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Press Release-O-Matic! Automatically Build Attention Getting Press Releases

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Press Release-O-Matic is the absolutely foolproof way to create attention getting press releases for any product.  In less than a minute, you can create professional looking press releases, formatted exactly the way editors want to see them.

Quickly create attention getting press releases ready for printing or placement on your web site - no coding involved, just fill out the Press Release-O-Matic form and click 'create'. Press Release-O-Matic instantly creates your press release for you - even creates it in HTML so you can place it on your web site.

So simple, so easy, yet produces professional results every time. Even includes sample data and suggestions to make your press release even better.

Highly recommended!

Press Release-O-Matic
Forget about struggling to create a readable press release... Press Release-O-Matic does it for you, and it does it right, without errors.

With Press Release-O-Matic, you can create your own professional press releases immediately. No need to struggle trying to get it right.

With Press Release-O-Matic you can:

  • Instantly and effortlessly create great looking press releases for printing.

  • Instantly and effortlessly create press releases in HTML format for placement on your web site.

  • Instantly and effortlessly learn how to improve any press release.

  • Instantly and effortlessly modify your press release until you get it 'just right' - no need to start over.

  • Instantly and effortlessly create a interest generating 'cover letter' for your press release.

Press Release-O-Matic does all this and more.

Of course, one of the MOST VALUABLE aspects of Press Release-O-Matic is the resale license.

When you order today, you receive the resell rights, along with the web page and graphics so you can sell Press Release-O-Matic on your own site.

Make just one sale, and you've paid for your investment!

GUARANTEE: If Press Release-O-Matic is not everything that we say it is, and you will find yourself not completely satisfied with it within 6 Weeks, then we will refund every penny of your money with no questions asked.

That's more than a guarantee, that's a promise.

Order Now - Only $34.95
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Order now and download immediately!

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