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  • 3 Blogging Tips To Attract And Keep More Customers
    Laura Licata Laura Licata

    Blogging for your business is a widely known method of attracting more people to your website and to increase your customer base and interest in general. But what makes a blog post intriguing enough that you are the chosen one amongst the thousands of others who are your competition.

    The difference is you. Your enthusiasm and motivation about your home business will make you stand out amongst the others. It's not only about the words but instead about what and who is behind those words. Too many people post matter-of-fact articles and it becomes well, "matter-of-fact." It is imperative to find a different angle that will get people who read your work looking for more.

    Tip 1: Write with sincere enthusiasm. People will see it. If it is real and permeates through your words then it will show. As you are writing, think about how excited you are about what you are doing and where it will help you and especially others if they know about your program and your vision. Give inspirational examples and show your love for the business.

    Tip 2: Write to help people succeed. It is one thing to promote your programs/business and to give all that they have to offer. Keep in mind though that many people are looking into these businesses for the first time with absolutely no experience whatsoever. What do you think they are looking for? They want a home business but they need help in starting and want someone who understands their needs as well. Write with the intention of offering help. It will bring readers in and give newcomers what they are looking for.

    Tip 3: Write with a sincere vision. This is easy to do if you have laid out your plans and know what you want to accomplish for your business. Keep it real but let readers and potential customers know what you envision for you and everyone else with an interest in your business. Let them know that you have a training program planned for them so that they will be able to grow as marketers. Write out your long- term plan so the readers can visualize it themselves. Inspire them with your goals and how they can incorporate these goals into their own vision for the future.

    Blogging is a very personal way for businesses to attract a very loyal customer base. Blogs are more personal and give a customer a feel for the actual person behind the business. Utilize this medium because it is essential in this internet world of thousands of websites with the same goals and same customer base. It is possible to stand out. You just need to know how.

    Laura Licata is a math teacher with experiences ranging from teaching in the Peace Corps in Gabon, Central Africa, to independent schools in the US and public schools in Westchester county in New York. She started her home business in August of 2007 and has found another job she absolutely loves to do. Laura was recently named one of the top 25 women bloggers to watch out for in 2008. Visit Laura's websites at and

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