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Volume 8, Issue #13, 29th June 2008
Publisher Irena Whitfield

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Internet Surfing Habits Revealed
Irena Whitfield

A new study published this week revealed some very interesting information on the way people surf the internet, and if its predictions are true, could have very interesting ramifications on anyone whose employment is based around the World Wide Web.

The studying, focusing on surfing habits over the past 3 years, initially seems normal. As if nothing interesting has changed. The total amount of people surfing the internet is up again this year and the amount of times a week that people surf the internet is also up.

These statistics are constantly on the rise and really show no signs of ever letting up. Every year more people purchase computers and establish internet connections and with only 70% of the Western world currently able to connect, the internet will have a constant flow of new users for years to come.

The surprising part of the study is that both the amount of time people are spending online and the amount of pages people visit per session dropped this year after being on an upward trend since the mid 90s.

Both of these statistics are indicative of a major trend, namely, surfer boredom. The used to be a time when the internet was the place you went to relieve boredom, but now it appears that people are staying away from the internet precisely to escape that boredom.

What these statistics prove is that people are not randomly surfing around from page to page anymore, their surfing habits are changing. Instead of satisfying their curiosity and surfing to any link that is put in front of them, people are now staying put on their favorite sites. If you are a news junkie, then the statistics say that you are not very likely to click on a link that will take you away from the CNN homepage, since thatís where you prefer to be. If you enjoy listening to music, you wonít click away from MySpace and similarly if you love playing around with your friends online, you wonít click away from Facebook.

Internet boredom has taken over and it is already affecting businesses across the internet. Businesses from all sectors of the internet have already seen their sales drop, and while each niche might point to their own reasons for the drop, if you look at the stats across the entire spectrum, boredom seems like as good a reason as any other.

Thank god too, since boredom is a disease that has a cure. This study even goes out of its way to provide a cure. It recommends that content providers provide more applicable content and to think outside the box to fight for traffic.

One suggestion that it gives is that websites should look to establish a bigger online video presence. Videos are no doubt the direction the internet is headed, as is seen with dozens of new video products released every month.

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