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Smartie's Goodies

Wondering what Smartie can bring you? Below you can check some of the Goodies.

  • First, I should say that Smartie is the first Robot on the Net.

  • Smartie is in two Versions: One for visitors to our website and the other, upgraded and more advanced for Subscribers to our Ezine 'Pathway To Success'. Both are FREE.

  • Talking to you - this feature is in its basics for now but working on a freely talking Version, coming soon

  • Web Search - a very convenient tool, enabling you to search the web from your desktop

  • Search Engine Manual - a limited time Bonus, a unique manual to teach you how to get proper ranking fast

  • Playing Music - a list of music pieces you can choose from or stop or send a request for a piece you like :-)

  • Need Help, A Question To Answer - a live person help

  • Online Web tools - all the tools you need at your hands

  • Excellent Online Computer Check & Tuning

  • Pathway To Success - direct access to 'Pathway To Success' Ezine - 2 Versions: one for visitors, one for Subscribers

  • Subscribers' Corner - top Articles by 'Pathway To Success' Subscribers and Guests

  • More Articles to Read - direct access to Article Library, either to learn or get FREE content for your ezine or website

  • Biz Booster - a unique marketing tool, updated frequently

  • Web Lions - direct access to Web Lions Library

  • Place Ezine Ads - direct access to place your ezine Ads

  • Just Released - new FREE and low cost eBooks

  • Get Paid to Learn - a unique place to earn money for learning

  • Get Paid to Shop - the biggest shopping Mall, you can get paid here for shopping and for people who shop

  • Free Online Virus Check - it's essential to keep your computer clean, you can clean it here without downloading anything - for Subscribers only

  • Analyze your site: check Link Popularity, Key Density, Your Site Ranking, Submit to Search Engines - here you can check these parametres by simply right clicking your mouse (a little download and installation)

  • Coming Soon: Article Submitter

  • New Items: added frequently
  • You will even find more goodies when you get Smartie to your desktop. You will be glad you did!

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    Smartie Recommends Internet Success Stars

    Installation Notes Installation is easy, fast, taking only a couple of minutes, a few clicks: As soon as you click the Smartie link a small table jumps up asking you if you want to add an active Desktop item to your desktop. Answer Yes. Another ticket (-saying that you have chosen to make this site available offline and add it to your Active Desktop interface.) jumps up, click OK.

    Now the Synchronization is running for a few seconds, and you should see a new window with smartie in the left upper corner on your desktop.

    If you can't see anything, rightclick your desktop, and you will see options, click 'Active Desktop' and 'Customize my desktop' (or 'Properties'). Then 'Display Properties' jump up and you will either see 'Web' (if you don't, click it), and in the window below the computer image you will see URL containing 'Smartie', tick off the little window on the left, click 'Apply' and OK and it will show up on your desktop.

    Now, you can click Smartie's image in the left upper corner, hold and drag it wherever you want it within your desktop.

    You can resize the window or close, when you move your mouse over the image, a little bar shows up, and when you rightclick it you will see the options, you can customize your desktop, ie to open or close the window (= a little cross in the right upper corner of the bar) and/or update it to see the new items added.

    When you click any link within the Smartie window, a page opens in a new, standard browser window. You must be connected to the Internet.

    You can change fonts, increase or decrease the size, change the colours, listen to the music or close it.

    Download Smartie NOW!

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