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Volume 8, Issue #4, 22nd Feb 2009
Publisher Irena Whitfield

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Today's Feature Article

3 Simple Ways To Manage Your Money
Irena Whitfield

There are many ways and tips on effective ways to manage money in general. Technically, all these tips talk about one thing: being able to have money when needed and where needed.

Personal budgeting must surely be considered among the most critical and necessary life skills. The knowledge of budgeting basics is vital for your financial success. It is important to always track your earnings as well as your expenditure, whether you are doing financially well at the moment or whether you are struggling with your finances. Not knowing where your money goes is definitely killer No 1 for your financial balance, wealth and prosperity.

1. Looking Into the Future

One of the most important and progressive value that helps a person to come up with effective ways to manage money is to have a sense of foresight or as I call it 'financial intuition'. This foresight enables a person to know what is going to happen in the future and prepare beforehand when there is no time pressure. Financial intuition helps a person to properly co-ordinate the timeline and the budget allocation, ie funding, investements and costs. Realistic consideration of all expenditures, ie fees, costs and payments must be properly identified and included in the plan.

To effectively prepare for a rainy season one must possess a flexible mind, be able to cope with unexpected events and accept a calculated risk.

2. Invest, Invest, Invest!

Another method to effectively manage money is to invest in progressive and productive endeavors which could be other sources of income. Instead of just allowing the savings to rest in a bank and earn a small amount of interest per year, it would be wise to allocate some of the money and other resources into a business. Of course, it may prove unproductive and detrimental, but the allowance of such resources to different paths of productivity would widen the scope in which a person could determine and discover the best way to manage and have more money to alleviate the status in society.

Investing does not only mean having to go into a business venture but also being able to become a stockholder, no matter how small in an existing business. Being a stockholder and becoming a part owner of a running business puts a person into a profit-oriented state by having a percentage of the earnings that the said business generates.

Nevertheless, the risk of losing the capital used for this investment is always there and it is necessary to be able to make qualified decisions and calculate the risks before you invest any amount of money and never invest your last money.

3. The 3:3:4 Strategy

This strategy is based on the condition that all the other expenses and monthly bills have already been paid and the amount left is the extra money. Most probably many people would not be lucky enough to have this, or if possible they are just left with a tiny amount. Still, no matter how small the amount is, it is a good start.

The 3:3:4 strategy means that

  • 30% of the floating money is to be saved in the bank,

  • 30% is then used to allocate for the investments of choice,

    and the remaining

  • 40% is allocated to the leisure and luxury of the household.

The last portion is important to provide a sense of reward for the earner to clear the mind of burden and discouragement.

The above aspects when combined together are often simple and effective ways to manage money reasonably, budget the incomes well, handle expenses effectively and have all your finance under control which leads to prosperity and wealth.

Proper budgeting is in fact the only way to avoid debt and situation in which you have to earn money only to pay off a previous debt.

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