Set On the Pathway To Success

Volume 9, Issue #21, 18th Oct 2009
Publisher Irena Whitfield

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Today's Tips

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Today's Tip On the Opportunity Worth Checking

Special Opportunity for List Owners:
You're Invited To The Mega Profits Group

I know that many of you have been in online home business for a while now, and with the recession looming, we're all continually looking for ways to increase our income.

In fact, we spend our time competing with others to gain signups for the same programs. But the competition is tough, and we may never gain great financial success individually...

Well I think we've come up with the answer! Consider it the silver lining to make your day.

We've just launched Mega Profits Group, which is a site dedicated to online professionals, that can create a powerful force of numbers and resources that add up to more profits for all.

Instead of competing against each other, we're actively seeking the right programs to gain good returns from, join forces together, utilise a unique signup and promotion strategy, and share the profits between us.

Just think what 300 pros promoting the same downline could achieve as a team? The goal of Mega Profits Group is to bring everyone together, and give members the opportunity to evaluate different programs to secure the best possible programs with the highest returns.

You've got to agree: the potential is huge!

That's where you come into the picture...

We're looking for safelist admins, site owners, ezine publishers and anyone with an existing list that would like to join us and share in the profits.

There's no charge to join, and we're planning to join our first choice program (under $10) en masse in days. That means we'll be making higher profits very quickly.

Would you like to share your resources, brand your business, gain recognition and share in the profits with us?

We'd love to have you on board!

Please take a look at the following site and signup ASAP. Remember, power in numbers means more income for you this year! Click here.

Today's Tip On Tool Worth Getting

Are You Losing Visitors Because of This?

Let me ask you a quick question: The last banner ad you saw on a website - what was it about?

You have no idea, right?

That's because so many of us have become accustomed to banner ads, link exchanges and popups, we simply close them, no matter how good the offer might be.

If you've tried popup ads, banner ads and link exchanges but haven't gotten the traffic you expected, you'll love what I just found.

It's called Hovering Ads. Hovering Ads are a different kind of advertising network. Instead of having a big ugly pop up stuck in the middle of your screen or an irritating banner ad flashing the same message over and over, your appears on the side of the screen and scrollswith the viewer, so they notice your ad while they're reading other content.

You get to customize your ad message and links, and you can even show your ad on competing websites in the same niche! Imagine what kind of conversion rates you could get from that!

Check out a demo of Hovering Ads and then join for free at Click here!

It's completely free to join and you never pay for any advertising, plus you keep 100% of the sales you make!

I can't think of any ad network that's fairer than that!

Sign up now, you'll be glad you did! Click here!

Today's Promotional Tips

No Sales?
Your ads aren't working...

How do I know your ads aren't working?

Because I bet that you're probably getting a pathetically low click-through rate and an almost non-existent conversion rate out of those ads.

Let me explain.

The truth is, banner ads and link exchanges just don't work anymore. People just ignore them completely.

Google and other major companies that get the bulk of their profits from advertising have tried to counteract this 'banner blindness' by making ads different sizes - which worked ... for awhile.

You can be the best graphic designer or copywriter in the world - and it doesn't make one bit of difference. Your ads still have a horrible conversion rate.

Want to know which kind of ads people don't ignore? ==> Header Ads!

The header is the area at the very top of a web page. It usually includes the product name, maybe a photo of the creator and a graphic of a software box or book cover.

It's also the very first thing people notice on a website, and the very first graphic to load.

Now what if you could take this same header area from someone else's site and put YOUR ads on it?

Can you see just how much more targeted that would be? The site visitors can't help but notice it - which means you get more click-thrus and more eager buyers coming to YOUR site! See what I mean by clicking here!

It's like getting someone else to do all the marketing for you. All you do is sit back and watch as the customers pour in!

And best of all: if you check it, you'll find out exactly how much this advertising costs: Nothing!

But I should warn you. As soon as the big marketing pros hear about this - their servers are going to fill up fast. And once the space fills up, they might have to start charging. Get in now before it's too late by clicking here!

Another way to get attention to your ad is to place your ad at the bottom of pages. Here you can get this too.

Fortunately, I've found this brand new way to promote your site using a proven method that doesn't involve any kind of popup, hover, flying or flashing ads of any kind. It's simple, unobtrusive and it WORKS. Check it out by clicking here!

With SlideUp Ads, you'll be able to put your ad directly at the bottom of any website and have it slide up smoothly and instantly when someone visits the page. The ad scrolls with them as they read, giving you greater visibility and exposure that banner ads and link exchanges just can't compare to.

By the way, did I mention it's free to join?

They've even got a viral marketing referral program that lets you earn 100% of the advertising credits that your friend earns, PLUS 100% of the credits of anyone THEY refer. It's three layers of viral marketing power you just can't get from any other ad or banner exchange.

Give it a try now by signing up here. I love this promotion! Click here!


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The thought manifests as the word;
The word manifests as the deed;
The deed develops into habit;
And habit hardens into character;
So watch the thought and its ways with care,
And let it spring from love
Born out of concern for all beings....
As the shadow follows the body,
As we think, so we become.

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