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Hi Irena, thank you for emails. They have helped me to stay focused after disappointments with a couple of business ventures and now starting a couple new ones. God's blessings! Sandra Barnes
Irena, What a Blessing You Are and Your Ability to Assist People in This Manner! Thank you so much and God Bless You! Kristy A Coghlan
Thank you and keep those great newsletters coming!
I really like your new format. You've got so much information too. Great job. Mary
Hi, What an interesting and fabulous site you have and I am looking forward to a very long associationship with you.
Gordon Durham, United Kingdom
WOW, Irene. I don't know what to say - you've done a WONDERFUL Job!! Thank you very much indeed. Elizabeth Pinn
Hi Irena, You have an excellent eZine - very impressive!!! I just wanted to drop by and let you know I enjoyed today's issue! Have a wonderful week, Susan Nichols, Vector Central Express
Hello Irena.. Just a quick note to say that I appreciate your Ezine. I wish you well... you are doing a great job! Roger Johnson
Hi Irena, Thank you for publishing the very useful and informative article by Lady Mary Cochran. I am just starting an advertising business for small business, and have seen all too many of these scams floating round the Internet. I am glad to see someone having the courage to bust one of them. Thank you Cathy
Hi Irena, My name is John Glube and I am a new subscriber. I just received my first edition of Pathway to Success and I write to compliment you on your efforts.

I want to compliment you on what you have achieved with your ezine and your web site. It is quite impressive.

Dear Cassiopeia Team,

Good Day. I felt as if a reply was in order.Just a simple note to say "OUTSTANDING"

I have followed your readings for some time now and I must say I have enjoyed the time spent . I am very busy with my every day life and my time is well managed and I make it a point to schedule your readings.I Thank all of you for a well put together publication. I have, and will continue to, pass your publication on to my friends, family and business associates due to the fine content of information and the format in which it is delivered. My only regret is that I did not write sooner.

Thanks Again,

G.J.Rosengrant, CEO., G.M.Caben Enterprises

Hi Irena... Thank you so much for taking the time to provide me with all this great information! I sincerely appreciate it. Teri Tucker,
Dear Irena Whitfield:
You have a great ezine and I value you work highly, this is why I wanted to explain in person why I must unsub at this time. I am moving in late December and won't be back online until after the first month of the year. I will resubscribe then and also have a couple of ezines that I will need to promote. I will be taking some ads, I guess, etc. and I want to link with you, if possible.

This is almost like leaving an old friend...sorry. But...I'll be back.

Sincerely, Kira Pitre, Owner, InfoMagic (

Dear Irena: I just wanted to take a moment of my time to let you know how much I really enjoy your newsletter. Not only is it very informative to today's business market, but I also like the fact that it is well written. Floyd Tapia
I would just like to tell you that I love your ezine. I look forward to it every time. It has a lot of information and me being a newbie to trying to start my own online business is going to help very much. Thank you for putting out such an wonderful and informative ezine. Can't wait to get the next one. Thank you, Dawn
I have just finished unsubscribing to every ezine imaginable, but not yours. Your ezine is like a Jaguar, it's sleek; refined like wine; and reads smooth as silk. I can honestly say being a recipient of your ezine is proof of my being learned and one of fine taste. Look forward to the year 2003 and The Cassiopeia! Please make sure I, David Hudson, am on your subscriber's list.

Thanks and Bravo.

David W. Hudson David's Shire Enterprises


You have done a great job on your site and your material is top quality. My partner and I have an expansive group of 780,000 people we wish to introduce to you.
Regards, Helene Sussman


I'm sure my site request was just one among many others, among many 'other' things you had to do yet you find the time to visit, check out and even make out an unhurried reply.
Thanks and Best Wishes, truly, Jerome

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