including other emails that I receive. If I have to wade through a gigantic flood every day, I'll never get anything else done! However, I do plan to resubscribe under a separate email account in the near future".

    "Buyer beware" is the old saying. If you are placing a paid ad in a co-op, then you are subscribing to a multitude of e- zines. So now what do you do? You are shocked to receive 30 plus e-zines in your e-mail? No you should not be. You then unsubscribe to the e-zines, only to find that your ad will not run. Now you are stuck until your ad runs. Then you unsubscribe. A vicious cycle, both for the advertiser and the Publisher.

    Is there an alternative?

    Yes. Why not spend about an hour and go through the e-zines and look at the content. Yes I said Content. Sort out the e-zines that offer you some good insight to your specific business. Some of these may actually offer FREE ads for subscribers. Others have time-saving articles for online promotion. Others offer solo ads to a great number of subscribers. Others offer site submissions, ad submissions and more. Others offer affiliate programs to help you make some money as well as advertise.

    Ask Yourself "Do you want to do business with some site you pulled up off the web, or e-zine publishers, who know how to market?" If you are a regular subscriber over time you are not a stranger.

    If you are going to succeed online, you need a good base of references. Your E-zines are as good source for marketing tips and promotions. Thus the Subscriber has the benefit of not only advertising, but also of having valuable resources at one's disposal.

    The important point is to be consistent in your advertising efforts, and that means also being a consistent reader of the content of e-zines and all available resources. So take the time to investigate the e-zines in your co-op that you paid an ad for. Publishers like loyal subscribers as well as consistent advertisers. Then choose wisely, but look and learn as well.

    ****************************** Jim Lauraitis is the publisher of Whats New Review for internet marketers, offering time saving tips and resources for your online needs. You may reach him at or subscribe to his newsletter at ***************************

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