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  • Day  1 - Discipline In YOUR Online Business - This Part shows the necessity of discipline in the online home business and how to build it if you want to succeed online and what should be avoided.

  • Day  2 - Be Original - This part shows one of the ways to start and establish a successful web presence to become a fully financially independent and successful netpreneur.

  • Day  3 - How To Get the Right Information On the Net - For developing a successful business, it is necessary to have reliable and up-to-date information which is quite difficult in the environment where anyone can publish anything. This Part helps to pick up the right information sources.

  • Day  4 - Traffic and Links to YOUR Site - This Part focuses on the importance of getting traffic and links to your site as a vital tool for a successful online business.

  • Day  5 - Building Someone Else's Business - This Part shows the difference between a proper business co-operation and healthy professional relationship, and building someone else's business at your expense which should be recognized and avoided.

  • Day  6 - Free vs. Paid On the Net - In the crazy campaign against everything FREE on the Net, this Part shows what is necessary to buy and what you can happily use FREE.

  • Day  7 - Basic Principles of Customer- And Search-Engine-Friendly Site - This Part shows the right way to take to achieve a proper ranking on search engines, not to waste time chasing search engine secrets or magic formulas.

  • Day  8 - 7 Steps to Make A Blessing Out of A Pest - In 7 easy steps this Part shows 'How to write a business Email'. Email is a powerful marketing tool and can perform miracles if written and used right. This Part shows how to do it.

  • Day  9 - Act Now - Most people don't succeed on the Net just because they don't do much, they are lost in all the plans they would like to put in reality one day. This Part tries to motivate to act.

  • Day 10 - Promote YOUR Site Every Day! - This Part focuses on the necessity of regular business promotion, shows easy steps to make it right, to develop the right system and to achieve the results you want.

  • Day 11 - 7 Stars of Online Success - This Part shows the 7 most important items necessary to get right if you are really determined to succeed in your online home business.

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