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Volume 9, Issue #17, 23rd August 2009
Publisher Irena Whitfield

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Today's Feature Article

4 Proven Tips To Set Up A High Earning Membership Site
Jeremy Gislason Jeremy Gislason

A membership site is a step up of the regular websites that you see on the internet. For one, it doesn’t rely merely on advertisements to generate income; but instead, the money comes from regular people who are eager to know what’s inside and are willing to spend money in order to have membership privileges. That’s how the money flows – from membership fees that you collect.

There is no telling how big a membership base can blow up to. In fact, as your reputation spreads and promotion grows, you may wake up one day with thousands of members and a lot more eager prospects waiting to get in. The sky’s the limit as long as your content is unique, beneficial and interesting.

Setting up a membership site is no rocket science. You only have to learn a few things and you’re pretty much ready to take off on your own. As you follow these tips, remember to infuse your own personality and way of doing things because that’s how truly successful people do it.

Choose a niche that has a massive audience appeal.

Your membership site can hardly be considered a membership site if only a handful of people are interested about it. Remember that your goal here is to gain profits, not set up an exclusive group that merely shares ideas back and forth. You can do that on regular forums.

Pick a topic that is interesting and has a large following all over the world. Make sure it’s unique and cannot be easily searched in Google. The idea behind a membership site is packaging a certain topic to make it seem like it’s an exclusive one that the public is not privy to.

Are you a big Warcraft fan? Then why not make a site where you can share all your techniques in leveling and gold-farming? Perhaps you can create a detailed walkthrough on how to get to level 74 at lightning speed. If you like indie music, you can create a site that revolves around underground bands that have little or no exposure at all.

Pick a memorable domain name and a solid hosting package.

The domain name is simply the web address of your site. It is mostly what people will remember because it describes your website. Avoid convoluted titles that exceed more than twenty characters. Settle for a name that’s easy to remember, catchy, and descriptive of what the membership site is all about.

Select a web hosting package that is as reliable as it gets. There are many low-cost packages you can find online, offering different bandwidths and promotions. Try to estimate how many members you will initially have and anticipate worst-case scenarios. Choose a web hosting package than can handle your estimated traffic. The last thing you want is to pay for overage in bandwidth simply because the traffic is larger than you thought.

Content is everything.

Just like in regular websites, the actual content of your membership site will make or break you. Some members who were initially interested may get turned off and cancel their subscription if they find out that the ‘insider’ info you claim to have are hardly insider at all.

So make sure you spend time on the content to ensure its topnotch quality. You could write the content yourself. But if you don’t have a knack for writing, or if you want to save time and focus more on making money, you can hire the services of a freelancer to do all the mundane work for you.

Many membership site owners give private label rights (PLR), resell rights, or giveaway rights along with their products. They also include accompanying sales letter, graphics, ads and other promotional tools to these products. This is a very attractive incentive, since members are given almost everything they need to start earning money or building their lists from these products, either by reselling or giving them away.

Choose reliable software that can do most of the administrative work for you.

Such functions include automatic sign-ups, billing, immediate cancellation, and automatic sending out of emails to members and prospective members. If you’re thinking of managing all of that stuff all on your own, you’re in for a nightmare. You cannot possible do all of that, especially if your website is pulling a large audience.

Having reliable software is very much like being the boss, without pretty much doing anything. Your ‘staff’ handles most of the workload for you. This way, you could devote more time on delivering killer content which is the ‘meat’ of your website. More importantly, you could focus on marketing your site to gain more members… and earn more passive income!

To recap, here are the keys to a successful membership site:

  • choose an in-demand niche;

  • give high quality and unique content;

  • pick an appropriate domain and hosting account; and

  • choose a dependable software to manage your site.

Jeremy Gislason is a leading expert on membership sites, marketing and online business. For more Business Strategies, Resources and Membership Site Manager Software Visit:

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