Set On the Pathway To Success

Volume 8, Issue #19, 21st Sept 2008
Publisher Irena Whitfield

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Today's Tips

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Today's Tip On the Book Worth Getting

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Today's Tip On the Community Worth Joining

Another Place To Promote Your Home Business

I've just joined this special community site. Even though I haven't found the time to set up the site yet, I can clearly see the huge potential this community has mainly because it is ideally compatible with Pathway To Success:

* Their mission is to reach the largest audience of website professionals with expert information thatís immediately useful for their success on the Internet. Website Magazine reaches 133,336 qualified professionals and a large audience of website owners and managers in the field.

* Website Magazine is the one magazine to focus exclusively on the business of running a website: tips for successful websites, solutions for enhancing website traffic, the latest Internet industry trends and statistics, as well as news analysis on the Internet industry.

* By providing a broad scope of useful articles and tapping premier talent in the industry, Website Magazine covers all the elements that together make websites successful: search engine optimization and marketing, website design, content management, blogging, E-commerce, online advertising, email marketing, analytics, web software and applications, customer service/customer relationship management, web hosting, mobile web and more.

So, if you want to succeed in the fast-growing Internet industry, Pathway To Success and Website Magazine is the leading choice. Website Magazine is published quarterly in print and digital editions, with news and weblogs updated daily online and editorial analysis and commentary in interactive e-newsletters.

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Today's Tip On Tools Worth Using

New And Useful!
Join This Free Internet Marketing Question And Answer Community

Don't you just hate it when you buy a product, and it ends up not even answering the question you had? An incredible new IM community site just went live and I believe it is going to fix this problem!

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Today's Promotional Tips

Simple And Useful!

Over 400 members of Ezine Articles have already signed up to get auto-tweeted whenever they have a new article accepted.

Today, I can announce to you that Ezine Articles started the directory of EzineArticles Expert Authors who also Twitter.

Here are several HOW-TO instructions to setup your Twitter account within your EzineArticles account.

Three most important things to do if you're new to Twitter:

  • Upload your author photo. Profiles without photos are lame.
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Today's Useful Tip

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What Is the Thirty-day Challenge?

In a nutshell: the 30-day challenge is about making your first dollars online. For the full 30 days we are going to be showing you exactly how to start your own Internet business and generate your first income online without spending a dime.

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Think and feel yourself there! To achieve any aim in life, you need to project the end result. Think of the elation, the satisfaction, thej oy! Carrying the ecstatic feeling will bring the desired goal into view.
Grace Speare

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