Set On the Pathway To Success

Volume 9, Issue #11, 31 May 2009
Publisher Irena Whitfield

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Today's Tips

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Today's Tip On the Opportunity Worth Checking

Everything you know about making money online is wrong!
Here's why...

A bold statement, I know. But hear me out... Unless you're one of the smart money guys who are raking it in on the 'Net, you're obviously doing something wrong. You have to agree with that, right?

That's about to change. A guy I know is about to launch something hot that levels the playing field. In a few days the secret is going to be out.

What secret?

* The secret to how those successful products get launched.

* The secret to how top name marketers build huge lists.

* The secret to how they stack one success on top of the other until they are making insanely stupid money for practically doing nothing more than waking up each morning.

And oh, how those big guys are going to hate him for spilling the beans. But he doesn't care. And you won't either once you get your hands on the Guaranteed No-Holds-bared, Step-By-Step guide to launching successful Internet Marketing products that's a few days from getting released.

Yep, you are going to be standing side-by-side next to every big name you have ever heard of because you are going to know EXACTLY what they know.

PLUS you're not going to spend a lot of money to make a lot of money. And you're not going to need a technology degree to build an Internet Empire. He started out on a shoestring.

After just two successful but small product launches he built a list of over 5,500 BUYERS. He did that in only 9 months, and he's just getting started. He learned how to do it all at a wedding! No kidding. Wait until you hear that story! He'll tell you more in a few days.

Are you serious about making stupid money? Let me give you a taste of what I'm talking about. Get his free report by clicking here now!

Today's Tip On Tool Worth Getting

New Automated Link Building Service,
Check it Out! Free Trial...

I have found a new service that may be useful in the ongoing quest to build more and more traffic. This is a new automated system that looks to have some real promise. It's called Next Generation Links.

What they do, to quote the site is "create, high-quality, relevant, one way deep links to every page on your site."

Their goal is to make the entire link building process easy. I gave it a shot and it does indeed work. I started receiving traffic pretty soon after going through the initial set-up process.

What I really loved was the fact that the NextGenLinks software creates all the code I need to generate back links. All I had to do was add my domain, spider my site and add the snippet to my pages, then Next Gen Links did all the heavy lifting.

They've have eliminated the need for a programmer and in fact it seems as though anyone could effectively use their software.

My main concern was the footprint issue and they have completely eliminated that as well. Very cool ? Another concern is support, I like to know there is someone there to answer questions, so I asked a few and they were answered by Charles within the hour, thatís important.

One of the major functions of the Next Gen Links software is that they aim to get deep links to all of the pages on the site and the links to each page reflect the interest of my visitors so the links actually add content and make the page more interesting.

I like the concept of placing relevant links onto a web page and the execution works great. The entire process was as easy as they promised and the end result was slick.

They also have a free 14-day trial period so if anything, sign up for free and take it for a 14 day test drive.

If youíre not happy with the service, you can just cancel and you wonít be billed a dime.

I intend to try it out on a few different sites and see how it goes, so far so good.

Check it out by clicking here

Today's Promotional Tips

Want to Make More out of Twitter?
Listen To the Advanced Twitter Call!

This is one audio recording which you do not want to miss!

Doug Champigny, a Twitter expert and overall marketing expert for almost 30 years, is interviewed by Joel Osborne on how to properly use Twitter to build up your online business.

Both Doug and Joel got fed up because of the lack of real experts who share their knowledge about marketing on Twitter, so they decided to record a call and share what they have learned.

There are have been countless Twitter reports and ebooks written which contain nothing but basic Twitter use tips and how NOT to market on Twitter. Doug explains why they are wrong and has a proof to show that you can market successfully on Twitter.

You can download the recorded 35-minute call in an .MP3 format. The download file is zipped. Click Here to download


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The doors of opportunity are open to the optimist. Gates of achievement swing wide for the person who sees infinite possibilities in the insignificant.
Dr. William Arthur Ward

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