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Volume 8, Issue #4, 24th Feb 2008
Publisher Irena Whitfield

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Today's Tips

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Today's Tip On the Opportunity Worth Checking

Unique Opportunity To Learn from Jay Conrad Levinson!
He only works 3 days a week, This is one of them...

Jay Conrad Levinson, the marketing mind responsible for the Marlboro Man, and author of the best selling marketing book series of all time will be answering your questions.

You can get the details to listen live at

and also...

...when you register youíll be able to submit your questions for the training on February 26...

Iíll be listening,... Don't miss out!

Important: This is not the same-olí, same-olí interview. Jay rarely speaks on webcasts and it is the only one he has scheduled so far this year. So be sure to register now. Click here:

Today's Tip On the Book Worth Having

Need More Money?
Stop Paying Your Business Expenses!

Jay Conrad Levinson, the father of Guerrilla Marketing, has created a report called

The Guerrilla Balance Sheet

which claims that businesses can turn their expenses into profit centers.

The idea is that if you profit at everything you do youíll never run out of cash again. Jay produced a video at

Do you think itís possible?

The report certainly convinced me some of my biggest business and marketing expenses can be turned into profit centers simply and easily. In fact, some of it I was almost doing!

This provided the missing piece...

Iíll be able to do a whole lot more marketing now.

Note: According to Jay this is a continuation of a trend. It used to cost a lot to send a message to your target market... then came email which was free and now you can actually profit off your marketing... See for yourself by clicking below:

Today's Tip On the Software Worth Using

Like YouTube Videos?
Learn how to automatically download and watch YouTube videos anytime on your computer, mobile phone, iPod, iPhone, Pocket PC, PSP, or Zune!

About every hour or so new video clips are posted on YouTube. Pick YouTube videos --> Download videos --> Convert to different formats --> Transfer to Mobile Device, all this work can be done automatically with YouTube Robot, with it you can even schedule the tedious downloading as you wish, All-In-One, not other software, codecs needed!

Key Features:

  • Support browse video by category,author,time, language, channels, tags and custom keywords.

  • Support schedule the download and conversion tasks to be executed automatically.

  • Built-in scheduler: You may as well schedule the download and conversion tasks to be executed automatically, even when you are not around. Downloading is followed by conversion to the format of your choice and uploading videos to a mobile device (if needed).

  • Optimize profile for different mobile device: Such as iPod, Zune, PSP, Creative Zen Vision, Archos,iRiver, Pocket PC, Smart Phone... and more

  • Support almost all audio & video format, such as AVI, WMV, MP4, 3GP, 3G2, MP3, M4A...and more
Click here to get it!

Today's Tip On Learning

Change Your Life Now!
Get the Abundance Course... And Live Life Without Limits...

Abundance Course guides you through the effortless process of pulling up the menu of your mind... And... NATURALLY letting go of any and Every Anti Program lurking in you that is putting an Invisible Blocker on the Success And Happiness You Secretly Crave!

Unfortunately, from the age of about 5 we habitually suppress many feelings... and these then act as: SELF-SABOTAGE PROGRAMS. Just like a computer with a virus. Take the virus out of the computer and the computer works perfectly with ease. Take the self-sabotaging programs out of the subconscious mind... and... SHAZAAM... everything in your life will start working out perfectly with ease.

That's why motivation stuff, positive thinking, affirmations and traditional goal setting rarely work for most people. In truth: Until and unless you get rid of the self-sabotaging negativity program lurking in your mind - it doesn't matter what "success formula" or "self-help program" you use - it will NEVER work. Why? Because: The self-sabotage program "eats up" all the positives and "spits them out"!

In all honesty... The Abundance Course makes every other success or self-help program obsolete. And if you do currently use any other form of self-growth technique, The Abundance Course will make it 1000-times more powerful - allowing you to have abundance in all areas of your life (including money, health, peace of mind... and, wonderful, loving relationships).

Sounds simple, doesn't it? Well, it is. But, like Lester said when I first met him: Don't believe a word I say, take it for checking.

Prove It Out For Yourself! Click here:

Today's Promotional Tips

Start Your Own Safelist Business!
Not An Affiliate Program. You Keep All The Money.

The Deal? If you are looking for a product to sell online which is really easy to sell stop here!

Your business will be set up for you with your own Safelist business where you keep all the money. It is this easy.

You can get more real-life information if you join the TSLB newsletter for free and learn how it is possible to make $50,000 the first year with this business P/T! It will show you exactly how it's done step by step right now for free just for joining! Nothing to download! Nothing to buy!

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Today's Useful Tip

Do You Want To Start Your Own Home Business?
Watch Product Sourcing Experts! Free!

Product Sourcing is a critical part of your Home-based Internet Business Success. No one takes that more seriously than we do, and NO ONE can provide you with better, more highly rated Product Sourcing Information than OneSource.

OneSource is the most powerful Product Sourcing Tool in the world:

* Drop Ship Wholesalers:

Thousands of pre-verified, scam-free wholesalers who have already agreed to work with Home-Based EBiz owners. Dropshippers send products one at a time directly to your customer from the warehouse. No inventory investment! Millions of brand name products.

* Light Bulk Wholesalers:

Thousands of pre-verified, scam-free wholesalers who are willing to sell at real Bulk Wholesale pricing for minimum orders under $500. Break into Bulk Wholesale for a fraction of the usual cost! Millions of Brand Name products.

* Volume Wholesalers:*

Thousands of pre-verified, scam-free wholesalers who sell in larger volume orders at deep-discount prices. Millions of Brand Name Products.

* Liquidation Wholesalers:

Fully pre-verified, scam-free Liquidation Wholesalers who sell Brand Name products at rock bottom, below wholesale prices.

* Instant Import Buys:

Instant Wholesale Purchases of thousands of the hottest-selling products just imported into the US from overseas factories!

* Built-in, INSTANT Market Research:

Learn whether the products you're searching for will SELL online BEFORE you buy them. Every time you search for a wholesale product, OneSource INSTANTLY tells you...

  • On a 0% to 100% Scale, how well each product you search for will sell.

  • How many people are searching the Internet for your products.

  • How many other people are selling your products.

  • Who your competitors are, and what their Advertising says.

  • What other variations of your product searches are selling well online.

  • Which Search Engine Keywords are the most popular for the products you want to sell.

Save, Print and Export your Product Sourcing Research:

OneSource allows you to...

  • Save Suppliers to your Preferred Suppliers List for quick access

  • Save Notes on your Preferred Suppliers as you work with them

  • Save your Product Searches, including Suppliers and all Market Research, and refer back to it whenever you wish

  • Sort your Product Searches Alphabetically, by Search Term, by Date, and by Best Market Research Percentage

  • Print reports on your Preferred Suppliers, Market Research, and much more

  • Export your Market Research and Supplier Information to Microsoft Excel

Updated DAILY: OneSource is updated EVERY SINGLE BUSINESS DAY OF THE YEAR with new Wholesale Suppliers and Instant Wholesale Buys, by our full-time Research Team.

Learn more by clicking here:

Today's Special Tip

Every Entrepreneur Needs Fun! Every Brain Needs Training!
Play With us And Make Real Money!

Join uVme for FREE today and play all the games you like for free. You even get your own blog, instant messenger, access to tournaments and the ability to wager real money on challenges and tournaments.

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