Set On the Pathway To Success

Volume 8, Issue #17, 24th Aug 2008
Publisher Irena Whitfield

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Today's Tips

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Today's Tip On the Opportunity Worth Checking

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Today's Tip On the Book Worth Reading

Want To Make Money Blogging?
Become A Successful Blogger!

You have an excellent opportunity to get a Free Video Training and Download the Blog Profits Blueprint.

In case you canít remember, the Conversion Blogging video explains a system for combining blogging with a traditional email marketing system to create a $100,000 Internet business.

The Conversion Blogging video is also transcribed into a text document for people who prefer to read: Just now you can get it as a free PDF download from here. Grab the transcript and you can read all the details, but of course if you want to actually see the examples, you need to watch the video (which is still free).

New people are joining Blog Mastermind every day and there are almost 400 students, which is awesome. The first of many live group coaching calls are over now and the questions came flying in. The forums are hot and the feedback from the students is fantastic.

If you havenít jumped on board what I consider the best blog coaching program available today, please come join the party by clicking here: Click here to get your signed copy today!

Today's Tip On the Training Worth Getting

7 Ways In 7 Days To Win the Money Race!
Why Do These Men Have The Most Impressive Moneymaking Records On The Internet?... See Here!

I am pleased that I can introduce you The Astonishing Money Secrets Of The Most Wealthy... Most Powerful... And Most Respected Internet Marketers!

Once you download the secret systems these check-cashing 'Iron-Man' money machines use, you can't stop making more cash... Even If You Wanted To! Now you may think that I am exaggerating but I have to say: NO.

See what you get:

1. Shawn Casey uncovers the Fastest, Easiest Ways To Make Cash Online Starting at Zero... with his proven Million- Dollar Auto-Pilot Internet system.

2. Alex Mandossian Shares his famous Stick Strategy Secrets: How to Maximize Profits and Minimize Losses... Faster, Better and with less Human Effort.

3. Matt Bacak is breaking his code of silence to reveal why you need to forget about "e-zines" and "pay-per-clicks" and "optimization" for a minute, and focus on his powerful system that made him over $500,000 in December and over $4 million last year!

4. Jeff Paul reveals his powerful, step by step system for investing in Real Estate foreclosures: how to find them, how to craft the offer and how to sell them for HUGE profits. This is the only offline money-making method I'm including in this Marathon, because Jeff if SO amazing that I couldn't resist asking him to join the Race and share some of the most Powerful Real-World money-making methods available.

5. Russell Brunson spills his guts and shows the secret step-by-step system: Affiliate Evolution - how to make 6 figures a year in only 7 minutes a day

6. Kevin Wilke demonstrates The Nitro Blueprint System: How to Create a $25,000 a month Internet Business and Love What You Do.

7. Joel Comm reveals How to Get Google to Send You Checks so the big money floating around the Internet flows directly to you, via the most brain-dead simple route: Google!

I can assure you that no matter how experienced you are, you will find information you can use to increase your profits. Click here!

Today's Tip On Business Worth Starting

Not Having Your Own Niche Yet?
Check This One!

As soon as I spotted this system, I wanted to write and ask you to take a look at this incredible multimedia marketing system that is rocking the industry.

Currently there are several profit streams that are successfully promoted with a system called 24/7 MultiMedia Marketing.

During the past 7 Years, the team leaders have used this automated system to personally sponsor more than 67,000 new members into their businesses.

Whether you currently have a great business already or are still looking for a solid opportunity, the 24/7 system can help you on your path to success. Check it here!

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Today's Promotional Tips

Can you use a Free Ipod and some great Internet marketing tools to start your online business or take it to the next level?
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I found a great new site that lets you download hot online marketing tools, PLUS they are giving away new Ipods every 2 days, Free!

All you need to do is visit the site, and you can choose which products you want to download. You'll be automatically registered with a chance to win one of several Ipods, too!

If you're interested in getting a flood of Private Label Rights products that you can reface quickly and easily to resell as your own, this new site is for you.

It's designed for people who want to minimize time spent on product customization, and those who want a set of tools for customizing the product, such as an online ecover creator, automatic front-to-back tag replacement of title, author and many other tags.

Choose from a library of products to customize. They promise that each month, Extreme PLR Makeover will add many new products and will help you streamline your product development so you can focus on building your business to greater and greater heights!

At the moment they are in the process of uploading the products so we should soon see how many of them we will be able to make over and rebrand.

Check out Extreme PLR Makeover now!

P.S.: I guess they plan charging for it soon, so get over there now...

Today's Useful Tip

Seeking More Free Publicity?
Join Me In This New Entrepreneur Community!

This is a new community in the beta stage, forming and expanding very quickly. With the ever growing importance of social networks, I would suggest you join quite fast to be there and get the mosr exposure for yourself and your home business. Click here!

Today's Special Tip

HOT: Experiencing Sleepless Nights?
It's Over Now: Get the Best Night's Sleep Ever: No Pills Required!

New Tranquil Sleep Now! is a very effective Accelerated Success Conditioning Program that trains the user's mind to shut down whenever they want to fall asleep. Not only that, but it helps users stay asleep all night... and if "nature calls" in the middle of the night, it trains you to be able to fall back asleep FAST.

In the September issue of Consumer Reports, they reported on a survey of 1,466 American adults done by their Consumer Reports National Research Center in April 2008.


  • 44% have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep and wake up much too early at least 8 nights a month.

  • Almost 1 in 5 took prescription or OTC medicines at least once a week. 14% took them almost 1 out of every 3 nights. 5% took sleeping pills every night.

  • 63% experienced side-effects

  • 24% were dependent on medication

  • 21% said that effectiveness went down after repeated use

  • 38% of sleeping pill users had been taking them for more than 2 full years.

  • 25% said it took more than 30 minutes fo fall alseep the previous night.

  • 25 % awakened in the middle of the previous night and could not go back to sleep for at least a half hour.

  • 33% said they woke up much earlier than they wanted to.

  • Most said they were anxious over family, money, health or work woes.

  • 24,000,000 (24 Millllllleeeeon) prescriptions written last year in the U.S. alone!

...Just a few great reasons why Tranquil Sleep Now! is that successful.

If you're like most people with sleep problems, your mind is simply overloaded with tension and strain by the time your head hits the pillow.

You lie there trying to relax, yet you play the day's events over and over in your mind. You dwell on money problems. Kid problems. Marriage and relationship problems. You can't shut off your brain and get to sleep, no matter how hard you try... and the frustration mounts up.

But imagine if you could release the weight of the world at bedtime. Automatically, too, so you don't even give it a thought. And without taking a single pill, either.

Well, that day is finally here...

And I don't want you to miss out.

Today, my friend Mike Brescia of Think Right Now International has just released a remarkable new program called Tranquil Sleep Now. He gathered together over 100 leading authors and experts to show you breathtaking new ways to ease your stress, calm your mind, enjoy greater success - including the one, best way to get the blissful night's sleep you deserve, night after night. Go below now to find out what's going on. Click here!

P.S.: This isn't just another self-help book or tape. You see, Tranquil Sleep Now does what no other sleep aid in the world can do: It corrects the root causes of your sleeplessness, instead of just knocking you out with brain-altering substances like drugs and herbal supplements do.

By the way, Tranquil Sleep Now is NOT hypnosis or one of those sounds of nature tapes. Instead, it combines two proven mental conditioning techniques in a unique audio format that has a remarkable track record for success.

It breaks the chains of troubled sleep naturally by targeting and transforming the self-defeating thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that loom in your mind when you go to bed.

So if you're sick and tired of waking up feeling like you've been through an ultimate fighting match, Tranquil Sleep Now guarantees a full night's sleep every night.

Go here to learn what the fuss is about -- and get access to over 100 free bonus gifts. Click here!


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