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This page contains the most asked questions and I add more as time permits. Please look around and see whether you can find the answer to your question before you contact me. I appreciate this very much and it is also advantageous for you because my response time is a bit too longer than acceptable. Thank you.

The most important questions:

    - What IS Pathway To Success Ezine?
    Pathway To Success Ezine is an e-magazine bringing top information, reviews, recommendations and resources for webmasters, netpreneurs and all the people starting, building, improving and/or optimizing their online home based business with the aim to make it profitable and establish incomes they imagine. And "Pathway" is here to help its Readers to achieve their goals.

    My aim is to provide information and resources of permanent value, highest quality and enough for the period of 14 days ie between two issues.

    - And to answer what "Pathway" is NOT:
    It is NOT a sales letter or anything of the kind. It is a purely informational publication.

Important: please do NOT subscribe any aol, hotmail, zwallet or autoresponder address. This will NOT subscribe you.


  1: Free Ads in Pathway To Success?
  2: RSS Custom Reader?
  3: Mail Response?
  4: Solo Ads?
  5: JVs?
  6: Ad Swaps?
  7: Discounts on Ads?
  8: Special Deals for Subscribers?
  9: Free Articles?
10: Paid Articles?
11: Subscriber Map?
12: Important Info?
13: Link Exchanges?
14: Unattended servers?
15: Which articles will not be published?
16: Pathway Delivery?
17: Automatic Pathway Delivery?
18: Affiliate programs, Ezine Subscriptions?
19: Deadlines?
20: ePublishing?
21: Address change?
22: Paid Subscription?
23: Pathway Subscription?
24: Ad Submissions?
25: Pathway UnSubscription?
26: Domain Abuse?
27: Ad Payment and Submission
28: Whitelisting
29: Endorsements
30: Site and Ezine Issue Updates


1: Free Ads must contain the right Code for the respective Issue, which is published one Issue ahead. Ads submitted without the Code are not published. Free Ads with the right Ad Code are published for 14 days in the Ad Center at: http://www.thecassiopeia.com/Portal/AdCentre.html

2: Pathway To Success Custom RSS Reader is easy to install, absolutely unobtrusive and automatic. However, because the company which provided support for it left the Internet, you must put Pathway Feed in the Reader manually as soon as you install it as with any other reader you may already have. And only then, you can receive Pathway automatically.

So, after you install your Reader, please open it, and add Pathway Feed which is this URL: http://www.thecassiopeia.com/xml/thecassiopeiaweb.xml

3: Since I receive thousands of messages every day, my email response gets longer. I sincerely apologize for this. Also, recently I lost all the mail because of my hosting company severe server issue. So, if I haven't responded yet, please re-send your message.

Generally, if I don't respond within your acceptable time, please re-send your message, I'll do my best to get back to you asap.

4: No, I don't publish solo ads, will not and it is useless to offer any money for it. I am strictly against it.

5: I welcome any good JV and gladly participate. However, since I receive hundreds of JV offers and I have to check all of them, it takes time and I even have to refuse many, even the ones I like and want to do. I'm sorry.

6: I welcome Ad Swaps. I do Ad Swaps with small Ezines as well. However, since I receive hundreds of Ad Swap requests and can place only a couple in each Issue, please re-send your request.

7: I give discounts on repeated Ads but not on Ads from mebership sites or directories. Please check the advertising possibilities at: http://www.thecassiopeia.com/WebmasterMall/EzineAdPrices.html

8: I invite and welcome Special Deals for Subscribers very much! It's a great publicity for your business if you have a great product and/or service and want to offer a special deal and my Subscribers get something unique. However, it must be a genuine deal, not a hidden trap. I check it thoroughly. And I prefer permanent advantage or a gift to my Subscribers.

9: Free Articles are welcome but please follow the guidelines and submit only quality and business, entrepreneurship, webmaster and motivation or self-improvement related stuff, and also, your own experience or success stories. Now you can submit your articles at: http://articles.thecassiopeia.com/

10: I don't publish Paid Articles because I want to keep full control of what I publish, so please don't offer these.

11: Please check Subscriber Map and if you submitted your Article for publishing here and you can't find it, please re-submit. I am very much behind the schedule with this item and also, lost many of your Articles in the mail. I apologize for this inconvenience. Thank you.

12: Important Info is published only for RSS Feed Readers, theCassiopeia's Toolbar Users and Pathway Yahoo Group Readers. So, if you want to start getting it, please get one of these. I am not going to publish it through email.

13: Link Exchanges: I do this occasionally and carefully pick up partners. Again, since I receive hundreds of these requests, it takes time before I get to it. But I can't put any links to past issues.

14: Please do not write to me to the servers from which you may receive your Pathway Issue because these are unattended. Please stick to the organization stated in: http://www.thecassiopeia.com/Portal/Admin.html

Also, please do not send any autoresponder messages.

15: Articles which do not comply with the guidelines as stated the Admin Section above or 'articles' which are a mere advertising or promoting a program/scheme ie not giving any relevant information.

16: IMPORTANT: Recently we have problems with Pathway delivery because to broadcast to almost 140,000 subscribers is too much for every server, even my ISP! Even though I don't understand why because there are thousands of other clients working at the same minute, they say that I should broadcast in batches spread over several days which is unacceptable for me. So, it may happen that you don't receive Pathway the way we both imagine. Please bear with the situation until I manage to find out a solution.

Also, to be sure you receive your Issue, please whitelist the Pathway publishing address ie pathwaytosuccessezine at thecassiopeia.com and/or create a special mailbox receiving only Pathway. Please also see p. 19 on Whitelisting.

17: Related to the above situation, I started to limit email publishing and would like to kindly ask you to subscribe to one of the automatic deliveries, ie Pathway To Success Ezine Yahoo Group - see below (you will receive exactly the same issue as you would from me personally), or any of the automatic alert systems you can find at Pathway Main Page here. Thank you.

18: Affiliate programs: I would like to kindly ask you NOT to sign me up to any programs, ezines or sites. It will simply not work. I am very busy, sometimes I even mess up something but basically I am very organized and know exactly to what I am subscribed and I wish to make my own choices. So, if you want me to check/promote an afiliate program, ezine or a membership site, please do NOT subscribe me automatically but write to me and say it, I will definitely check it and decide even if you're just starting. I do help people starting on the Net. I remember exactly what it was like when I started and there was no one helping, just autoresponders all around.

19: Deadlines: if you send me any request, please always state the deadline you imagine. Thank you.

20: ePublishing: I do only ePublishing ie I only publish ezines, books, reports for people online, so called e-Publications. I don't own any offline publisher. So, please do not send these requests.

21: If you wish to change your subscription address, please do one of the following:

- unsubscribe the old address and subscribe the new one or
- send the request to
pathway to success ezine @ thecassiopeia.com

22: Do you plan a paid subscription to Pathway To Success Ezine and/or Archives?

No. Pathway To Success Ezine is a 'donation-ware' ie its administration is covered by donations (- and also by advertising that I, however, severely limit.)

I appreciate my Readers' donations very much. Every donation is welcome. If you find Pathway To Success Ezine useful and enjoy reading it, you can donate by clicking here.

If you wish to donate more than $5.00 (the standard for an Issue), please send your donation to stormpay@thecassiopeia.com using StormPay. Thank you!

Note: If you don't have a Stormpay account, you can get it here, it's free. Click here!

23: Recently I severely limit subscriptions and prefer if you could please subscribe to one of the automatic deliveries because I would like to limit email delivery in the near future, so to be sure you will continue receiving Pathway, either get theCassiopeia's Toolbar, Pathway RSS Reader, Pathway Yahoo Group or Change Alert Subscription. All the possibilities are stated here: http://www.thecassiopeia.com/Portal/Admin.html

24: When you submit your Ad, please check that all of your links work. I try to do it for you but it takes up my time. If your links don't work you waste your money.

25: If you don't wish to receive Pathway any more and want to unsubscribe, you can do it with 1 click by sending a blank email to ibc3000-unsubscribe at thecassiopeia.com Please put 'Unsubscribe' in the Subject Line. However, you MUST use the email address you subscribed. Otherwise the system cannot find you.

Also, please note that this will unsubscribe you only if you are on Pathway To Success Ezine main list ie you receive Pathway from me personally. If someone forwards Pathway to you, you are NOT on my list and can't be unsubscribed.

26: Recently it's happened that a person pretends to send email from my domain. So, if you receive an email you feel unauthorized, please let me know to abuse at thecassiopeia.com Please include the email you received. Thank you for help.

27: IMPORTANT: When you order an Ad, please send your receipt incl the payment processor and the email you used, PLUS your Ad incl the info which Ad you ordered to sales at thecassiopeia.com Thank you.

28: IMPORTANT: To get Pathway properly, please whitelist Pathway broadcasting email. Whitelisting, or adding Pathway broadcasting email address to your Address Book, is the best way to ensure Pathway delivery to your inbox. The process is simple and takes only a few seconds to complete.

Here are the most common ways to do whitelisting.

29: Since I learn about more and more endorsement abuse, I would like to comment on it:

30: Even though I try to publish and recommend only content of permanent value and update my site frequently, it happens that some pages get obsolete because not all webmasters keep their pages/site/content or let me know about the changes. I appreciate very much if you let me know about such a page/link and I will update asap. Please email here. Thank you. smartie at thecassiopeia.com

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