Set On the Pathway To Success

Volume 8, Issue #22, 2nd Nov 2008
Publisher Irena Whitfield

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Today's Tips

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Today's Tip On the Opportunity Worth Checking

Millionaire Mind in Turbulent Times
Want to start building your personal economy immediately?

In response to the global economic crisis, T. Harv Eker has added critical, new information to his world-renowned 3-day seminar. This special edition Millionaire Mind in Turbulent Times focuses on key strategies you can implement immediately to protect yourself.

Recognizing that many people donít know how to react to the unstable global economy, T. Harv Eker has developed a special edition of the Millionaire Mind Intensive.

At the Millionaire Mind in Turbulent Times youíll:

  • Discover how to create your own personal economy that thrives at all times
  • Focus on making a fortune while others are focused on fear
  • Learn what to do and which strategies to use right now
  • See how the worse it gets, the better you can do now and in the future

Secure your financial future today!

You can begin building your Millionaire Mind today, right in your own home with a FREE, exclusive 20-minute interview T. Harv Eker recently gave on the current economy. This interview reveals key strategies for turning this financial crisis into your financial fortune.

In this interview, Harv explains how to:

  • Recognize opportunities created by the downward market
  • Understand what changes you need to make to continue your current success
  • Make choices today that will ultimately lead to massive success

Access this Exclusive Interview Now, Share the secret and Receive Massive Wealth!

Right now, when you bring a friend to Millionaire Mind in Turbulent Times, youíll both receive an exclusive four-speaker DVD set as a FREE BONUS. Multimillionaires T. Harv Eker, Keith Cunningham, Natalie Pace and Jordan Goodman share their secrets to creating massive wealth which is yours for the taking in this economy. Click below to go there!

Today's Tip On the Book Worth Reading

Boost Your Business!
Crash Course: How To Write an eBook

You will learn

  • What is an eBook ?
  • Why write an eBook?
  • 20 questions to ask before writing an eBook
  • How to Write an eBook
  • Create eBook Titles with Impact
  • Quickly Overcoming Writer's Block
  • Make money with eBooks
  • Free eBook marketing campaign
  • 18 reasons why you should give away an eBook
  • Steps to eBook Success
  • eBook Press Release
  • eBook Marketing Revealed

This 34-page ebook ideal for beginners or business owners still hesitating or not knowing why to publish an ebook. Download free by clicking here!

Today's Tip On the Learning Worth Getting

Need Help With Your Affiliate Programs?
Get Affiliate Classroom Magazine

Affiliate Classroom Magazine is published to serve hard-working affiliates. Its goal is to help keep you informed of emerging marketing trends, increase your website traffic, and raise converions and revenues. The writers, columnists, editors and teachers who contribute to Affiliate Classroom Magazine are all affiliates who speak from experience. Get the October Issue for free by clicking here!

Today's Tip On Tools Worth Using

Want More Revenue From Your Affiliate Programs?
Get a Free Course!

Watch how a 20-year-old earned over $10,466 in just 60 days with 1-2 hours a day. He's trained over 12,000 people to do the same and he will teach you too.

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Today's Promotional Tips

Promote Your Home Business Effectively!
There are 1000's of radio shows looking for expert guests

If you have a book, or you are working on a book, you ARE the EXPERT Warren is looking for.

His own show is adding hundreds of new listeners, others are buying his books. Listen to live radio shows by clicking here!

Join Warren for the next show:

  • ==> How Authors Can Use Twitter
  • ==> and Social Media to Attract
  • => Publicity, Sell Books and
  • ==> Become a BEST SELLER Online

Special Guest is Alan Bechtold, the man who has helped hundreds of authors build their empires, author of the BEST SELLER "Will Work For Fun" which show you step by step how to turn your passion into profits.. while having fun.

This FUN call will talk about what it takes to do what Alan did. There is NOTHING FOR SALE here.. just a chat. Don't wait, click here!

Today's Useful Tip

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Today's Special Tip

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Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal. Nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.
E. Joseph Cossman

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