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  • Information on Million Dollar Challenge
    Andre Dent Andre Dent

    Your Business TV Channel is offering a $5000 referral commission for each of your contacts that you successfully refer into the Million Dollar Challenge and then goes on to be offered (and accepts) a Million Dollar Challenge seat. So here's where you can apply to be a referrer and find out more. Good news is, this is relatively easy!

    $5000 is a significant sum of money - for you and for us. So we want to make sure that everyone is clear about how this works, and that we're completely transparent with everyone. We've heard that there are some confusing affiliate/introduction schemes out there, and we don't want to be in that camp. And we certainly don't want to waste anyone's time. So here in black and white is the small print so that you can decide whether you want to take part.

    Anyone is eligible to take part, provided that they can meet the following reasonable criteria:

  • You must be well connected. This is the key value you are bringing to us. You know and have relationships with people that we don't. This means ...

    • Either you are connected to large networks of business people and have reasonable relationships with them
    • OR you have smaller networks, but you have strong relationships with them
    • AND (in either case) you must be able to demonstrate the size/nature of your networks

  • You must be prepared to communicate with your contacts about the Million Dollar Challenge

    • You'll need to invest up to half an hour understanding the Million Dollar Challenge, including what it is, and who we are looking for
    • We can help you with draft emails, social networking messages, tweets, news releases, blogs - whatever you need - much of this is already prepared
    • We can also suggest appropriate strategies if you need some help working out how best to approach this

  • You must register to be a yBC referrer

    • There is no cost to do this, and it will take approximately five minutes using the online form, or by talking to a key member of our commercial team
    • If your registration is accepted, you'll be sent the link to our plain English terms and conditions to confirm and complete the registration. This ensures that we are all clear and protected with confidentiality, intellectual property, payment etc. Note: yBC can decline or withdraw your registration at any time.
    • You'll be set up as a yBC syndicator (so that you are "licensed" to promote yBC), giving you access to promotional tools, including video and an online application form (unique to you, including a show about the Million Dollar Challenge) to link your contacts to

  • You must then encourage your contacts to apply for the Million Dollar Challenge and let us do the rest. Full details are provided in our terms, but by way of guidance, to be eligible for the referral fee, your contact must ...

    • Apply using the referral form we set up for you (so that you and we can track the progress of your referrals)
    • Be formally offered a place on the Million Dollar Challenge. (Note: this is not automatic, and businesses will be politely turned away if they are not right for the Challenge).
    • Accept the offer by signing a Million Dollar Challenge agreement with yourBusinessChannel
    • Note that this entire process from introduction to agreement takes approx. 10 days to two weeks on average. Sometimes longer.
  • You will be able to claim revenue in relation to any and every successful referral as follows:

  • In most cases, the referral fee will be US$5,000. In some cases, the fee will be reduced to US$3,000 (for shorter or less significant agreements). We'll confirm with you as soon as the deal is done with your contact.
  • You will receive an initial one-third payment within 60 days of the agreement being signed, with the balance being paid in two further instalments. By way of example, if we enter into a 12 month agreement with your contact, you will receive one third at 60 days, one third at six months, and one third at nine months.
  • In the event that the Million Dollar Challenge participant defaults on their contract in any way, or is terminated by us, your referral entitlements with regards to that contact will cease immediately and no further payments will be made.
  • You are responsible for paying your own taxes in relation to the fees we pay you. In other words, we are paying you a gross amount.
  • You will need to invoice yourBusinessChannel for your fees before we can pay them to you (and we'll provide you full details).
  • You may ask why we are offering up to $5,000. It's a large sum of money for "just" one referral. There are a number of reasons. First, we want this to be very attractive (and worthwhile) to you. We also acknowledge that you may pass us a number of referrals before we finally convert one to a Million Dollar Challenge participant (as they might not be right for the Challenge for a number of reasons). And we also want to ensure that you are motivated not just to pass us one referral, but many. That's why we've gone for a much more exciting number than a few hundred dollars.

    This $5000 referral reward is open until further notice. yourBusinessChannel intends to review the referral rewards scheme when a total of $250,000 has been paid out, but may terminate the scheme at any point.

    Any further questions can be sent to Andre Dent, our Global Syndication Manager and one of the key people on the commercial team dealing with the bounty we're offering. He's also the person who will approve your application and get you started. Click here.

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