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this is what it looks like in your browser sidebar: theCassi Top News

NEW! Now you can add Pathway To Success, Subscriber Corner and other Success Tools to your browser and read it the minute it's out and even send messages straight to my computer. The image on the right shows you what it looks like in your browser sidebar.

To add 'theCassi Top News', Click, hold and drag the link/image below and add it to your 'Links' Bar or 'Favourites':

In order to play the games above you need to have a number of plugins installed on your computer. The games usually work fine on a PC running Windows.

This is a list of the plugins required:

•  Flash Player (click here to download the latest Flash player)
•  Shockwave Player (click here to download the latest Shockwave Player)
•  Java Runtime Environment (click here to download the latest JRE )

For some of the more demanding 3D games, you may have to install the latest Windows DirectX software, click here to download it.

If you are still experiencing problems please email us at

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