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  • Create Profit Pulling Headlines With The “Strange Avalanche Iceman Headline Technique"!
    by Grady Smith

    Curiosity. Intrigue. Mystery. All strong components that grab readers of your headlines by the ear and quite literally drag them into the rest of your copy.

    Of course, if you've spent anytime studying headline creation, you know that the headline can make or break your sales letter. And the fact is, if you can't push your readers past the headline --infusing them with excitement and a commitment to get in and devour the rest of your sales letter -- then you aren't going to see an ounce of profits for your efforts.

    So how can you propel readers into your sales copy? Is there really a way that nearly anyone can create a winning headline that not only strikes interest in your readers, but keeps them hanging on your next word?

    I'm here to tell you there is a way. And it's much simpler than you might think.

    First, of course, you want to write a headline that makes a promise and sums up your offer's strongest benefit. An example would be writing the following…

    “How A Complete Failure In Business Started A Million Dollar Internet Business With $57, And What You Need To Know To Imitate His Success.”

    It's a simple headline. But it gets across the point that anyone can do this business on a shoe-string budget.

    But will people read it? And more importantly, is there enough juice behind this headline to build suspense and have the reader eager to read the rest of the sales letter to find out how the person mentioned in the headline is doing it?

    Perhaps. Only testing the headline would tell us for sure. But by using the simple “Strange Avalanche Iceman Headline Technique”, we can take that same headline and set it on fire.

    Here's how it works…

    People are moved by words. And certain phrases and words create strong mental pictures in our minds. Just look at the name of this headline technique to see what I mean.

    It's designed to peak your interest. After reading the name of this technique, you might wonder what's so strange about it? Why is it called the “Strange Avalanche Iceman Headline Technique”? And what the heck does cold stuff have to do with creating headlines?

    Questions like this create a need for answers. And if you can raise questions in your headlines that propel people to look for answers, then you're going to get them into the body of your copy.

    So, let's take the headline I wrote earlier, and let's add a little punch to the headline so it creates some curiosity.

    “How A Complete Failure In Business Started A Million Dollar Internet Business On $57 Using This Super Strange Technique He Learned From A Cereal Box, And How You Can Use Exactly What He Does To Make YOUR Millions Too”.

    Does that create interest for you? If so, why?

    Chances are good most would read this headline and wonder what's so strange and how someone could start a business with a technique on a cereal box, which nearly everyone eats their breakfast out of, and most of us read while we eat.

    And that's the power behind it. People want to read on to discover the whole story. They feel an irresistible urge to get to the bottom of it fueled by hundreds of thoughts that they need immediate answers to.

    Does it work? Like a charm. But the best way to see it is to actually put it into action for yourself and gage the results against your existing headlines. Believe me, the 10 minutes you'll spend creating intriguing headlines will be well worth the investment.

    Grady Smith offers fully guaranteed copywriting, including sales letters, direct mail packages, and ads guaranteed to pull a strong response. Go below to find out how he can increase your response -- guaranteed! : Guaranteed Copywriting

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    How To Create Your Affiliate Mob And Increase Profits Dramatically!
    by Grady Smith

    Fact: The more affiliates you have out there screaming praises for your product or service, the more sales you're going to make.

    But how do you build an army of fanatical affiliates that want nothing more than to sign-up for your program and start sending targeted, ready to buy prospects to your website? With this simple 5-step process:

    1) Get Your Product's Sales Letter Up To Speed

    Good sales letters attract hordes of new affiliates.

    Just think about it. If you're going to promote something and get a profit each time you make a sale, wouldn't you want a sales letter that converts like crazy?

    Invest in a good copywriter. Get your sales letter really pumping the sales. And once you do, you can tell affiliates just how well your letter converts with qualified traffic. The results of doing just this one step will amaze you!

    2) Create Promotional Tools For Affiliates

    Nothing's worse than signing up for an affiliate program and getting none of the goodies to promote your link.

    But if you can create solo ads, text links, banners, classified ads, giveaway reports, and other promotional items you'll instantly give your affiliates something they can place on their website or send to their email list.

    And if you don't have the time to create these materials you could run a contest for your affiliates that submit promotional materials you can use.

    Also, free reports that your affiliates can use to sign up visitors into an autoresponder works great here because it lets them promote your program while building their own list.

    3) Create an Affiliate Sales Letter

    Simply stating how much you pay and the terms of your affiliate program isn't enough. If you really want to sign up a large number of affiliates, you've got to tell them why they should be promoting your product.

    Tell them how well your sales letter converts. Tell them about the stuff you're giving affiliates to help promote their links. Tell them about your great payment plan. And tell them why visitors want to buy your product.

    4) Get The Word Out On Your Affiliate Program

    Place a link on your website. Let customers know about it. Approach other webmasters that receive traffic from your product's target audience.

    And after introducing a few people to your affiliate program an amazing thing starts to happen. As traffic increase through affiliates, so do your affiliate sign-ups. So by creating a "foundation" for your affiliate program and automating the sign-up process you can have a steady stream of new affiliates joining your team without any work from you.

    5) Keep Your Affiliates Motivated

    A large percentage of those signing up for an affiliate program will never promote it.


    Because a lot of them put it off because they don't have to promotional tools already created for them. Or some don't get started because they lose interest in the idea.

    But to fire up your affiliates, why not create an ezine especially for them? One that offers contest, perks, and instruction on how they can make more money promoting your program? You've worked hard to get your affiliates, and just a little motivation here and there can keep them active and placing money in your pocket.

    Grady Smith offers fully guaranteed copywriting, including sales letters, direct mail packages, and ads guaranteed to pull a strong response. Go below to find out how he can increase your response -- guaranteed! : Cheap Copy

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