Set On the Pathway To Success

Volume 8, Issue #16, 10th Aug 2008
Publisher Irena Whitfield

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Today's Tips

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Today's Tip On the Opportunity Worth Checking

Have a Product for Sale? Anxious to Launch Your Affiliate Program?
But are you ready to start an affiliate program?

Here are three signs that that you're ready.

1. Your site is selling well. You have created a sales letter that closes at a dependable rate. You can share that sales conversion rate with your potential affiliates. You can let them know the difference in close rates from pay- per-click traffic and the traffic coming from your list.

2. You have a toolbox of effective advertising media. This toolbox includes graphics, banners, ads, articles, emails - tools your affiliates will be able to use to promote your product.

3. You are prepared to provide an education process for your affiliates. Many people who sign up for your affiliate program have never successfully promoted a product before. It is up to you to teach them how to be good affiliates.

If you have these three processes in place or are willing to formalize them, then you should be ready to run a first- class affiliate program.

But if you're missing any of the pieces, you need to join us for the Get It Done Weekend August 15-17.

This is your chance to FINISH that affiliate program you've been putting off. Just imagine how many more sales you'll have from affiliates who have ready-to-use marketing tools at their fingertips. PLUS once you show them all you have to offer and the variety of tools they can use - you'll be amazed at how quickly your sales soar. Click here to learn more!

Today's Tip On the Book Worth Reading

Do You Always Operate at Your Personal and Professional Best?
Get 101 Best Ways to Be Your Best!

With 101 Best Ways to Be Your Best, you can significantly enhance your ability to do just that.

You will find the most popular articles Michael Angier has written over the last 10 years now all in one book.

His weekly articles tell stories of struggle and achievement, offer practical advice, motivate those on a quest for their best and share the steps of his own personal journey from Vermont farmer to international success guru. Click here to get your signed copy today!

Today's Tip On the Software Worth Using

For Anyone who wants to build a mailing list on autopilot...

Here's The Ultimate Lazy Way To Create A Complete List Building Squeeze Page In Seconds, Just By Filling In a Simple Form!

SPECIAL BONUS: Master Resale Rights Included FREE! Click here!

Today's Tip On Learning

Want to Boost Your Ezine Response?
Get List Building Strategies with Colin Klinkert!

In the following Dustin Struckman interviews Colin Klinkert of Viral URL who gives you his best strategies on building and maintaining your list. It’s 30 minutes of pure content, so get out your pen and paper and takes notes. Lots of good gems in there. They cover topics like:

* How to build your list from scratch
* How to maintain your list
* How to maximize revenues from your list
* And more...
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Today's Promotional Tips

Fearing Your Future?
Learn About Fast Profits In Hard Times!

Get 10 Secret Strategies to Make You Rich in an Up or Down Economy by Jordan E. Goodman.

Jordan E. Goodman is a former Money magazine journalist and the author of several bestselling books, including Everyone’s Money Book, The Dictionary of Finance and Investment Terms, and Master Your Money Type. He provides financial advice to millions of people each month through regular appearances on radio call-in and TV shows and through his seminars to corporate,...
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You can become a host and promote your product.
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Today's Useful Tip

Need Higher Conversion?
Create Astonishingly Attractive, Professional, Eye-Pleasing Web 2.0 Images Without Any Software in Literally Less Than 1 Minute - Saving You Thousands of Dollars and Hours! Now!

I now use this ONE SINGLE TOOL which expedites my logo, text, background, image creation tasks down to less than 1 minute! And, it produces beautiful Web 2.0 styled images that even I as an advanced Photoshop/Illustrator user am amazed at. And, YES, I use this tool now, all of the time! In fact, I open Photoshop 90% less since the creation of this tool!

You're about to experience a change that will totally revolutionize how you view and feel about making your site a very attractive one without having to spend a single dime to create high-quality, eye-pleasing, attractive, and professionally made images for your banners, backgrounds, text, and much more! Start using it by clicking here Now!

Today's Special Tip

Love Your Dog Or Cat?
Get This Special Course: Learn Veterinary Secrets On How To Help Your Pet At Home... getting this FREE 7-day e-course on how to treat your pet at home by Dr Andrew Jones.

Dr Andrew Jones is a practicing Veterinarian in Nelson BC, Canada. He has developed a special interest in natural and alternative ways to treat pets, resulting in many books and courses.

The Free course covers the basics every pet owner should know to be able to help their pets in an emergency and even save their lives:

Day 1: Six Emergency remedies for poisoning and fever... knowing these can save your pet's life!

Day 2: Burning eyes, runny noses, inflamed ears... how to treat these and other problems naturally with safe and effective remedies.

Day 3: The one simple test to catch the early signs of cancer in your pet.

Day 4: Quickly relieve your pet's itching... and how to deal with bladder problems in cats.

Day 5: The messy stuff... how to treat vomiting and diarrhea... PLUS: does your dog have arthritis? What to do now.

Day 6: Coughing in pets - what it means and how to treat it. PLUS: how to treat heart disease and lung problems.

Day 7: Evaluation of blood pressure, treating kidney disease, treating anemia, plus how and what to put into a pet first aid kit. Assembling your pet first aid kit...having these supplies on hand can mean the difference between life and death.

All the above is in one .pdf file and you can even share this e-course with your friends and partners. For a very limited time you can download it free. Click here!


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Failure is success if we learn from it.
Malcolm Forbes

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