Irena Whitfield, Internet Business Consultant, webmistress of, Article and Book Author, Lecturer, Pathway To Success Ezine Publisher, Subscriber Corner Publisher, Owner of Quality Online Publishing and Webmaster Mall Services, Owner of Web Lions' Community and Success Library, Owner of Top 200 Marketers Affiliate Program provides webmaster resources, business and epublishing services and tools helping netrepreneurs to make their online business profitable.

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"The difference between me and hype sellers:
If you don't buy from the hype sellers, they will lose.
If you don't buy from me, you will lose.
The choice is yours."

I am the webmistress of , Publisher of 'Pathway To Success' Ezine, an author and lecturer, a computer system engineer by original profession, and all-life successful entrepreneur active in international business and finance for over 15 years, specializing in Internet Business Consultancy and helping individuals and companies offline and online to succeed in nowadays' highly competitive business environment.

As a computer system engineer, I provide the right combination of services, especially for the people thriving to succeed in their home business on the Internet. On my websites you can constantly receive up-to-date marketing and business tips, unique services, webmaster resources and tools necessary for an efficient and profitable online business, and fast help.

I was born, and live in Prague, Czech republic. My grandmother on my mother's side was English, coming from Devon, England, married in Czech republic and my father's family was Czech. Since all my life I have been living in both the countries, I am fully bilingual.

I studied in England and Czech republic, and graduated in Mechanical Engineering at Technical University in Prague with a degree of "Engineer", a computer system engineer, specialized in computers and automated manufacturing processes controlled by computers.

Most of my years I have been active in international business - for over 15 years, travelled all over the world, working in different countries, for 5 years I worked as a foreign exchange trader, doing business on all the foreign exchange markets through three main London market-makers.

On the Internet, I started in 1992 when I and my business partner had been developing computer programmes and needed to test them with various partners in different countries. The Internet, though extremely slow at that time, was the answer for the programme transfer.

For over 6 years, I have been active as an Internet Business Consultant, started from the scratch, personally researching, testing, participating in everything I recommend to my clients.

Over the years in the business and being an entrepreneur for all my professional life, both offline and online, I gathered so much experience, skills, tricks and routines on top of my technical background that I decided to help netpreneurs to succeed in their online home business business. The foreign exchange trading and years spent in business taught me the right discipline necessary for success in every field.

I am the author of the bestseller eBook '7 Stars of Online Success', and other successful books and articles, contributed to 'Women On Writing' published online and offline by the National Association of Women Writers, Forum Moderator at Womans-net, the Owner of quality online e-Publishing House, a popular Affiliate Programme and Web Lions Community and Library.

'Pathway To Success' is a successful FREE Ezine, published since 2000 to over 138,000 Subscribers in 98 countries every other Sunday and helping its Readers to succeed in their online home business, providing them with hot marketing tips, top webmaster resources and business opportunities, articles, FREE Ads, special FREE services, Web Lions Library, motivational reading and more. Subscribe at:

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As for hobbies, the biggest is, of course, online business but mainly during the winter season. During the other three seasons, my main interest is my garden, a large English garden-park around my house 'Montrose' that will have its 110 birthday very soon, so as a birthday present it's currently getting a large reconstruction.

As a Member of The World Wide Web Chamber of Commerce, Associate of the Certified Internet Business Consultants, Member of Internet Trade Bureau, Member of Internet Society, Winner of 2000-2001, 2002-2003 Awards by International Association of Webmasters and Designers, I am dedicated to Responsible, Ethical and Profesional Internet Business.

Because of my Status as a reputable Online Business Professional, I was granted a FREE Honorary Membership in IAWMD.

The International Association of Webmasters and Designers is committed to improving not only the Internet that hosts our businesses and entertainment, but also world that hosts our Internet.

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