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Volume 8, Issue #9, 4th May 2008
Publisher Irena Whitfield

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The Top 7 Reason Why Every Business Should Have a Blog
Kenton Newby Kenton Newby

It doesn't matter if you call it a "niche", a "target market", your "ideal prospects" or some other term...if you're selling products, promoting affiliate offers or simply creating content online for nearly any group of people as part of your online business, you absolutely MUST have a blog. These days, it's just not an option if you truly want long-term success.

What used to be simple little online diaries have now become powerful ways of organizing and offering content to a wide audience of people dying for fresh, new ideas on nearly any topic. If you're not using a blog yet, by the end of this article you'll hopefully "see the light" and understand why this is such an important platform to add into your online business efforts. In fact, there are quite a few reasons why you should seriously consider creating a blog for your online business today, but let's just go over a few of them in the interest of time.

1. Information-based Marketing Versus Hype

One of the biggest reasons to create a blog is for more effective marketing. No matter what business you're in, it's probably a more competitive landscape now than ever before, with it getting harder and harder to gain the attention of your prospects (people are TOO BUSY to be barraged with blatant marketing). But with a blog, you can create valuable content (audio, video, text or all three) that separates you from the competition as your prospects are comparing all the available options. And if you know that people are out there looking for certain types of information that ties in with the products and services you offer, you should DEFINITELY be offering that sort of info on a blog, while also promoting your products as solutions to those problems.

2. Demonstrate Your Expertise

Another great reason to have a blog is that they allow you to differentiate yourself from the competition. In fact, by posting relevant, useful info, you're positioning yourself as the expert in your field. No matter what your product or service is, everyone wants to deal with someone who's the expert in their topic. Having lots of content available on your topic helps you prove your expertise and builds trust with your visitors. Those are the people you want coming to do business with you - people that trust you and CHOOSE to do business with you.

3. Generate Traffic for Other Products and Services

A blog also allows you to bring targeted traffic to your website in a way that a traditional website just can't offer. Blogs make it so easy to add new content to the site that it's about as easy as sending an email. And of course, more content means more traffic. Once you start getting more traffic, you can drive that traffic anywhere you your own products, to quality affiliate products that earn you a commission, to your email list and so on. Not only does this make your blog a more valuable resource in the way it positions you versus the competition, but you're also able to turn your website into a profit center for your business.

4. Earn Subscribers' Trust and Build a Community

One common mistake people make with their sites is not building a subscriber list...probably the most valuable business asset you can have. This can be even more of a challenge with a static site. Since none of the info on the site changes, there's less of a reason for people to come back. And if that's the case, why should they feel compelled to sign up for your email list? If, on the other hand, you have great info on your site, they'll probably want more. You can offer them something in return for their email address...maybe a special report that really solves a pressing problem they're facing, or an email course that does the same thing. That way, you can create a list of subscribers and build a relationship with them where they get to know you, like you and trust you and your information. If you have a community of subscribers like that, you'll NEVER run out of business.

5. Build Online Business Relationships

In the same way that you can use a blog to build a relationship with your subscribers, you can also build relationships with other blog publishers in your market. This can be a vital step towards creating partnerhips and sending traffic to each others' sites. This is possible thanks to common blog features like comments and trackbacks. Using these effectively gets you "on the radar" of the other website owner and can be the first step towards a profitable business relationship. Think of it as a form of online networking.

6. Teach Your Visitors and Create Better-Informed Customers

Providing useful content to your audience also helps you educate your customers and potential customers. And it's a proven fact that educated customers are better customers. There's less of a need to "sell" them once they're ready to buy, they're more likely to use your product rather than have it sit on the shelf, refunds will likely be lower and on and on. You could have blog posts that address common objections or things that seem like weaknesses in your product. You can highlight what people will gain by using your product and your content can offer tips for how best to use the product once someone buys. This is similar to what you might do in a face-to-face selling situation, but now it's done nearly on autopilot.

7. Generate Ideas for New Products and Services

As you get comments and other feedback from your website visitors, there's a good chance you'll also get a number of ideas for other products and services you could offer. You'll get to know your audience, learn their problems, concerns and challenges. You'll have an excellent opportunity to provide products and services that solve these problems which will not only be profitable for you, but will also help your customers reach their goals faster and easier. That's a true win-win situation and your website visitors will love you for it.

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