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Volume 12, Issue #3, 12th Feb 2012
Publisher Irena Whitfield

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Today's Feature Article

3 Ways I Will Promote My Blog as a Starter
Olawale Daniel

Blogging when compared to any other act is very hard to be precise except we’re just making fools of ourselves. To be a success story while blogging, you need to work harder in order to attain success as fast as possible and that’s where many bloggers missed it. Simply because they taught everything is simple once they just write some posts and do some blog commenting on other blogs. Many of them failed to realise that blogging requires a lot more than that. And that is why I shall be showing you in this article tips I will use in order to promote my blog if it happens that I am a starter in the blogosphere.

Blog Promotion Tips For Newbies

I Will Write Regular Contents

Writing is what makes a blog, if you’re too busy to write for your blog, getting people to visit that site will be very difficult for you as a blogger. If I were to start blogging the second time, I will make sure that I add up-to- date contents to my blog on regular basis. With these contents on my blog, my search engine traffic will increase while I will also be able to get advertiser and sponsors for my blog in order to make money blogging.

I Will Promote My Blog with Popular Social Media Sites

The major benefit of social media sites for a blogger is to help them drive more traffic to their respective websites. The major thing I will do if I was to be a new starter is to make proper use of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter for promotion of my blog. But, one thing is that I won’t focus my effort on using facebook and twitter but rather, I will make sure that I add other websites such as Google and some others like Koowie to my marketing technique because with these sites, I will be able to amass a lot of people to my blog.

I Will Help Others Out of their hard times

One major thing that revolves around the word ‘blogging’ is helping. If you can’t help others, your chances or making it big as a blogger is too slim. The best way to make it big as a blogger is by making sure that you are sharing all what you have with people and with this, they will also pledge their allegiance with you and your blog. Anyone who comes to your blog and get what they are looking for will certainly come back to read more from you unless the content is not solving their problems.


These are the things I will do if I were to start blogging from scratch again without any limitation. If you make use of these tips, I believe you will be able to get more as a blogger.

Olawale Daniel is a writer and a guest blogger for techatlast, a technology blog that focuses on the latest internet updates. The site is the perfect place for all iphone developer news and updates. You can hook me up on Facebook and Twitter via @coolcash4live

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