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"Discover How Alex Mandossian Makes 5-Figure Cash Profits Every Month From A Web Site That Runs On Auto-Pilot ... And How You Can Too!"

An Exclusive 80 Minute Interview With Top US. Marketing Consultant Alex Mandossian -- Who Takes Home 5-Figure Cash Profits Every Month From Just One Info-Product!

(Plus You Get The Rights To Sell This Interview
And Keep ALL The Profits!)

Dear Internet Friend,

Imagine 5-figure cash profits flooding into your bank account every single month ... even while you're sunning yourself at the beach.

Sounds good? Well, here's more ...

I recently had the good chance to interview Alex Mandossian in-depth about his marketing success, and how you can apply his tips 'n' tricks to have even more success in your own business.

"Okay, who's Alex Mandossian?" you're asking.

Here's who ...

Alex Mandossian is considered one of the top ten freelance direct marketers in America today and owns one of the largest marketing libraries ever assembled ... with over 1,800 rare books and volumes dating back to the 1800's
During the past 12 years, Alex has helped his clients generate over $183 million in sales from TV spots, infomercials, QVC and Home Shopping Network, national retail catalogs, space ads in Parade Magazine and USA Weekend, direct mail, Web marketing, and of course, postcards.
Here is what Internet Multi-Millionaire Mark Joyner of had to say about Alex:

"Alex Mandossian makes things happen - fast! I was first introduced to him on a Monday afternoon and by Thursday morning one of his marketing ideas put an extra $12,500 into my bank account. This guy has an amazing marketing mind ... if you're smart, you'll put him to work for you too."

With one website selling one product, Alex makes 5-figure cash profits every month -- on auto-pilot ... every month since his site has been live since April of 2001

Now ... Alex doesn't come cheap. He charges $250 an hour for consultancy.

I recently spoke with him for an hour and twenty minutes.

That alone would cost you $330. However...

You Can Get His Hard Hitting Cash Flow Secrets For Less Than The Price Of A Tuna Sandwich 

As soon as you get the full interview, you will also discover:

How to easily duplicate Alex's online marketing system that brings in sales of $1,000 a day resulting in 5-figure cash profits each and every month
How to boost your web site sales by effectively following up on your visitors every single day ... until they buy
How to easily bring in sales using simple postcards that just cost 21 cents
How to make many more sales by making a simple change to your order form
How to easily and quickly gain your visitors trust (Alex discovered this powerful yet obvious technique when visiting a bookstore)
Discover how to turn visitors into buyers, and buyers into happy lifetime customers ... by offering the right guarantee. Know what it is? Alex will explain everything ...
How to save time and money by easily testing a product idea before you even create it. Discover a proven and ethical way.
How to bring in the maximum revenue from your product by simply asking the right people the right questions.
How to boost the click-through rates of your email ... this simple technique boosted email response 328% within 9 days for a software company that had been suffering from every-decreasing click-through rates
How to run your business while you sleep: take orders, deliver products, keep in touch with your customers ... the proven all-in-one toolkit that Alex uses to run his business -- he recommends it above all others
Alex Mandossian's Secrets

As I'm sure you're starting to see ... this interview and the information it contains can have an explosive effect on the profitability of your online information business ...

How To Start 'Exploding' Your Profits
Within 59 Seconds ...

If you're not ready to order yet, imagine this:

You place your order, and within 60 seconds you have the full interview downloaded onto your computer.

You put everything else on hold, and read through the interview from beginning to end (as well as listening to the audio).

You take just one of the many ideas from the interview, and apply it to your business, starting tonight.

You don't make any other change to the way you do business ... just implement that one idea ... and you check your sales in a week's time. This is what you discover ...

You've made 47% higher profits than last week! And all it took was just one idea from this interview.

With just one simple change, you took home 47% more money!

Sounds good?!

Just to re-cap, this is everything you get:

You Get ... Value Your price
One hour and twenty minutes exclusive in-depth interview with marketing expert Alex Mandossian:

The transcript of the interview

A special printable version of the interview

Note: Downloadable in 2 .zip files

It costs $250 an hour to consult with Alex.

The full interview is 1 hour and twenty minutes

This would cost you $330!


A mere $14.97

Price may go up at any time, so please order now to guarantee this price.

Click here to get the full interview now

Wishing You Great Sales And Profits!

Irena Whitfield

PS.: Remember: you get full rights to sell this interview for yourself and keep all the profits! Plus this is a brand new product ... you can make even more sales (and much higher profits) by being one of the very first to get it to the marketplace ...

Click here to get the full interview now before the price goes up ...

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