Set On the Pathway To Success

Volume 10, Issue #21, 17th Oct 2010
Publisher Irena Whitfield

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Today's Tips

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Today's Tip On the Opportunity Worth Checking

Sick of hype in marketing? Good. Watch this!
New Traffic System Course By Robert Phillips And Bob Beckett! Attention: Launches Tuesday!

As you may know by now a new traffic system is about to be released soon. I've had the privilege to follow along with the creators of this fantastic Course. The system basically consists of 4 Modules, each with a specific task to drive targeted traffic to any Niche using automated system modules.

In Module 1 Robert and Bob Cover Their closely guarded secrets to pulling their absolute best converting keywords that everyone else just plain forgets about.

In module 2 Bob Beckett teaches you the art of the funnel and how if you don't have this in your current business plan... you are both destined for failure and also leaving tons of money on the table. It's a true money making machine.

He also goes over how to setup your very own custom capture pages in under 20 minutes flat including how to get them up and running from scratch using their very powerful... but simple template that you get to basically steal from us.

In Module 3 Robert Phillips goes over how he generates HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of views to whatever video he demands. This resorts in an unlimited flow of leads and sales to virtually anything he wants to sell and build lists in the most unique niches

In the last module... you're going to want to watch these videos very closely and maybe even a few times over... because what Robert Phillips is going to go over can literally make you more money than you can ever imagine. Just sit there for a second and picture yourself taking the secret buyer keywors you learn in module one... and turning that into plain out pure cash by setting up what we call "mini cash cannons" all over the net like a giant web... grabbing everything and anything in it's path

This will be the traffic system of the century when it comes to searching, finding the right Niche's, and automating the process of driving Epic amounts of traffic to any project you are working. It almost sounds like I am a paid spokesperson, but believe me I am not. What's got me excited is I have witnessed the power of just one of these modules and I can only imagine what it is going to be like when I go though the whole course.

To check it and join, Click here.

PS: PLUS you can win great prizes! See how!

Today's Tip On Tool Worth Getting

Money Problems?
Learn How to Find a Great Job in a Challenging Economy!

If you're in the market for a new, higher-paying job, you've got to hear this very special presentation ...

  • Stop doing things the hard way!
  • Stop sending the kinds of resumes that nobody looks at.
  • Cut the line and end up on top of the pile instead of at the bottom, or worse, in the trash!
  • Learn how you can Secure 3 Job Offers in Under a Week After Long Months and Mailing Hundreds of Resumes
  • Discover powerful strategies for finding a great job, in spite of bad economic times!
  • Most everything you've been taught about job hunting is wrong! Your resume is a very poor marketing tool, yet almost every job seeker relies on this one document to open the door to a new job.

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    Today's Promotional Tips

    Join me on Qik: It's Free!
    Check Qik Overview Here!

    What is Qik? Qik, the leading mobile video service, lets you instantly show and communicate through live video - right from your mobile phone. This includes a number of media and entertainment companies, marketing agencies, event management companies, medical, field- service and real-estate professionals to easily record, share and communicate with their customers.

    Why use Qik? Itís convenient. Interesting moments can happen anywhere. Your mobile phone is the one device thatís always with you.

    Itís easy. Before you finish recording, your Qiks are already saved to your online Video Gallery, ready for safe-keeping or sharing. What could be easier than that?

    Who can you share with? Anyone you choose. Share your Qiks with a single family member, a group of friends, or broadcast to your entire community. You decide.

    Many sharing options. With a single tap, share by email, SMS, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, your blog, through your own Video Gallery on, or directly to another mobile phone.

    When can you share Qiks? Live. Share your Qiks live (right as you are recording them)!

    Later. If friends and family arenít available to watch live, they can see your Qiks anytime later thatís convenient.

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    In each of us are places where we have never gone. Only by pressing the limits do you ever find them.
    Dr. Joyce Brothers

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