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Volume 8, Issue #14, 13th July 2008
Publisher Irena Whitfield

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Today's Feature Article

15 Ways to Sell More of Your Products on Clickbank
Rosalind Gardner Rosalind Gardner

It's amazing how many Clickbank merchants miss the basics...! Are you a Clickbank Merchant?

Are your sales of digital information products or software dismal?

Perhaps you haven't seen even one Affiliate sale of your Clickbank product?

Then listen up... because as a Super Affiliate I've visited a TON of Clickbank merchant sites over the years and of those that I review, only about 10% are worth promoting... and some of those I have to run direct to the order page.

Here are 15 things that you can do to get affiliates to promote your site and sell more of your products on Clickbank.

First impressions are all important and if your site sports jagged home-made graphics, colors that look like baby spit up, or each testimonial sports a different colored background - the whole site looks cheesy. As does completely centered text, whole bolded paragrahs and an array of mis-matched fonts. Amateurish site design doesn't instill visitor confidence, so hire a professional web designer or buy a beautiful, professionally designed template.

I personally don't give a second look to Clickbank merchants that offer multiple products on the same page. As a Super Affiliate, I want to be able to write a product review about your stellar book about dog training and have my visitors see only that book when they arrive on your site, not a plethora of other products unrelated to their interests. Keep it simple. While you can certainly have a site that shows all of your products, have a single page or domain for each product that does not Link out to your other products.

Do a spell check. When "How To Save Money ny using Less Electricity" shows up in the title bar of your homepage, folks can immediately assume that insufficient care and attention was probably given to the rest of the page (and your product) and may click elsewhere.

Remember that your vistors may still be on dial-up connections, so don't overdo the graphic images and make them wait for the page to load. Resize large images approporiately, instead of trying to cram an extremely large image, eg. 1600 pixels wide, into a width tag of 160.

Give your affiliates a graphic image of the product they want to sell. Make sure that image also resides near the top of your product page so customers immediately see the connection between the product discussed on the affiliate's product review page and your landing page. Too, make sure that graphic image looks great. If you don't know how to create an ebook cover or software box graphic, consult with Killer Covers.

SELL your product. Take a day, or a week even, to write sales copy that sells. Too many merchants seem to assume that since they took the trouble to write a book or put together software, people should just buy it because it exists. Sorry, selling doesn't work that way. Basic copywriting answers the question "What's in it for me?" and speaks to benefits before features. Take a look at the sales copy that I wrote for the Super Affiliate Handbook. I'm NOT a copywriter, yet that salescopy was featured in a copywriting course, because it fulfills 12 critical elements that good sales copy covers.

Put real, believable testimonials on your product pages. When you get a great testimonial, ask your customers for their permission to include it on your homepage and ask them for a mug shot. Real pictures of real people alongside real testimonials will help you sell 10 times more of your products. And don't write your own testimonial - make it part of the story you tell.

Use only ONE payment processor on the Clickbank affiliate page. Putting PayPal and PayDotCom links alongside your Clickbank links is a sure way to get ignored by your Clickbank affiliates. Clickbank accepts Paypal and if you feel the need to offer the PayDotCom option, offer that on your main site, not your Clickbank affiliate pages.

Take the Google Adsense OFF your salespage. UGH. While you may benefit a few cents per click off your page when someone clicks those links, no affiliate in their right mind is going to promote a product that has links off the page for which they do not get paid.

Be discreet with your affiliate sign up links. Putting "Become an Affiliate and make 50% on each sale that you make of this high converting e-Manual!" on your homepage distracts your customers and detracts from your product sales. Keep your affiliate sign up to a simple "Webmasters" or "Affiliates" link.

If the material is time-sensitive, i.e. the information is related to a field that changes rapidly such as technolgy, be sure to state when latest revision was released. In 2008. no one is going to buy a product about the 'latest energy- savings gadgets' that was written in 2005, or 2007 for that matter. Speak to and about events in the current year.

Cut the hype. Your product will save your customers "millions?". Give me a break.

Make your sales link obvious. "Click here to purchase" surrounded by red and green in a sea of pink, yellow, red and more green isn't particularly obvious. Well, nothing other than obviously ugly.

Make sure your affiliate signup link works. This should be a no-brainer, but the number of merchants that have an "Affiliates" link that goes nowhere is quite astounding and trust me, even if they know that you are a Clickbank merchant, they're probably not going to hunt and peck through the Clickbank marketplace to find your product if the link to your affiliate signup page doesn't work. They'll just assume that other parts of the sales process are equally bad and go on to greener pastures.

Last but not least, make sure your product shows up in the Clickbank Marketplace and offers at least a 50% Commission for affiliate sales. If I want to promote an energy-savings product and search for 'energy' at Clickbank, I'm much more inclined to promote Convert Your Car To Burn Water Gasoline = Double Your Mileage! which offers $44.33 and shows a gravity of 980.15 than a product called "Alternative Energy Resources" which pays 25.0% and has a gravity of only 3.22%. Give your affiliates some incentive to promote your product.

These are the most basic tips for selling more as a Clickbank merchant.

Get into Clickbank and check out your competition. Take a good look at why they are at top of their category page and have such a high gravity. Then, do your best to not only emulate their tactics, but do an even better job.

Rosalind Gardner got the first month check for $10.99. By the end of the first year she was clearing 5K per month, then in 2000, when she was making 10K per month and quit her job. She kept learning and earning more, then in 2003, she wrote a book about her success as an affiliate marketer called, The Super Affiliate Handbook: How I Made $436,797 in One Year Selling Other People's Stuff Online, to teach others how to do the same. She made that in 2002 and now she makes a LOT more. The book is constantly updated and has become the Industry's Standard Training Manual. You can get it here and learn the same by clicking here:

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