Set On the Pathway To Success

Volume 8, Issue #9, 4th May 2008
Publisher Irena Whitfield

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Today's Tips

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Today's Tip On the Opportunity Worth Checking

3 Part Teleseminar Series for Subscribers
I wanted to alert you about valuable information:

it's a fascinating 3-part teleseminar series Mike Brescia developed with his research team. It talks about the 42 core traits found in the greatest leaders of all time and how you can make them your own.

Along with the teleseminar series, he's including a mindmap of the qualities and skills of the best leaders who ever lived, straight from Mike's research department. So as you listen to the calls, you can follow along with the mindmap outline.

These three 60-minute sessions are absolutely free, by the way - and they're available to our subscribers only.

So why are we doing this?

Over the past year we've been planning ways to give increased support to the users of our programs. Our free leadership teleseminar is the first of many reports, white papers, and training sessions we'll be offering over the next few months.

All because we want to make a REAL difference in your life. As a result, Mike has extended the 25% Introductory Sale for the latest program: "The Leader's Mindset Now".

Did you know that research shows, in the typical household, on average, children hear the word "No!" nearly 150,000 times before turning 18? That's primarily true in even the most positive, well-adjusted households.

You can learn more about this amazing program right here:

Today's Tip On the Book Worth Having

Get Your FREE Copy of Article Marketing Strategies Exposed
Nancy Marmolejo Interviews Marnie Pehrson of

In this informative report, you'll learn important article marketing strategies like:

    1. Keywords: where to place them and how to use them for maximum impact

    2. Titles that Pull the Best Traffic

    3. Duplicate content: what happens when you publish the same article to multiple sites?

    4. Article syndication and how that can drive opportunity to you.

    5. Media rooms.: What they are and how they can work for you.

    6. Innovative ideas for re-purposing your content.

    7. ... and more...

Download the PDF Report by clicking here!

Today's Tip On the Software Worth Using

Ever Wished to Have Your Own Professionally Created Ads? Without Having to Pay a Fortune?
You've Just Found Such A Place!

Mieke created AdFactoryPro for his personal use because he was tired of losing precious time installing and using all those different ad-creating scripts and software tools. He needed a way to make profitable ads for all of his digital products, fast and easy.

So he came up with Ad Factory Professional: the ultimate ad-creation center!

AdFactory Professional makes creating professional ads so easy, everyone can do it. There's absolutely no technical knowledge required! If you can copy & paste, you can have your own ads spreading around the web in no time!

Plus you will receive lots of other useful tools and like a special toolbar where you can find all the tools in one place, ready to use.

For a limited time you can get a Gold membership for free. Click here to check it for yourself:

Today's Tip On Learning

Want More Traffic?
Get FREE REPORT: Thought Stringing How To Buy the Thoughts of Your Customers and Use the Information To Capitalize On Hidden Sources of Traffic...

Since traffic is the lifeblood of every business online, I thought you'd want to see this... I just downloaded this report and gave it a quick read. It really opened my eyes to a few things.

Over the past year, many of my Google AdWords campaigns got slapped several times over.

How about you?

Lately, it's almost a full-time job to pacify Google and keep them happy. Sometimes your ads are suddenly rejected for no reason whatsoever. To say it's frustrating is an understatement.

If you want to literally become immune to Google's repeated slaps, then you need to download this report and read it right now.

I took some notes. Here's a quick summary of some of the points that I found helpful within this report:

>> Page 2: The one "law" the gurus keep telling you that is completely wrong -- and you are missing out on 60% more sales as a result

>> Page 2: The secret to testing out your ads and offers lightening fast at little cost

>> What does a thirsty guy walking into a bar and a lady shopping at the mall have to do with getting you more traffic? A lot, see page 4

>> Page 5: How to advertise and never (I mean NEVER) get hit by the dreaded Google slap -- this is 100% legit and works every time

>> Page 6: How to use "thought stringing" to get dirt cheap (think 500% discount), laser targeted traffic with little or no competitors

>> Page 6: How about getting "mortgage" leads for a mere 12 cents a piece? (these leads can cost upwards of $30 EACH)

>> Page 8: The BIG difference (and secret) when crafting ads for lower-cost traffic -- get this wrong and you could lose a lot of cash, fast

>> Page 11: Crappy ads are sometime effective -- a clever lesson when branding you and your business

Unless you are completely oblivious to how product launches work, you can already tell that this report is part of a cleverly crafted product launch.

But, don't let that discourage you from downloading this information. This "free" stuff is better than some ebooks I have paid for.

While you are at it, why not download all these other reports as well? There is a lot of meaty content here for you too:

You can download the report right now from this link (no email address required) by clicking here.

Today's Promotional Tips

Want More Promotion?
Join This New Social Network!

I just joined a social networking site recently called Kanggie!

This is a really unique and fun site to join and it's totally different from the other social networking sites.

The best thing is, they even reward you for joining and for referring your friends to join you!

And there are a ton of interesting features as well so I just leave you to check it out yourself!

Hope to see you as a friend under my Kanggie friends list soon!

You can also promote your products and make money there.

Check out my Kanggie profile at:

Today's Useful Tip

Great Network Community!
Become Joe Popular: It Is All About YOU...

Joe Popular presents a free way to connect, share and promote anything and everything you're doing online, from one convenient location - your Joe Popular "Hub" page!

Whether you're looking to:

  • Connect with other single people
  • Showcase your talents
  • Go from Joe Schmoe to Joe Popular?
  • Make more money
  • Generate more visitors to your web-sites and blogs
  • Hang out and connect with friends or associates
  • And much more!

...Joe Popular is the place to do it for free.

Instead of giving your friends, associates or customers a dozen different links to your various social pages or web-sites, you can provide them with a single link to your Joe Popular Hub page. From there, people can easily check out everything you're doing online.

It Is Real Mega Advertising Opportunity...

Not only will you get a free, customizable Hub page through which you can connect to your friend pages, blogs and web-sites. By simply referring others to Joe Popular site, you'll receive advertising credits called "Joe Dollars". You can spend these credits in a variety of ways, including being featured on the Joe Popularm home page or posting a custom ad across the user network.

And coming soon is the Joe Popular Shopping Center through which you'll be able to "buy" additional things like games and books using your Joe Dollars.

Join Joe Popular today, become a part of something big, and get a head start on building your virtual Joe Dollar fortune by referring others!

Click here:

Today's Special Tip

Make Mother's Day Special
For all the moms in your life...

This Mother's Day, surprise your mom, grandmother, sister, daughter, or friend with a truly one-of-a-kind gift - a custom photobook. So gather all those photos and start creating the present they will cherish for years to come.

Not the creative type? Browse the Lulu Marketplace for tons of unique items that fit your mom's style.

Publish and Sell on Lulu: Lulu provides the tools. You set the price. You control the publishing process from start to finish. Join free:


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The measure of success is not whether you have a tough problem to deal with, but whether it's the same problem you had last year.
John Foster Dulles

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