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  • Using A Strong Risk Reversal Closes More Sales
    by Archie R. Lawhorne

    When you minimize risk in purchasing decisions a lot more people are willing to say "yes". Once they sample your product or service, if it performs as you say, most customers will keep that product and continue buying again and again.

    Here's a little story to illustrate my point.

    A farmer wanted to buy a hunting dog for his son. There were two for sale in a nearby town. The first seller told the farmer he was asking $300 for his bloodhound, non-negotiable.

    The second seller told the farmer about his bloodhound, long before he mentioned a price or asked for a commitment. He said the puppy was from a long line of champion bloodhounds, well-known in the area for their tracking skills. And he brought out the puppy's mother and father and explained that they were like members of the family - very loyal and constant companions for the last six years.

    The man went on to tell the farmer that he wanted the farmer's son to try out the puppy for a month before he had to make any decision. He offered to provide an extra kennel and a month's worth of food for the puppy. Finally, he said, at the end of 30 days, he would drive out to the farmer's house and either take back the puppy, or ask then to be paid.

    Which puppy do you suppose the farmer decided to purchase for his son? Obviously there was no question. And there will be no question for you if you apply strong risk reversal into every sales offer you make. What exactly do I mean by a strong risk reversal? I'm referring to an iron-clad guarantee that eliminates all, or most of all of the customer risk in the transaction.

    The clearer, stronger and more detailed the guarantee, the more credibility and impact it will have on a buyer. Consider how much more powerful it is if instead of saying, "your satisfaction is guaranteed," you say, "we unconditionally guarantee performance for a full 30 days." That's better, wouldn't you agree? But, what if you went a step further and said, "No questions asked, 100% money-back guarantee anytime within 60 days if my product doesn't perform exactly as promised." That's even better. But you could go still further by saying, "No questions asked, 100% money-back guarantee. If you don't experience noticeable and measurable improvements in your speaking abilities, a wider vocabulary, and bolder voice delivery, if you don't get the results we promised within 90 days of using our system, we'll gladly give you a complete and immediate refund of your full purchase price, no questions asked...that's our guarantee to you."

    Notice the difference a strong and specific risk-reversed performance guarantee can make? When you apply risk reversal this way, your sales almost always skyrockets, and stays that way. You make more sales, sell larger purchase units and sell more frequently when people don't worry about making the wrong or bad buying decision.

    When you incorporate risk reversal, you essentially eliminate your prospect's fear that they will make a bad, incorrect or damaging purchasing decision. That's an extremely powerful, persuasive point to make. It moves anyone who's indecisive or mildly interested and turns them into highly favorable prospects. If people are trying to decide between you and one or more of your competitors, it tips the level of the playing field significantly to your advantage.

    Just adding risk reversal and a purchase strong guarantee to your sales offer makes a powerful difference.

    There are a variety of approaches to the risk reversal strategy.
    * A software vendor guarantees its product will reduce manufacturing costs by at least 10%.
    * A copywriter offers his services for free if his direct mail package pulls less than a 5% response.
    * A commercial water filter distributor offers to buy back any filtering units not sold in the first 3 months.
    * An interior decorator agrees (in writing) not to be paid until her customers are completely satisfied with the work she's done.

    If you don't employ some form of risk reversal, start doing it right away. If your current guarantee is short and vague, enhance your copy with more specifics and more attractive terms.

    If your product or service is high quality and meets performance expectations, the longer the guarantee and the more specific the performance promise you make, the more people will buy. It's that simple.

    Typically a 60-day guarantee will out pull 30 days by 20 to 100%. Test it yourself and see what results you get. The more specific you get in describing what "satisfaction" means, the more compelled they become to act in order to experience that benefit for themselves.

    If you're concerned that employing a strong risk reversal will cost you in product returns and lower profits, don't be. Typically, unless your product or service is flawed or just plain inferior in terms of meeting customer expectations, the number of people exercising a refund guarantee is negligible. But the increase in people taking you up on the initial sales offer is anything but negligible.

    Archie R. Lawhorne, APR, , is an accomplished writer, author and marketing consultant. For detailed information on his powerful, highly successful online MLM sponsoring system, send a blank email to:

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    Affiliate Marketing
    by Cathy Qazalbash

    One of the easiest ways to begin a business is to start with an Affiliate program. There are a few points you should look for when choosing one.

  • 1.The Product
  • 2.The Commission
  • 3.The way the Commission is tracked
  • 4.When you will be paid
  • 5.How much support your Sponsor will give you.
  • 6. How much competition is there for this product.
  • 7. How to market the product
  • The Product

    Look carefully at the product/products the Affiliate Program is offering. Is it something you would buy?

    Is it something you would feel good about selling, does it offer value for money.

    If you feel confident about the product/products, there is a good chance a prospective buyer will too.

    Look at the product as a buyer would.

    The Commission

    How much will you get paid? You are going to put effort and possibly money into marketing the product. You do not want to work for nothing. Anything less than 20% is not going to pay enough for your time and effort.

    The Way the Commission Is Tracked

    The program has promised a good commission, but how are they going to pay?

    How are they going to track visitors and sales from your link?

    Good programs will give you some detail on how they place cookies and how long they will last.

    They will also show you how you can check your stats for visitors and sales.

    This is important, as it will show you if a certain marketing campaign is working.

    When Will YOU Get Paid

    Does the program have a minimum payout? (twenty dollars is not unreasonable) but higher can mean you will never make enough to get paid.

    Will the program pay you the following month after you make the sale; this is a reasonable amount of time anything more might mean you will not get paid for your hard work.

    How Much Support Will YOUR Sponsor Give YOU.

    This is very important, a program that fully supports itís Affiliates is a successful one and you the Affiliate have an increased chance of making sales with help and support from your sponsor.

    When you run into a problem or need help with an ad campaign it is most important that you can rely on help from your sponsor in a timely fashion (24-48 hours), after all your sale is money in your sponsorís pocket. The best Affiliate programs will offer some training as part of the course, (your success is their success).

    How Much Competition For the Product

    If there is too much competition for the product your chances of marketing it are very slim and you could be spending time and money for very few sales.

    The way to check is to go to a Search Engine like Yahoo and look up the product, then see what comes up, too many and you may have to reconsider.

    How to Market the Product

    This will be entirely up to you. What ad campaigns you can do and what your resources are. When reviewing the Affiliate product always think of the ways you can market it and base your decision to join the program on what Marketing techniques you can use.

    Cathy Qazalbash your one stop advertising center


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