Set On the Pathway To Success

Volume 10, Issue #18, 5th Sept 2010
Publisher Irena Whitfield

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Today's Tips

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Today's Tip On the Opportunity Worth Checking

Truly Unique Opportunity:
Become A Master Trader!

The July 29-30, 2010 Web Summit was called 'How To Become A Consistently Profitable FX Trader'.

Six Forexmentor mentors and coaches showed traders how they could develop consistency over the 2-day web conference. Each presentation is about 60 minutes with a 30-minute Q/A session following every presentation.

Now, in addition to the online conference, full video and MP3 recordings are available either online or on DVD.

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Today's Tip On Tool Worth Getting

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And the best part is....... EVERYTHING YOU MAKE - IS YOURS TO KEEP.

No hype or rubbish - just a genuine online biz in under ten minutes - all set up and ready for you. THIS ROCKS!!

One member posted to say she had made $150 in her FIRST DAY and was jumping through the roof with excitement.

And YOU can access your own site right now:

  • With Instant Blog Subscribers;
  • You don't have to know anything about Websites.
  • You don't have to install anything or set it up.
  • You can be up and running in seconds and have your message going out to HUNDREDS of people before you can even type: 'Check Out My New Blog!'
  • This becomes your own store. You have INSTANT Access to all the products for yourself (that alone is Worth Thousands)

    You can promote them ANYWHERE you like and keep it all. You never have to pay commission or anything!

    If you are serious about getting ahead .... You cannot afford to miss this.

    There is also a HUGE PASSIVE INCOME to be generated by the actual site itself - as a bonus! - so if that interests you...

    I moved even faster; I've started it already. Click here to check my new blog and don't forget to subscribe by clicking here.

    P.S. - If you are EXTRA serious about getting people to view what you want them too online - keep an eye out for the offer on sign up - don't worry, it is not compulsory but that offer will multiply your effectiveness by about a thousand times and throw thousands of dollars of additional exposure your way.... Keep your eyes peeled.... Click here.

    Today's Promotional Tips

    Do you realise the value of Text Ads?
    Join Kooday - A competitive Search engine!

    Other Search engines use a bidding system and pay-per-click fees to link websites to keywords - like Google Adwords. This is how they make most of their money and have gotten very rich. Kooday is not going to compete with these types of rules. Kooday is making it completely affordable for anyone to link their website to any search word.

    Anyone can link their website to any keyword by purchasing the KeyWord or if the KeyWord is too expensive they can simply pay a very small fee to the owner of the KeyWord. Kooday allows any person to own Keywords. This means that you make the money when someone wants to link their website to KeyWords. We are unaware of any other Search Engine that allows its members to own, control and profit from KeyWords. (Ownership of KeyWords pays!)

    Kooday is sharing our profits with members that own Profit-Share -Credits. These Credits are given for free when a person buys a KeyWord. The only way to get Profit-Share-Credits is to buy KeyWords. (Kooday rewards its contributing members!)

    Kooday has a referral program that can earn you some serious money. When you have referred a person that buys KeyWords or Links website to a KeyWord you get commission. Referring many people could earn you a life time of cash. There are no other requirements to earn with referring, just refer and watch your account grow. When you get at least $1 you can request a payout. (Start referring today!)

    We allow people to place their Ads and pay us the subscription rate after trying it for 1 month. Monies earned from our Ads are shared with members that own Profit-Share-Credits. Place your Ad there today and see how effective our Text Ads will work for you. You have little to lose. (Why not give it a try?)

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    Anything that won't sell, I don't want to invent. The sale is proof of utility and utility is success.
    Thomas Edison

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