Set On the Pathway To Success

Volume 8, Issue #3, 10th Feb 2008
Publisher Irena Whitfield

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Today's Feature Article

Position Your Home Based Business to Profit From Debt
Adrian McCluskey

A variety of recognized financial experts suggest the biggest problem facing North Americans today is personal debt. We are a society that believes in and practices instant gratification. North Americans owe more money now than ever before. Installment debt, including auto loans and credit-card balances topped a record $1 trillion in 2006 - a one-third increase in just the past two years. Over the past decade, total household debt has soared from 80 to 93 percent of annual disposable income. More people declare bankruptcy each year than graduate from college.

The situation today is polar opposite to the one our grandparents faced. A generation or two ago, Grandma and Granddad paid cash for just about every thing. They would have a mortgage and monthly bills and that was usually it. If they wanted something else, they saved for it and purchased the item in cash. Credit cards hadnít been invented and the banks were not the hyper- competitive organizations they are today.

Nowadays, if we want something, the likely plan of action is to whip out the credit card or make a mad dash for the line of credit, make the purchase and bring it home. The small details of how to pay for it or even how much more itís going to cost us because of the interest on the loan are conveniently pushed aside in a rush to watch the football game on the new hi-definition big screen. North Americans are bleeding their financial health away by ignoring the long term ramifications of their purchasing habits.

Itís a sorry situation but our subject is running a home based business - not debt management. So what the heck you may ask, does this have to do with starting and running a successful home based business. Plenty actually because millions are searching the internet looking for a business opportunity not only because it offers the great lifestyle but also the potential of big earnings to help get them out of debt. An honorable goal by any standards and one to which we can help; especially if we are fine tuned to the needs and wants of this new breed of prospects.

Those of us lucky enough to work in the home based business industry know the benefits, both financial and lifestyle that make it so appealing to the masses. If youíre lucky enough to find the right opportunity, put in the necessary time and effort to give yourself an excellent chance of success, then a six or multiple six figure income (or higher) is absolutely realistic. Combine that with the fantastic tax advantages that come from operating a home based business. Then add the investment power your added income gives you and you can be on the way to complete financial freedom in as little as five years. Packaged correctly and marketed to your prospects, this is an irresistible combination that can increase your sales to new and exciting heights.

One of the best ways to benefit most from this wave of prospects is to be creative in how you help your less affluent prospects get started in the business. Something as simple as a taking the time to connect properly and instill a sense of belonging or a little well-placed advice on where to find the funds to get started may be all thatís required to sign up your next star consultant. Some entrepreneurs suggest itís not worth your time dealing with folks who havenít got the funds to get started immediately but I will suggest just the opposite. While itís true that you do get a lot of tire kickers and wannabes taking up your time and screening is a necessary evil, everybody has heard the tales of consultants who went from rags to riches and made fortunes in this industry even though they started with next to nothing but desire to succeed and a little help along the way. Wouldnít it be nice to have one, two or several of those on your team?

Debt levels in North America are forecasted to continue rising. This means a steady stream of prospects looking at starting a home based business as a means to eradicate their financial concerns and to facilitate a move to a life of abundance. A savvy home based entrepreneur that puts him/herself in a position to offer an attractive business model combined with a compassionate approach that is sensitive to the needs of the prospect will see the benefits of vastly increased sales.

Adrian McCluskey is a highly experienced home based business entrepreneur and online marketing professional. His personal mission is to help new and experienced entrepreneurs reach complete financial freedom without compromising integrity and honesty. Please email any questions to: adrian.successtogether at He laid back and easy to talk to. Click here:

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Optimism is essential to achievement and it is also the foundation of courage and true progress.
Lloyd Alexander

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