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The Financial IQ Guide

The Financial IQ Guide:

The essential Financial IQ Guide for everyone that wants to be in charge of their money now, improve their financial lives and create true wealth.

Dear Entrepreneur,

In the life of everyone there are periods when not everything goes the way one imagines.

The reason? Not proper money management is one of the most common causes.

Solution? In many cases it is sufficient if one realizes how easy it is to get the right information, change a couple of money habits and the trick is here.

However impossible it seems, IT IS this Easy!

This common sense Financial IQ Guide taps into your subconscious Financial Genius to develop your Financial Intuition and helps you take immediate control of your finances, have your money working and
live a happier life!

Whether you want to:

  • Manage your funds for security reasons,

  • Make a lot of money,

  • Live secured and comfortably, or even

  • Set yourself free from your financial disasters

You need basic Financial Education that you have NOT received at school, and I dare say NOT even at home!

This is also the reason why most people stay poor in spite of the fact that make the money they imagine and manage money the way they need is NOT that difficult as it may seem to you at the moment!

Nonetheless, the information in this Financial Survivor Guide is more important than ever. I mean, of course it is! Money is the subject here – so important because we use money everyday.

When you go to the nearest grocery, you need money. When you pay your bills, you need money. When you want to invest, you need money. When you earn your next income, there is your money to pay all of the above.

We humans are the only one using money in today’s world – nope, not your “Tickle Me Elmo” doll, not your favorite plants, and certainly not your dog!

As you can see, money play major roles in our everyday lives so why not study it instead of ignore it?

Yes, what I am saying is indeed in its simplest statement, but it is this financial ignorance that is causing financial disasters everywhere, even too eminent to ignore!

Formal studies show that an approximate 95% of a country’s population is not rich and in some poorer countries,
even 98 – 99%.

Now, the objective of this book is NOT about:

1. How to make a million dollars.

I know this sounds awkward, especially if you desire to pursue millions of dollars. Most books are already doing so well teaching others how to make millions but I am taking care of a HUGE loophole here: you need to build a mental preparation and foundation first-hand before reaching for your first million.

Besides, how can you possibly build a skyscraper on a weak foundation? Yet, this is what most people are trying to disprove of everyday – by trying to get rich on weak mental foundation which you will find within the coming pages of this book. (Now, aren’t you glad you got this book?)

2. How to get rich quick.

Sorry, wrong book.

3. Hot investment tips.

While I will be covering some basic investment rules (the ones that you probably do not know well) in this book, do not expect me to dispense the latest stock tips, or how and where to buy your first property. That is homework for you to do, and a subject of another book.

4. Financial planning (in text book language, that is).

I understand that not everyone understands the language of professionals, and there is a big chance that you do not. This financial survivor’s guide is stripped of all those technical jargons and mind-boggling math.

That means, you do not need to have a financial calculator to decide your financial situation (fifth grade math would do, honestly) and of course, it is all in simple, fun, layman’s terms.

In all, this guide to taking control of your personal finances and financial management is presented in its simplest, fun form that you can literally use and apply in the shortest time possible!

What Is This Guide For?

Having said the above, the ultimate objective of this book is to help you:

  •  first, be aware of your financial situations, goals and options.

  •  secondly, go through your four levels of changes (described later in this book) in order to achieve your desired financial position and,

  •  last but not least, set on the right track for taking action.

When all these are achieved, this book has done its job and you will see magic results!

As you can see from the Table of Contents below, this book is arranged neatly in three chronological parts. While each of them is already self-explanatory, you are still free to jump pages and read chapters that appeal to you or your current financial situation and goals.

Nonetheless, there is no more to my wish than to have you read this survivor’s Financial Guide and apply them as soon as possible.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

  • Part I : Awareness Before Change

    • What is Money?
    • What Are Your Choices?
    • Holistic Development
    • Wealth Defined
    • Top 10 Reasons Why Financial Disasters Are Inevitable

  • Part II : Change

    • The 4 Levels of Competence
    • Change and All ‘C’s Defined
    • Invest in Yourself

  • Part III : Goal Setting and Realization

    • The Importance of Leverage
    • Net Worth
    • Cash Flow
    • 7 Golden Rules to Financial Prosperity
    • Quick Start Action Tips

Plus More . . . eg You will also receive pre-programmed cashflow sheets ready to use.

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To Your Success! Irena Whitfield

Irena Whitfield

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