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You are working hard, days and nights waiting, expecting, wishing for great results, for sales pouring in as you can hear all around but nothing comes, nothing in return for your efforts, money and time...

Now you have your help at your hands, just get it! Success Tips & Tricks will give you the answers you need, the tools, tips and scripts necessary to bring life in your website, to make your visitors buy from you.

Success Tips & Tricks
by Irena Whitfield

Success Tips & Tricks - All YOU Need to Keep YOU Going

This Special Handbook contains 13 Books, 5 Programmes, 13 Scripts, 77 motivational items, 38 Articles, Interviews, Reports And A Special IQ-Game For Webmasters: (These are going to be sold separately and without Bonuses).

  • the 38 Best Articles, Recent Interviews & Reports by Irena Whitfield
    These Articles cover all the major issues you need to master if you want to succeed not only online but in your home business and entrepreneurial career.
    Including new interviews and projects like: Newbie help and Newsletter Publishing Secrets From The Confessional Part by Duncan Carver
  • 15 Tips, Tricks & Useful Little Gadgets
    helping you to make your site more attractive to your customers to buy more and for you to have things easier. You will appreciate, you are in search for some of them for a long time, I'm sure.
  • Answers you need to have to succeed in your online home business, reports, interviews
    This Part covers answers to questions I receive the most frequently, essential for the online success, reports for MLM Report investigations, latest interviews covering vital topics for internet marketing
  • 77 Pieces of Motivational Reading
    These are here to help you keep on YOUR Pathway To Success, to make it easier for you to persevere.
  • Traffic Course by Chris Powers
    Volume 1: Maximum traffic in minimum time
  • A Guide To Enabling Secure Payment Processing On Your Site
    A guide by VeriSign to accepting and managing online payments for e-commerce.
  • Discussion Forum List
    compiled by Tom Dahne and listing good online discussion forums on the following topics: eBook Publishing & Marketing, MLM Network Marketing, FREE Places to advertise that work, Search Engines, Affiliate Business, Doing Business Online, and more.
  • Installing CGI Scripts
    At a certain stage you will need to install CGI scripts if you want to make progress. Guessing and testing is not the way to go in this case. A very unique Manual including Trouble Shooting Manual.
  • Lesko's Home Business
    by Matthew Lesko. A Practical Guide and Tips for your own Publicity
  • Inside the Minds of the Winners
    by Charles Burke, containing 9 interviews with winners, straight answers, telling you how winners manage their minds. This one only is a $550 value!
  • The Email Marketer's Resource Ebook
    compiled by, bringing you 200 Ezines & Newsletters that accept FREE advertising, 150 Ezines and Newsletters that accept Articles, 500 Ezines that will swap ads with you, Ezine Directories, FREE Content for your Ezine, FREE Email Marketing Software and more.
  • The Syndicator - The Net's First Dynamically Delivered eMagazine
    This publication will automatically update each Monday to deliver you the latest Business, Internet Marketing and Web Design techniques, written by professional online entrepreneurs. There is nothing more to download, nothing to install, you will receive no email. Simply connect to the Internet and open your ebook each Monday and read.
  • Joke Book
    This one is a fun because if you don't have fun, you can't succeed. This book brings you 150 jokes and you can go on collecting yours and add them to this ebook and even give them as a present to your colleagues, friends and even business partners.
  • The Celtic Tree Horoscope
    This tiny booklet brings you the unique Celtic Tree Horoscope. It is published in 'Pathway To Success' Ezine every other Sunday for the period but the subscribers want all of it because they don't want to wait till their birthdays come. So, this is the first full version. It is inherited in families.
  • Electronic Notebook
    This is a notebook you can use for whatever purpose you imagine. You can collect marketing tips, HTML, CGI Tricks or quotations, recipes... It's up to you. It's endless.
  • e-Librarian
    This is an excellent help. It is a true library. You can manage your books and ebooks, find them easily, not to download anything twice.
  • And a special little Surprise
    This one is a fun again - in IQ-game for webmasters. Be careful: it is highly addictive and it's meant for you to relax ONLY.
  • 30 days To Internet Marketing Success
    Promo eBook

    by Irena Whitfield

    You've certainly heard of the Greatest Internet Marketing Book Of 2003! Now you can get this Promo eBook containing Irena Whitfield's Answers for FREE. PLUS you can get it customized for FREE and give it away to your subscribers as a Bonus. You can't imagine how easy it is to generate sales with a Promo Book like this!

    One more PLUS: You will get it customized even if you already have your 30 Days To Internet Marketing Success!

    30 Days To Internet Marketing Success

    A Simple Guide To Creating Your Own e-Books   by Michael Hopkins
    This book will technically teach you everything you need to create a book of your own, all about ebook compilers, how to make your pages, your templates, to prepare distribution, transfer the book online and more.

    Simple Guide To Creating Your Own e-Books

    Together you will get 15 Books, software, useful gadgets and tools covering every field necessary for enhancing your website sales power, downloadable as 1 .zip resource file of 570 Kb, forming an efficient and working system vital for a profitable online business and giving you a unique possibility to have everything at your hands and work at the pace convenient for you.

    Plus you will be getting all updates FREE.

    Plus you can have 3 of the books customized and get reseller's rights, sell the set or and/or become an affiliate and make money.

    Plus you will get a subscription to 'Pathway To Success' and a membership in Web Lions Community, giving you access to unique Internet and Webmaster resources, Web Lions Library and special FREE services.

    All this of an immense value for unbelievable $39.95 because I want you to succeed.

    However, this is only an introductory price for a limited period only. So, don't miss your chance and download Now.

    I myself learned everything the hard way, testing, trying, researching, learning and learning, reading, working 15-17 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    This package will save you mistakes, hypes, errors, waste of time and money, disillusion, exhaustion, will show you and help you to build your own working system the efficient way within an acceptable time span and budget.

    One more little note: You canNOt get this package or anything like it anywhere else.

    Download YOUR Treasure Trove NOW And ... Get 1 More Unique Bonus

    And One More Bonus:

    55 eBook Marketing Opportunities by Monique Harris ($19.95 value)

    You will find excellent places to market your ebooks. And, you can freely distribute this ebook as a Bonus of value to your Subscribers, visitors, customers.

    The FULL 6 Weeks' GUARANTEE of Satisfaction.

    In case you change your mind any time during your full 6 Weeks, I will give you your money back, no questions asked.

    Satisfaction Guarantee

    PLUS A FREE Gift Certificate with every purchase!
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    You can order now via secure payment server by clicking the link below. You'll be taken to a secure payment page operated by our billing processor ClickBank. You can pay by credit card or cheque. Once your credit-card payment has been validated (which takes a few seconds), you can instantly download the entire package.

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    Special Offer Package Now

    For just $39.95
    6 Weeks' Guarantee - Instant Download

    Title: 'Success Tips & Tricks' PLUS the Complete Set of Bonuses
    Price: US$39.95
    Compatibility: Downloadable eBook for Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, ME & XP with Internet Explorer 4 or higher installed.
    Payment method: Secure ClickBank-operated credit-card payment server. All major credit-cards accepted.
    Guarantee: Full 6 Weeks money-back-guarantee.
    Delivery: Instant delivery via download from the Internet. Once your payment has been authorized (which typically takes a few seconds) you'll be immediately directed to the download page.
    Printable: Yes.
    Support: Full after-sale support is available at

    Note: The above Bonuses are for a limited time only. I am not going to cheat you by saying that you can get them only by tonight's midnight. What I have to say though is that I cannot give all the package as it is here now and the price for long. It is only my Introductory Offer.

    Irena Whitfield In case you have any questions, need any help, I am here to help, I am ready to assist you to get you where you yourself want to get. Never hesitate to contact me:

    Irena Whitfield

    P.S.: If you are not decided to buy now, have questions, I can offer you a special irresistible deal - send me your questions and I will personally answer them and give you a 15% discount on top!. To grab this Special Offer, Email me now!

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